Dealing with an AMOG that was pretending to be polite
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  1. Dealing with an AMOG that was pretending to be polite

    spoke to a group of four girls forgot which opener I used and was talking to a Canadian girl a HB7, her friends were 6s, she said she was Canadian.

    Then this guy comes up and she sorted of introduced me to him.

    I was saying how I could not tell the difference between Canadian and American accents and she sounded American teasingly.

    Then he started saying well Canada is up here and America is down here and gesturing with his hands where they were. Then someone said Canadians are more polite.

    Then he said 'I am going to be more polite which is uncharacteristic of me and take my girflriend over here'.

    I did not know what to say to that but did not care I chatted to more girls after that with one grinding up against me on the dancefloor. He was just stood there by the bar with the group of four girls.

    I am not sure if he was her boyfriend but think he knew them, so if he did it would be harder to blow him out than it would be if he was a stranger and normally better to befriend him but harder if he is deliberately trying to blow me out.

    I know I probably should have opened him before the girls but did not see him or notice he was with the girls so it was too late by then and I had already started talking to the girls when he came up.

    I felt like giving him a pet nickname like Malicky out of Hollyoaks that is what he looked like but not sure if any of them watched the show as it is a bit of a lame British soap opera.

    He looked like he could get violent and did not want to ruin my night by fighting.

    I was unaffected by it but could not help thinking he did make me look like a bit of an idiot or lower my status to raise his which is not a good thing and I should not let it happen.

    Any better way of dealing with this do you think?

    Suggestions would be helpful


    Any suggestions on how I could better

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    my suggestions:

    you could have done a couple things. when he came up, you could have started interviewing him like this: "hey, whazup bro! (shook his hand, at the same time take your other hand and place it on his sholder for a sec to indirectly establish ur the alpha male and hes the little sissi.
    then started interviewing him: nice shirt! where you get it at? ( couple more questions ) "iight, we'll u have a good night ok bro!"

    could have ignored him, which it sounds would have been hard to do since u might not have been fully locked in yet.

    if you wanted to re-open them after that situation. open a 2 set of chicks, have one jump on each one of your arms while they "come over to meet your friends" which is the 5 set with the one dude. introduce everybody, light banter / w/e, then back to work on the 7.

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