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  1. I think what this comes down to is do you really JUST want stripper pussy, or are you looking at the total package. Really a combination of pickup techniques and Potato's techniques will get the job done, and they will vary based on the girl.

    Bonsai makes some valid points and so does Potato. IOI's will vary from dancer to dancer. Some may take time to develop with some dancers, and with other dancers they jump out rather quickly.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Potato View Post
    While it may be true that a stripper who takes a liking to you will stop asking for dances the reverse is not true; just because she is not asking does not mean that she is into you. Most strippers get pretty good at reading men. They know pretty much who wants private dances and who doesn’t. If she doesn’t think you’d want one, she is not going to ask. Even if she did take a liking to you, if she thought you might still be willing to go for a private dance, she’ll ask.

    This is like the last one. If she really likes you she’ll give you her real name but just because she does doesn’t mean that she’s into you. Actually many strippers do dance using their real name or some variation on it. It’s really not all that uncommon for a stripper to readily give out her real name. I knew this one stripper who for awhile was going by the stage name of Crevice. When she’d be talking to people and they’d be calling her Crevice and she’d stop them and say, "Don’t call me Crevice that sounds so gross" and she’d be laughing about it and say to call her “Jen” which was her real life nickname.

    This really doesn’t mean anything. When you’re talking to a stripper and especially if she sees it as business and you’re not giving a good enough portion of conversation to work off of, to keep the conversation going, she’ll just talk about what ever comes to mind which at the time tends to be concerned with work related issues.

    Of the six this is the only that shows her interest. This brings something to mind. Many years ago I had this several year relationship with a woman who stripped on and off for many years. One of the things we used to do is I’d go incognito into the club where she was working. I’d do this because some of the clubs frowned on boyfriends coming in and there was always the possibility my presence might scare away paying customers. Mostly we got away with it. Rather organically there was a certain, I guess, game that we came to play she called, “our quiet time”.

    In this one club she worked; the way the stage was set up was that it was surrounded by about 15-20 chairs. On the back side the lighting was poor and no one ever sat there unless all other seats were taken. That is where I’d sit, all by myself. As she was up there on stage, she’d be dancing about, and every time she spun around or was shaking her bottom in front of whoever; her eyes and mine would meet and we’d play - making faces, sticking our tongues out, putting our fingers up our nose, roll our eyes, over the top flirting… Then there were times when we’d be more serious with these little intense intimate emotional moments that would make the hair on the back of my neck stand up and send tingling sensations up my spine. She also derived a great deal of pleasure out of it and talked about it with me all the time.

    Again, a stripper who likes you will want to meet you outside of the club but there are many strippers who use such hints as part of their act of giving false signals of attraction to lead men on.
    This made me laugh. Good rolling around on the floor type of laugh. Strippers have seminars on phone games and they talk about it on their forums. This one time I was hanging out with this stripper and she was writing one text message and sending it to like eight different guys all at once. Then she read the messages she got back. Each man was responding like he had the in with her. I think “trained monkeys” was the term she was using.

    Actually the best sign that a stripper really likes you is she will tell you and she will tell you it in such a way that there is no ambiguity. If you have to come to a web site such as this to decide if she likes you or not then I’d put my money on the side that says she doesn’t.
    The not asking for dances anymore is a great IOI. I have been involved in a serious relationship with a stripper for a long time and this happened with me.

    I know 2 girls who work at a club where I used to sell outfits, and they dance by their real names. Another girl uses a close variation. Dancers give their regulars real names all the time. Regulars put money in their bank accounts, or send them checks.

    In clubs where dancers sit for awhile with customers and whom have regulars, the regulars get told most of the inside gossip by the dancers. The customers spread rumors about the club faster than anyone.

    Hinting seeing a customer out of the club can be romantic, or a ploy to get a regular to take them shopping, or just to have lunch because the customer asked, and the dancer thinks she can get money out of him by doing so. It depends on the scope of the relationship.

    Many dancers give customers their phone numbers so they can keep up on their work schedules, or if they have regulars, talking to the regulars everyday who put money in a dancers bank account is a must. Half of the money top earning dancers make nowadays comes from wealthy regulars. Many dancers also have 2 phones. One just for customers.

    Other times giving a phone number can be an IOI, if the dancer views you romantically, and doesn't flake.

    I think we all have to be open minded here. There is no one way to get involved with a stripper. The forum administrators have an approach they swear by, and Potato has his variation.

    Having been in this business selling outfits, and having a stripper SO, I see all sides. There in my opinion is a time and place for Fader and Potato's approaches. We all need to be open to experiment.

  3. [QUOTE=Potato;966

    Have you ever really enjoyed a stripper in a way that you can with few women. I mean a good flirting.

    There’s this one stripper that I knew for years. I always thought that she was the prettiest of the dancers at the clubs where she worked. She was on the shy side and rarely mingled with customers. Nonetheless she seemed to always have a steady stream of private dance customers and she did very well financially. Here let’s call her Karen.

