Stripper Game Insights II

Welcome back. This is my sequel to the previous article stripper game insights. As I said in the previous post I was never really into strip clubs until this year and I have been going to different ones in different parts of the country so I can fully experience it. I think overall stripper game is in some respects easier but in some respects harder then normal game (after talking to Sinn he has agreed with this, actually he finished the sentence before I completed it lol). I think A LOT of it depends on the venue (the set up, the type of club it is, where it is, etc, donít worry we are going to get to that). Because of all the different factors that come into play I think, at least IME, that one will either do really well or really poorly based on the club. It doesnít seem to be a place for middle ground. I have either been absolutely destroyed or done very well. So without further Adieu letís get started

06) United you stand or united you will fall. This occurred to me when I was in a VERY seedy strip club in NYC. Let me set the scene. This place is full nude, no alcohol, and there is very clearly prostitution going on IN THE PLACE. This is much different then most of the clubs I have been to where if there are ďextrasĒ going on it is pretty well hidden. This is pretty out in the open, not the sex, but the way the girls try to upsell it. I am there around 7 pm after work with my coworker who knows what I do, loves stripclubs but buys dances. I have made suggestions to him in the past but you can bring the horse to the water butÖ There is no one in the club but me, him, about 5 dancers, a bartender, hostess and 2 owners. I started running my standard stripper game, first set blow out, second set half hook, third set hooks but she is called to dance, fourth set blow out and not just a blow out but a nuclear bomb blow out with the second highest earner in the club (also a prostitute).

I got this girl so angry that she went around the club telling all the dancers I was an asshole and not to talk to me. Net result; out of the 5 dancers in the club 4 now hate me (hey thatís 80% not bad for a few minutes of work lol). The only who didnít was the set that hooked and she was a 5.5 at best. As I am typing this, it makes me think of social proof and pre-selection however this more about de-selection because there was no social proof to be judged on (before this 1 set bad, 1 set neutral, 1 set good so I am breaking even at that point). In a small club if something goes wrong, because dancers are very extreme personalities, and you piss the wrong girl off, she will go out of her way to make sure the other girls hate you also. She was able to do this for multiple reasons; first the club was not busy so she had nothing better to do then feed into drama because sheís not working and there are no other potential customers there. Second, is drama is a key part of strip clubs and so someone is always fueling it. Third, she wants to make sure to spite me for my comments (which werenít even that bad, itís my standard strip club game, itís just out of reality what I said).

Now what was interesting about this situation (this was my first or second time in an all nude club), was that since there is no alcohol it is kind of hard to run ďme and buddies are here to have a few drinks and just blow off steam.Ē I started watching the Mets game but something, maybe this is an inner game issue, tells me it is a lot harder to sell, ďyea me and my buddies were bored so we came to an all nude strip club to drink water and watch baseballĒ lol. Goodbye plausible deniability. It is much easier to go to a place that has alcohol and be having fun and the girls are secondary. Even though we all know that is not true you can frame it that way and perception is reality.

One final key point is this only works the way I explained it, it will not work in reverse. What I mean is if you do really well with a set (instead of the nuclear bomb that happened to me) the girl will NOT do the opposite. She will not run around the club telling the other dancers how awesome you are. In fact what she will do is keep the information to herself because you are a prize and these girls are super catty. Once your set goes good it is best to use jealously as the cherry on top to put her into super chase mode.

07) SOI or yea I heard that before. I was with a Brazilian stripper who I picked up (she was a 7 Ė 7.5 but had once best ass of 08 in the club awards. Her club does awards every year, so I guess a 7.5 is conservative enough, as those who know me and have met me know my ratings are really reserved). So this girl is on my lap and it is on. I am working and giving her SOIís when she meets my qualifications and jumps into my hoops and then I noticed something. Every time I went to compliment her it was like her facial expression would be similar to yea I heard that before. So I first threw out the most awesome stripper SOI of all time and it hooks (donít bother asking I will tell you on bootcamp, or maybe in the field if I ever run into any of you). That hooks and she is very happy, later on I compliment her again and it isnít as powerful but still powerful enough (these are not physical compliments mind you), then I throw out the 3rd one. You know what I like about youÖ. This is where she jumps in and throws the first one back to me in a mocking shit test way. I had a good response to the shit test so that was handled but it led me to think about the situation. These girls are hit on ALL the time, even though my SOIís are a lot more targeted and effective the sub-communication is the same I like you (even though she is working for it, and they are not look based.)

