Hobbies that enhance the PUA aura
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    Hobbies that enhance the PUA aura

    I have been thinking since I was a kid about the coolest hobbies to have. Unfortunately until I actually joined the community I have not been motivated enough nor had the funds to have these hobbies. I was listening to a DYD cd a while ago and it was an interview with a woman practically begging men to pick up a musical instrument because it was a total turn on. It seemed kinda obvious at the time because everyone likes music and its just one more attribute to attract others, but then I forgot about it and figured it was too hard to learn.
    Well since this summer I am getting rid of my old AFC self I went online and bought an electric guitar, something that I've wanted since I was a kid. It's a beautiful guitar and I got it off ebay for a great deal. Since I'm going to be learning this thing I have also been thinking about all the hobbies I've always wanted to get into. Too bad that most of these are way too expensive for me right now, I figured I'd share my thoughts with my brothers of the pickup.
    Skydiving, traveling around the world, scuba diving, snowboarding, working out (an obvious must for determined PUAs), surfing, martial arts, whitewater rafting, hiking, kickboxing, and the list goes on and on.
    I think it would be important for those like me who want to expand their comfort zone to try and plan out some of these activities into your life. Besides the guitar and these hobbies I have also thought of some other random things that would solidify attraction from HBs like a really badass tattoo (especially if you are really toned from workout), maybe getting my ears pierced with some cool earrings to peacock more, a nice shiny watch and rings (not that I want to attract gold diggers but its obvious that girls like diamonds) and to top it all off a really cool puppy dog.
    Now I am not that experienced but in my opinion all that stuff is more than enough to get a girl wet. Tell me what you guys think and feel free to add cool stuff that you are interested in.

  2. can't help you with much, but the extreme sports, get into them for you, not to DHV or anything else... they take dedication, and honestly, if your not doing them for you, you've missed the point.
    snowboarding is a bit expensive, butfind second hand gear and go offpeak if that's a concern.
    surfing is one of the cheapest sports to get into... garage sales, second hand shops, and the "local" surf shop (not flashy poofy commercialised shops) all would have a source on a cheap board/ wetsuit.
    a couple of hundred dollars for a lifetime of fun? good value to me

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    obviously you need to carry on with hobbies that are congruent to your own identity. however some hobbies of mine:
    * painting
    * model cars
    * woodwork
    * drawing
    * listening to music
    * watching movies
    * body building/weight training
    * body boarding/surfing
    * playing rugby league
    * playing soccer

  4. Malibu has some excellent hobbies to consider. I've been thinking the more diverse you are as a person, the better you will be at attracting people, not just women. A few more that I think might be helpful (as these are also personally interests of mine):
    - I'm currently trying to learn how to cook. Ever seen Once Upon a Time in Mexico? On the DVD the director goes through a whole tutorial on how to make the main meal in the film "Puerco Pibil" which Johnny Depp craves throughout the movie. He has some good ideas. I'd imagine the guy himself is a fucking pimp.
    - I personally like the martial arts, but essentially any that helps keep you in shape is a good one to have, but I find so many parallels between the martial arts and pick-up that I'd probably recommend that over anything else.
    - Linguistics. I personally love different languages and wish I had more time to learn a few more. The only one I currently speak fluently is English, but I would love to learn Norwegian, Spanish, Chinese, and several others. In fact, it's a goal of mine to have at least 2 other languages basically mastered before my time is up on this earth. Plus, it is a huge turn on for chicks when a guy can speak multiple languages.
    In the movie “Tao of Steve” the main character (can’t remember his name… steve?) uses philosophy to seduce women. This totally works for him. Why? I believe philosophy to be deeply fascinating myself. This may not be for every woman, but if you’re going after the more intelligent ones this one works like a charm and it is so incredibly intriguing, in and of itself.
    But I read somewhere (maybe here even) that the sexiest thing a man can do is talk passionately about something that he loves. Talking with great CONVICTION and PASSION will attract a woman despite the subject.

  5. Anything that enriches your life experience qualifies as a good hobby. Imagine yourself 50 years from now; What will make great stories to tell your grandchildren?
    I have found that balancing "hard" or testosterone-laced hobbies, with "soft" introspective or nurturing activities is gold. For example, her finding out that you practice martial arts but also volunteer at the animal shelter is guaranteed to cream her panties.

  6. Havok, all great ideas. Malibu gave a great list too. I just want to add though. It seems like you are doing this (picking up hobbies) to impress women. Remember, do it for you. Like you said, step out of that comfort zone, expand your horizons. BUT, do it for YOU. As a result, women will be attracted to the passion you have for the things you do. But like Malibu said, let it be congruent with who you are, and not what you think women will be attracted to.
    My hobbies are
    -strongman competitions
    -training athletes
    -brazilian jiu jitsu
    -stock market/real estate
    It is a diverse range of things, and most people see how i carry myself, and how big i am, and never would think i have the music/fashion side of me. But it works because i am not ashamed of it and i enjoy it. As a result women are attracted to that.

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    few of mine, (i live in south west florida)
    -watersports of all kinds
    anything on my boat really
    -detailing cars, especially my own, also run my own small mobile detailing business
    -keeping my body as perfect as possible
    weight lifting
    eating right
    white teeth
    shave my entire body
    - video games, handhelds moreso though such as the nintendo ds (mariokart of any kind is chick crack though )
    this is just to name a few
    keep in mind im 17 to

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    Excellent point gentlemen

    Malibu and the others brought up some very good points. Maybe I forgot to mention that these were things that I was interested in before I ever knew about pickup. I made the list to show the things I am actually interested in doing regardless of what a girl thinks. However many of these things happen to be great DHV material, as would anything that really pushes your horizons. If I happen to sound like I am coming from an AFC perspective I will be the first to admit that I am very inexperienced as far as the game goes, and slowly but surely have been building up my experience with hbs. I did not mean to make it sound like someone should do these things purely for game, it didn't even really occur to me that people wouldn't see the enjoyment in the hobbies themselves. I guess I have a long way to go, but thanks for the help.

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    I think that anything relating to sports and fitness is a good hobby to have. I think pushing your body hard in a physical activity boosts your masculine energy.
    Since I started weight lifting I definetly feel more in touch with my masucline.

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    One hobby or rather activity thats easy to underestimate and really helps to higher your self esteem is the 30 min before breakfeast walk. On say 5 random days of the week (Random each week, its important not to always do it the same day since your body will then adapt and u will lessen the effect) take a 30 min walk before breakfest. Now this easy activity will burn fat off you, but its main effect is that it will higher your "energy - levels" (no idea what the correct english term is) since you will consume alot of energy during that before breakfest walk. This will result in your feeling better about yourself aswell as having more energy and atleast I experienced that I give up harder. Maybe its a not a hobby but its an easy activity which is easy and fruitful.


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