Stripper Game Routine - Fractured Sexual Identity

I will be revealing a secret stripper routine that I recently came up with and have used with success on strippers to build attraction and an emotional connection. Normally this routine is only taught at the and kept away from everyone else. The routine was later on introduced on The Lounge (an invite-only forum for advanced guys) but now I am releasing it to the general public.

I call the routine "fractured sexual identity" and it is a deep cold read that makes the stripper feel more connected to you on a sexual level. It gives you a couple minutes of conversation. It also gives you a lot of threads that you can tangent off from and depending where you are in interaction with the stripper, you can choose whether you want to show either more stripper preselection, go very sexual, or talk about other related topics to build an emotional connection.

Here is a common transcript when I run this routine on strippers and exotic dancers.

You: You know what, from just talking to you I can sense something about you that most people probably don't see. I bet a lot of people think you're a really confident person because you're hot and funny, but in reality you're not. I can tell that you have this fractured sexual identity.
Her: What? / What does that mean? (common response)
You: You are not sure what kind of guy you like. On one hand, you want a guy who is very caring, nurturing, and sensuous to you. But on the other hand, you just want be fucked like a dirty slut.
Her: That is so true! / (or they laugh)
You: Most guys you meet are either one of them. They are either super nice to you and are push-overs, or they are complete assholes to you. In reality you want someone who has both qualities and is kind of in the middle. He can be nice and sweet to you but you also want someone who doesn't take your shit and can tell you to shut up once a while.
By running this routine you come off as someone who is very intuitive and you create some attraction and comfort. There are a lot of threads open that you can go into and what is so great about this routine is that you can calibrate where you are in the interaction with the stripper. Here are the most common responses and threads.

She is not believing you. I've had this once and it was the first time me field testing this stripper routine. Your delivery must be off when she is not believing you. You have this say with a straight face and talk with a tone like a scientist talks about the weather. Whenever she laughs at some of the remarks, do not respond to that with laughter. It's really important not to react or smile to that because then the cold read loses its power.

She gets hooked deeper. The most common response is something in along lines of "Wow how did you know that?!" If she says that, I usually know that it's not really "on" yet but she is getting more attracted. Plus, you know she is hooked even more and she wants to know more about what you can tell her. They will usually ask you what else you can tell about them. Don't fall for this trap. Instead, it's a great opportunity to ease that deep cold read with a tease (it's like a built-in push-pull). My usually response to tell that is "I normally charge for that [wink]" and then transition into another conversational thread. At this early stage I know I still have work ahead of me and I usually transition where I show more stripper preselection, e.g. I talk about how most stripper boyfriends can't handle their lifestyle or how nowadays guys are emasculated.

She tells you how she likes to have sex. This is a green light. This is a common response when you run this routine very late in the interaction. From my experience, I get this type of response after at least talking to her for half an hour, but more so after like 45 or 60 minutes in. Now you can go very sexual and escalate on the touching to sexual. I usually inquire how the girls likes to have sex and I share my preferences. The touching escalates to more sexual peppered with some takeaways. You want to be careful that you don't go to sexual, leave that for in the seduction location, e.g. the bedroom.

SIDENOTE: Going very sexual with strippers is not recommended early on in the interaction. That's the stripper's power and you don't want to play that game yet. However, later on when she is really attracted to you and she doesn't see you as customer but as someone she would date, that's when you can introduce sexual framing.
It's fine to just run the transcript from above and then transition into a complete another conversational thread. I like to use the routine to setup the threads that I can later explore deeper with her. In a way you're setting yourself for multiple threading which is an advanced technique for building rapport.