    I’m sure you all know that most of the men who frequent strip clubs go there to gawk at women’s body parts. Not me. So, as it was with Karen, I threw my dollar down on the edge of the stage, watched her dance, and every time she spun round or looked back from between her legs, she never once caught me looking anywhere except into her eyes – sometimes with a little smirk. At the end of the song, as she picked up her tips she would go “thank you”, “thank you”, and so on. When she got to my dollar she looked me square in the eyes and with a big smile said, “Thannnk Yooouu!”

    Her having given me the signal, every time I saw her I flirted with her more and more. It got to where whenever I’d go in when she was working she would just light up which made me happy because I really liked this girl quite a bit. Others noticed too. There was this one guy who always tipped her well; he would buy me drinks, say that she gave him a better show on days I came in. Many times over people would say that we must be in love because of the way we looked at each other. Every so often some guy or another would come over wanting to sit next to me – something about wanting to see what I saw when she looked at me. I ran into one of the bartenders on the outside. She approached me with, kind of excitedly, “Hey, aren’t you that guy that goes to see Karen?”

    One day I heard this song on the radio and it got stuck in my head. That evening I went to see Karen and the first song she played was the song that was stuck in my head. When I told her this she was pleased and went on about us being on the same vibe and all that. She said something about me seeing her naked and wanting to know when she could see me naked. I think she even used the L word in there somewhere. Next thing I know we were setting up a date.

    Every time I’d go see her she was always so happy to see me. We kind of played this game. I was like the cowboy/outlaw/hero that whenever in town stops in the local saloon and whisks off his favorite dancing girl. Regularly I would show up when she was working and in the course of our flirting would set a time and place where to meet next.

    Get a history with a girl and it only gets better.

    There was a time when I thought that maybe my flirty ways only worked with strippers then one day I was in the grocery store and I turned around and caught the eyes of this woman and in no time we were flirting just like I always did with strippers.

    If you love flirting, strip clubs are wonderful playgrounds. If you have a big ego and think that you have your game down, try going into a strip club and get every woman in there paying attention to you. It takes a whole lot of cute and fun to pull it off. I think that the best skill or talent that I have when it comes to strippers or possibly women in general is in my looking into their eyes and smiling in a way that almost always gets a good reaction. Game on.[/QUOTE]

    Why not integrate this approach into your strip club approaches taught by Fader? Narrow it down to several girls you are attracted to, work it to the max every time you go to the clubs, and see what happens. One person doesn't have the monopoly on ideas. Trying to get the girls to fall for you sounds like fun.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Slacker30 View Post
    Why not integrate this approach into your strip club approaches taught by Fader? Narrow it down to several girls you are attracted to, work it to the max every time you go to the clubs, and see what happens. One person doesn't have the monopoly on ideas. Trying to get the girls to fall for you sounds like fun.
    I'm not quite sure what the point of this site is, sounds like how to pick up chicks?

    In any case, dating/seeing strippers outside the club, I'm by no means an authority, but I have a reasonable amount of experience.

    I think the major folly with this idea is what is the goal? A badge or something? Are you really interested? Just want to get laid?

    Reality is, (in most cases) the amount of time and effort to bag a stripper isn't worth it. You may get a badge, but there will definitely be a cost (financial, mental, and more) .

    Just want to get laid? Seriously. Get a prostitute (a good one). They are ultimately cheaper and better at their job.

    I love strippers. I love to hang out with them inside and outside the club, I like how their minds work. I find them fascinating. But I'm also grounded, educated in their trade, and not creepy.

    The points of the OP are generally spot-on. The only thing misconstrued is to equate all of those signs with the fact she's into you. My guess is that in many cases, you're just safe. And that's good thing for you, these girls are berated day to day with creeper assholes 8-9-10 hours a day. So yeah you may be in, but you want to have sex the same night? The same week? Same month? Not likely. Unless you pay for it or you're lucky enough to find the dirtiest slut in the joint at the right place and time.

    Strippers are people. If you really want to get to know and get close to them, there are simple rules. Treat them as real people. Understand they need to make money. With you on the floor you are a customer. nothing more, nothing less. Stay out of the way of their money making. Spend money on them in the club, otherwise you'll be a dick customer. Start slow....way slow. get their number, but don't call them. Keep coming in. Be friendly to all the girls, tip everyone. She'll see you respect her business. If you start talking about OTC meetings, don't talk about taking her out to dinner, talk about going for a jog/hike, walking your dogs, or something innocuous like that. If it comes up, be clear you are not interested in "paying" for an OTC date. If she's still interested. You are *really* in.

    From that point now you can start seeing her. Be respectful, don't over-flirt. Be a gentleman. IMO at this point they don't need to be lavished or taken shopping, just treated as a normal person. And if you're doing all this correctly, You are genuinely treating her as a normal person.

    Now from here, you're basically at the starting line compared to a regular non-stripper girl you've gotten to know. Where it goes from there is your decision. If she's even the least bit cuckoo I might bang and run. But the good ones, I keep them as friends.

    just my 2 cents.