None of that seems to matter. I think that by hitting on her at all I think I was slowly moving myself into the every guy category. I want to mention this girl is very socially savvy. Sheís 23 but has lived in Brazil, Philly, NJ & Nyc. You donít have that much life experience and be a dancer at 23 without having been around the block (a few times). I think in the future I will try to limit my SOIís to make them more scarce and therefore more valuable. It seems to me to be a weird form of a double bind (damned if I do damned if I donít. Feel free to read my article the power of the double bind here).. Another possible solution to play with is not to give her SOIís at all and see how that goes. My gut instinct probably says limiting them more is better (I limit them a lot as it is but maybe I have do only 1 or 2 the entire set). How do I learn? I try things out in the field and you should to. The field will never lie to you.

08) The pecking order and how to play it. Believe it or not there is a social hierarchy in strip clubs. The waitresses are not dancers and the dancers are not massagers and they are not hostess etc, etc, ad infinity. Secretly they all hate each other. Each and everyone looks down upon the other. The waitresses think the dancers are close to prostitutes, the dancers think the waitresses are idiots for waitressing when they could be dancing, etc. The bartender thinks there all idiots etc, etc. A couple more examples are higher earners have more leeway then lower earners. Girls who are newer, while less respected by the already established other girls, have a bit more power because they are new and regulars like a steady flow of new vagina.

We can use this to our advantage in many ways. How do we do that? We do this through a combination of tactics and techniques. The first is insider information, we talked about this in the last article but what you can do here is actually use the pecking order as your info and pace the dancerís (or the waitress if you are trying to get her) reality. This is very powerful and works on multiple levels. First it puts you in the stripper bf role, second it shows insider info, third it creates an us against them mentality, fourth it feeds into drama and believe it or not dancers actually like this.

The reason they love drama is because it makes them feel emotional and that is the only time a lot of them really feel alive while at work. A lot of their job is about being on autopilot and depending on the club, the type of girl, their drug use, etc, it is almost like dealing with a zombie. I learned about this technique by accident the first time I was in a strip club in my life (this was last year with Future & Sinn, it was an off night at scores). I accidentally thought a dancer was a waitress and the dancer got pissed. I found that interesting so in Vegas (this year), I tried that again but this time on purpose on a dancer who was really annoying. Again it prompted a reaction so I tried it in reverse (calling a waitresses a dancer) and this got a very strong reaction. After I tried the reverse a second time and got the same reaction I knew that it was a pattern and I had to find out the psychological underpinnings of this.

So the next time I was out with some dancer friends chilling in a club (regular club) I asked them about what they think of waitress and what not and wow was I surprised by what I heard. I then asked girls who were waitress (female friends) about dancers who said almost the identical thing that the dancers said about them. It was a very interesting quirk in the social matrix but very understandable.

09) Scams & welcome to the wolves den. Let us never forget that these girls are hustlers. It is super easy to forget that because a) we are in a party environment, b) the girls are hot and gaming us and c) we would really like to believe that they actually like us for us (yea right, hello delusional thinking this is reality callingÖ itís time to wake up). I know that Orgmasatron has a post on some serious strip club scams but I am going to talk about what I have encountered.

I was on a 1 on 1 and we decided to go to Scores for part of the infield. Itís $30 to walk in (first and last time I will ever pay that to walk into a strip club and the last time I will ever go to Scores East in nyc. I have been there twice neither time, outside of the people I was, did I have any fun not to mention how much alcohol costs but we will get to that). I hand the student 40 for me (two 20ís) while I get everything organized in my pockets. He hands the girl 80 (four 20ís) and gets back 10. I go hey, you owe us 10. She goes no I donít. I go well we are 10 short whereís the 10? She goes; he has it and points to my student. I go no he doesnít. He has one 10 where is the other? She goes itís in his hand. I go no itís not, he has one 10 in his hand his hands havenít moved whereís the other 10? She starts arguing, and the bouncer walks over. I explain the situation and go unless my friend is a magician and he made the bill disappear she hasnít given us the money. Then I tell the bouncer at least let us get in before they start trying to hustle (quick subtle pointÖ notice the ďtheyĒ instead of the you (as in you guys), removing him from the group that is actually doing the hustling). He talks to the girl and we get our 10 dollars back but she was pissed, sheís pissed because chumps usually fall for that.

