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  1. Trying to see if my previous post went through

  2. So the first time I went to a club was on my 21st, two years ago. Just went again last night except this time I didn't drink and I had a new experience. I met this dancer who was pretty different than the others.

    She came to me and just wanted to talk; literally, no pressure, just wanted to chat and we seemed to connect really well. We talked about life, how she was adopted, how she enjoys singing, our favorite music, how she'd like to try bartending sometime. And there were silences where we just watched others. She talked a little about other clubs, etc. It was really great. She had to go on stage, so she went to get ready and then I went and watched. I was actually the only one at that stage, so she was able to keep joking with me while she danced. Right before she got off stage she asked if I'd like a dance, I'm a noob and said I'd think about it... However, this was the first time she ever-even in the slightest, asked for anything and there was no pressure. Later I did grab her and told her lets go dance.

    When we were back there, it was just a regular dance, but it was really passionate if that makes sense, it felt very different than the others. Afterwards she sat with her arms around my neck and looking at me and I said, "I wish I could get to know you more." and she said, "You can, give me your number and I will text you. I'd like to get to know you more too. And I feel safe with you." She smiled and we literally both said, "you're just so sweet." at the same time and laughed. Then she said, "I want to know more. Like, I want to know your story. You're the sweetest."

    So we went out to the bar and I gave her my number and I asked, "So is _1_ you're real name?" and she looked at me shocked and said "How did you know that?"
    I told her, "well they said it when you went on stage." and she replied, "no they didn't, they said my stage name, _2_, but _1_ IS my real name." And we both juts looked at each other shocked. I have no clue how I knew that. Strange coincidence. haha

    They way we were looking, I know I could have kissed her, it just felt like there was a connection. But I am new to this, obviously... This was last night and I haven't heard from her yet. Was hoping I could get some opinions on what I should or shouldn't expect. Needing advice, as I'm beating myself up on the fact that I didn't get her number...

    Thanks, all.

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