Got number and kiss close, but should I text?
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  1. Got number and kiss close, but should I text?

    So i was at a New Years party yesterday.

    Just a house party with all teens (I'm 18).
    I talked to a lot of ladies and friends and just put myself out there.
    One girl in particular, we talked a bit more.
    She was telling me how she failed her driving written test so I told her I have all the answers to it on my computer.
    She asked me to email it to her, I told her I might if I had her email.
    She asked for my number instead, so I gave it to her and she texted me "Hey "

    Anyways, after the new years countdown after her friend told her she should kiss me she did, initiated by her. I asked if that was all she had for me, and she said yeah.

    So I was slightly surprised because I thought she was into me.
    Later in the night her friend kept telling me to kiss her because we were cute etc.
    Didn't go for it again that night, and in the morning everyone at the party was just talking and got her laughing alot.

    She also said (not directly to me) she was really sick around New Years, so maybe that's why she only kissed me?

    Anyways, I don't want to make up excuses, but what do you guys think of the situation, and should I text her once at least just to see how she reacts? Also, any tips on a type of opener I would use or?

    *I also got her friend's number who offered it to me, but she was with another guy the night so,.

  2. And can an admin please correct the spelling of the title?
    I don't want to look like a moron :P

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    Hey you have the power, she wants the answers to the written test my friends so in a way contact her an see what happens. If you don't then it's a missed opportunity.

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    Sounds to me she just wants the answers to that test. Doesn't sound like romantic interest, just doing the best she can to get you to help her.

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    Like what CMPitts said, make her beg for it. If she gets the answers she'll disappear, keep her around for awhile and get her mind off the test.

    Be direct with her. I would try to transition into building attraction, try some cocky funny stuff like "I noticed no one would probably kiss you last night and it would have been sad to see you all alone, you owe me one. I dont usually do that, your not my type anyway." Bust her ass till she surrenders.

  6. Lmao sounds good.
    I did text her, and I wasn't really sure how to start it off so it's just kind of small talk and light teasing.
    I'll move into the stuff you guys suggested after.

    The only thing is, I find I'm alot less gutsy and probably wouldn't say what you suggested even though it sounds good because highschool is a closed environment right.

    At the same time I guess it is my last year. I'll let you guys know what goes on.

  7. It's your last year man - make the best of it!

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    If There she has no interest toward you but just getting the answer. She using you .

    1. The kiss, she can look at it as if you were the last guy in the world or she had the cooties. But she kissed you . So forget about the kiss .
    2.MAKE HER COME TO YOU !!!If you come to her she going to be like ''oh it that guy that kiss me on new years'' he probably want to talk about it. What im saying don't make it awkward between you and her.

    but instead of giving her the answer straight about you make her work for it. Hell if you have the balls Invite her over you house to study with you . if you know what I mean.

  9. Haha yeah it's going well right now.
    And honestly, I don't think the answers were that big of a deal, she only mentioned it very briefly, and maybe she was using it as an excuse for a number in the same way some PUA's get an excuse or ploy going. Idk, we'll have to see.

  10. Alright so I'm going to post the texts thus far. I think it's going pretty well.
    I'll include the times as well.

    AFC: Hey, have fun last night besides the nasty smell throughout all of FRIEND's house :P? (19:30)

    HB8:Oh hey aha yea it was pretty fun! (19:31)

    AFC: Yeah it was definitely a good way to bring in the new years. Too many sick people though lol. Is that why you left? (19:49)

    HB8: What? I stayed over night! Do you mean is that why I left this morning? Like and not go to timmies? (19:50)

    AFC: Oh you stayed over night? I didn't even notice you. Kidding :P and yeah, I meant the morning lol (19:58)

    HB8: Ahahah uhm I only had debit and I had to walk home sooo I just left :P (19:59)

    AFC: Oh that sucks, We ended up going to subway aha :P I had to walk home with FRIEND too, twenty five minute walk (20:16)

    HB8: Lol mine was 20 by my self ahah (20:21)

    AFC: Oh well, good exercise for soccer right :P (20:27)

    HB8: Lol yea, you remember that? :P (20:28)

    AFC: Yeah aha. You play goalie for the CITY team with your friend I think? (20:34)

    HB8: yea yea! (20:34)

    AFC: Can you remember anything I said or were you too busy checking me out :O Kidding aha :P (20:37)

    HB8: Ahahah funny! Lol yea I remember like everything! (20:38)

    AFC: Hmm I don't think I believe you, what did I say :P? (20:45)

    HB8:Lol a lot, you asked me if I had ever had a new years kiss! (21:05)

    *My FWB was over, hooking up with her at this point.*

    AFC: Lol true :P well if you never had one you have now I guess aha (22:31)

    HB8: Lol yea ahah (23:14)

    Alright so that's all up to now.
    I now the beginning was rough, but I think it got alot better. Any critiques?

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