got number but no response on my first sms ---> what to do ?
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  1. got number but no response on my first sms ---> what to do ?

    Okay guys heres how i got the number.
    I was in the club two days ago and there was this gorgeous blonde Hb 8

    i've danced with her intimately so there was alot of kino for a long time i took her by the hand and we sat down we talked a bit i handed her my phone to write her number and name and she did. We talked for a while and i went over to my friends later i saw her on the dancefloor again she came over to me said my name and we danced again for 20 min then again we made a picture together then talked for a bit. after that i had to move so i gave her a kiss on the cheek and moved with my friends.

    Yesterday i wrote her a sms : "this cute girl from seattle with her sweet dancing skills won't stop flirting with me . what should i do ? : ) - My name "

    It's now one day she didn't answered me. Now guys tell me how to continue and if it's already to late for more.

    Thank You for reading this.


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    Send her another message tomorrow, and if she doesn't reply, just delete the number.

  3. Thanks for your advice. what do you think would be the most accurate to write back ?

    Thanks PeyoteP

  4. I would try the "What, playing hard to get already?" style, but see other threads on the forum. This topic is one of the most common here.

  5. Dude, man, you were trying to use Braddock's line and did it completely wrong !!! You dont use it to open flaky girls in texts. You text it to them right after you exchanged numbers, while you are still talking to her !!! This line is meant to eliminate flakes, it sort of creates a bond, attraction. When she received it, she prob was like "Wth is this??? :O What is he talking about? Why is he texting me?" Thats #1. #2 is that why should she respond to your text? Did you DHV? Did she have an attraction? It sounds to me that you fell for the classic "dance floor trap".

    P.S. "I gave her a kiss on cheek" sounded really AFC and needy, btw.

  6. Okay here is what i wrote her as second sms right now :

    Dont you know how to use your phone at least you can dance =)

    tell me if its to much or not accurate for this case .

    I have deleted the number i understand where my mistakes are right now. "Selfish" made clear for me.

    if you have any good suggestions for the next time please tell me.

    Thanks for reading


  7. One suggestion would be to stay away from the dance floor unless you dance very well (I mean like a pro ) and can DHV that way. Believe me, most of those guys you see grinding with girls on dance floor dont go home with them or get a date next day. Grinding on the dance floor usually leads to her friend coming over and taking her away from you or the girl herself having one of those "what the hell am I doing? This is going too far !!!" type of reactions.

    Stay away from dance floors man and talk to them in quieter areas like bars, pool halls, hell, even bathroom areas. Its called "dance floor trap" for a reason - it leads to nothing good (well unless you are content with some 10 minute dry humping )

  8. Thank you for your advise you really helped me with that


  9. okay guys i have got something new for you after my second message and deleting her number she wrote back :

    HB: Hey "My name " whats up ? leavin for seattle tomorrow no phone for 2 weeks.

    Guys tell me do you think its better to answer or just leave it that way ?

    Thx for reading


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    It sounds like you had enough comfort to me to actually "set up" the phone call. I tend to do this alot when ive laid solid/game and comfort ill make a phone date with them as to avoid a flake.. and lots of times they take the bait and say im gonna hold you to that time for the call!

    Then when you finally call you can neg them like i bet you were waiting by phone all day or something funny like that... also you win points for calling when you say you are.

    Dancefloor game is solid game bro and its how i started doing this in the first place.. However you have to mix it up.. dance a bit.. stop and talk.. dance some more.. and interact with her and her friends... Talking and having a decent conversation is very important so you can stand out as well dancing.

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