  5. In my limited experience. If you're hanging out with a stripper and she mounts you and says "Do you still think I'm sexy?" this prob means she likes you lol

  6. I would advise never to pursue a relationship with someone in the adult entertainment industry. They will never agree to monogamy, at least not truthfully, and because of that, they can't be trusted. They also develop emotional issues as a result of their work, and usually incapable of truly loving someone. If you just want sex from them, then that's fine, but make sure to wrap it up. This isn't Amsterdam or Vegas, and you never know who she's been with or her hygiene procedures.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JacktheRipper00 View Post
    I would advise never to pursue a relationship with someone in the adult entertainment industry. They will never agree to monogamy, at least not truthfully, and because of that, they can't be trusted. They also develop emotional issues as a result of their work, and usually incapable of truly loving someone. If you just want sex from them, then that's fine, but make sure to wrap it up. This isn't Amsterdam or Vegas, and you never know who she's been with or her hygiene procedures.
    This is a pretty jaded view. Of the girls I knew in the industry (and the several I slept with), many of these points are blatantly incorrect.

    1. Strippers lie to customers. They lie to get guys to like them, want them and spend money on them. This is their job. Just like you wouldn't fix things you weren't paid to fix in the software industry, they are just doing what they get paid to do. In this instance, you're not in a relationship; you're a customer. You might get sex, but a prostitute will be cheaper.

    2. The strippers that I know are fiercely monogamous... to a degree. They don't mind sharing, and if they happen to make a couple hundred grinding their breasts against some high-roller, they expect that you won't have an issue, either. Unless you pay to get them out of the biz, you have no claim on their livelihood. Their idea of "monogamous" is different. It's emotional monogamy, not per se physical. Rather, I'd say the physical monogamy just has lines which are drawn way further back than most people. However, cheat on a stripper, and you will learn the meaning of the phrase "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". Especially if it's another stripper.

    3. The emotional issues do not stem from their work. I've dated people with emotional issues, and slept with more, who never touched the adult entertainment industry. It has to do with the person. Those working in the industry are working there to make money. The reasons why they are driven to do so in the industry that they chose are as individual as the person. Many do have emotional issues, this is not to say that they are pure angels. But let's say instead that the industry attracts a sort of desperate person who may be desperate for mental health reasons as well. YMMV.

    4. As to emotional commitment - yes, they do tend to have problems with this. Some settle down for a longish time, but I don't know of any who have had healthy LTR. But hey, looking at my "normal" friends, there are only a few I can honestly say that were any better in this department.

    5. If you're just out to sleep with anyone and don't wrap it, you're a fool. Diseases aside, 18 years of child support is no laughing matter. Taking diseases into account, even the "sweetest, shy girl" can be a source. One girl who was married for 9 years, then went directly into my arms, gave me the biggest scare I ever had in my life. Strippers hold no mantle in the STD realm. Any time you go uncovered, with someone you haven't known for years or who you've seen the tests for, has this risk. Period.

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    Most people meet their spouses at work ....

    Quote Originally Posted by Smooth0perator View Post
    The phone thing varies by club and location. At some clubs it just isn't done, at others, every single (experienced) girl has regulars she plays phone game with.

    As far as the others, they all require a bit of calibration to read correctly.

    Eh, for guys that don't have that much experience with strippers and strip clubs, the whole thing can be really confusing. I can remember a couple of strippers who claimed to want to meet outside the club and both did end up sleeping with me, but until it actually happened I was never really sure. Who knows maybe they weren't sure either.

    Honestly Potato, I think you are a bit too close to strippers and believe a bit too much of the stuff strippers tell you. So many of them claim to be all business and all in control all the time. They claim they never get gamed by guys who walk into the club, because to admit that would take something away from their identity as "A Stripper." But in reality they are still girls and still subject to the same emotional influences as any other girl.

    In fact I'd guess a good percentage of strippers have hooked up with guys they met in the club. I mean this is pretty clearly true because when you get down to it, a fair number of them end up in relationships and married to guys they met in the club.

    One stripper I knew last year told me about no less than four guys she went home with over the previous six months. But you really have to convey a very casual and sexually nonjudgemental vibe with them to ever hear this. When you get into a relationship frame, she'll always say she's "not that kind of girl."
    Why would this profession be any different?

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    Quote Originally Posted by discountstripper View Post
    Why would this profession be any different?
    Because of the dynamics involved.
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    You can tell when Any girl is interested in you...

    Quote Originally Posted by VeraLynn View Post
    I have to say that these seem pretty dead-on. I danced for 10 years, mostly weekends. The listed signs point toward the facts that the dancer is not just trying to get money from you and that she trusts you. Trust = comfort.

    The phone number isn't always going to be a sign, though. You need the other signs with it. Many girls have more than one phone - one for personal and one for customers. They give the "Stripper number" to customers they think will come buy dances from them. I've seen girls call a customer when money was slow, and said customer shows up and spends time and money on her. They never saw each other outside the club - it was strictly business.

    If a dancer thinks she can string you along so that you'll keep coming back to spend money on her, she will do it!!
    99% of their attractions will be how you treat them. period. Just be actually 100% into her, if you in fact are 100% into her and you will be fine.

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