Lies, lies everywhere, lies (sung to the tune of signs by Tesla). Back to last night. My friend is buying mad dances from this girl (20 a song for 3 minute songs), when he is done she goes ok well that was 4 dances so that costs 80 + my tip. He goes what? She goes yea the house gets 20 and I usually get tipped 20 per dance. Lies! She pays a house fee, now these are set up differently based on the club but there is no way the house keeps 100% of her money from a dance thatís just totally impossible. For the dancer is a no brainer to lie and hustle. If she gets caught in the lie or whatever she doesnít care but guess whatÖ every time it works more money in her pocket.

Other lies? Full nude when it is partial. It is up to them to decide if they want to go full nude or not you donít really have a choice in that matter (even though the club advertises itself as offering this service.) Alcohol? This is a biggie. Not only are they going to rip you off on the price, they are going to double dip and sell you cheaper liquor then you paid for OR they are going to water down the good liquor to dilute the purity (almost like a coke dealer or a shot girl, believe it or not shot girls do this all the time.) They buy the bottle from the club and then it is up to them to determine how they create, the shots, how much they sell, etc. This is why when a shot girl tells you she canít buy you a shot she is lying. This might not be true for all shot girls but it is true for a good majority of them.

Whatís funny is since we were the only ones in there and my buddy was getting lap dances I started talking to the manager who pretty much confirmed everything I said above. I didnít ask him this directly, of course, I just said a friend of mine is a manager at a strip club and blah blah blah. He laughed at a few things I said; we call this the laugher of recognition

Btw goes without saying but if you can ever build rapport with a manager do it. Not only is it super high value but they are very insightful about the business and a prime provider of inside information. Also now, not that I would, if I ever decided to go back to that club I can always reference that I was there to see the owner since him and I bonded and he bought me a drink (a bottle of Poland spring since no alcohol).

10) Know your enemy. Much like during a war you want to know who you are dealing with, the layout of the territory, and the contingences that spring forth from that. The same is true for clubs, dancers, and the surrounding situations. For the people who donít get it I am making puns with the insight headline names I am not by any means saying dancers are the enemy (I am sure most of you did not need to read that last sentence but just for the few who did I included it

So at this point, as I write this, I have probably been to about 20 different strip clubs in probably 7 or 8 states. There are very different types of club in my opinion and the club will force you to calibrate the type of game you run. IMO there are 3 main different types of club.

The first is your show club. This is your high end club like Spearmint Rhino in Vegas. This type of club will have SUPER hot girls. These girls are very business oriented and are there to make money. That being said because they are SUPER hot they are generally going to make their money regardless so gaming them is possible. They know they are making tons of loot so there is not reason for them to not stop and talk for a while. Be advised that gaming these girls will be very difficult. Why? Well because they have heard it all before. A lot of these girls work in the sex business when they are not dancing (nude models, porn stars, escorts, etc). These girls will be super ultra socialized. I had a decent run in Spearmint Rhino and this was in Feb during Superconference before I got as skilled as I am now. Definitely doable.

The second is like your local neighborhood place. This will have local girls and still have quite a few hotties. These girls are very easily gameable and in my experience this is the best place to game. They are fun, friendly, usually pretty good looking and are down to earth. They are business oriented but at the same time it is a local neighborhood place so they are down to hangout. This is the type of place that will have regulars in it. You can run slow burn game in here and do very very well. The one disadvantage to slow burn game is that girls come and leave these types of clubs very frequently. I have had the best success in these types of places. There are some key elements to how you become a regular without being a customer but that is an advanced topic for another time (maybe lol).

The third type of place is your sketchy, shady, seedy, insert synonym of choice here place. This type of place will be the hardest imo. The girls are into prostitution, a lot of them have drug habits (and I am not talking lets do blow, have fun and fuck habits, I am talking physically addicting drugs like heroin or oxycotinís). These girls are very bitter, jaded and life has beaten them down. They are not having fun like girls in show clubs, they are not walking out with 1000ís in their pockets and most of them will trade sex for money or will try to upsell sex during the dance based on what I have been told from both dancers and patrons.

So there it is folks. Faders 10 stripper game insights.