SNL: Started well lost my swing after friends called

Nice easy lay.

I had already made out with her a previous week and took her number but it didn't go anywhere over text so wrote it off and deleted.

Saw her tonight and she was all happy to see me so gamed her up a bit and she was dying to kiss me. Said I'd catch her later for a dance.

Saw her on dancefloor and had a good grind for a while. Her friends, having been introed to me earlier didn't cockblock and so left us to it on the dancefloor.

After a bit we were getting into it and I could just tell she was probs good to go so I asked her what she was doing after this. Either way I didn't care. She said going home, so I said I'm gonna get something to eat after 'come join me'.

She at first said she couldn't then a few mins later I see her working out logistics in her head 'Where abouts do you live?' blah blah a few exchanges does she have enough for taxi? she does and we leave.

Get to mine and all systems go. Start shagging her well, I'm off to a good start once I get it in. Enjoying proceedings but then I get too hot and want to turn my fan on. In future I'll do this 1st before shag. Next the phone rings.

I can hear her friend asking where she is. First she lies and says she's just getting a taxi. Then when they say they are waiting for her so she should come meet she says 'I'm at Jake's getting a taxi'. I hear from the other end of the line 'did you shag him?' -'no' she exclaims as my cock is still inside her; good old pathological liars that they are .

After that interruption I couldn't get into my swing again as I kept getting uncomfy and wanting to move to get a better grip as my feet were slipping. LOGISTICS!

After that she started to get logical and kept saying she has to leave to meet her friends. I'm sure she would have forgotten about that if I had been fucking her well like before.

I'm not too much of a fan of SNLs for this reason that it's always so rushed but this was is alot smoother than my previous one I've had and other close misses.

So I am 50/50 on whether it'll be a flake due to a sub par shag. She was def into it for a bit. We'll see. Either way it's another one up on the scoreboard.

As a sidenote: Missionary is my fav position so far but I find if I'm on my bed I can't get a grip with my feet. Actually now I think back it's cos my socks were on (fucker) that is probs why as I don't have a much of a prob with that usually. I was gonna ask how to get a better grip but I'll also try that next time. Small logistical issues like this can be make or break!

Edit: I just did a quick friction comparison of one sock on and one sock off and to my chagrin it appeared to be the same grip-wise or lack thereof, so it means something else is at fault here. More sex will have to iron out this hiccup.