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    This stuff is powerful

    What's up guys...
    Went to 15-20 count house party in Corona CA tonight around 10:30 I went with one of my employees I'm 37, he's 27. it was his friend's boyfriend's 30th b-day. Needless to say, I knew no one. NO ONE. My guy was already pretty buzzed when we got there. I was'nt. Had a big swig of some vodka when I got there - I was kool. As I walked in I introduced myself to almost everyone who made I contact w/me guys and girls. . Started chatting up a lil chunky girl cuz my friend was talking to her brother. That lasted 1-2 min and to my right site was HB1, Hisp/Wht 5'5 125 lbs Full C cups, my my my. I made eye contact and immediately ran Brad P's Horse girl routine on her. I ran it PERFECT guys, she played along tit for tat (no pun intended). We hugged as she forgave me ( see routine). And this whole time I'm wearing a shirt that say's "cockstar" witha a sick hooded bomber jacket.
    we go back and forth, I run penile implant routine, she loves it, I hi-fived her and made her miss then we went and did it to other people, I couldn't believe how "in the zone I felt" . I just realized her friend HB2 wanted me, she was pulling on my wallet chain, I had to tell her I was gonna charge her blah blah but I kinda overlooked her IOI's cuz I was more into HB1., At some point I called her friend a whore and her friend loved it - high fIved me and of course I made her miss too! she had dropped a bottle cap in front of me and took her time kneeling down in front of her-I missed that opportunity to fuck with her because there was so much going on- looking back, I was so into HB1 I over looked all the signals from HB2 . (hey I'm new at this) . Atsome pont I grabbed HB1's tit's twice in a ow and acted like it was nothing, and she let me.I ran the area I was around until I found out my guy was passed out in bathroom around 12:15 and I had to get him home (although looking back I coulda put him in my car but oh well)
    Anyway took Ashley(HB1) away and told her I had to go, she said that sucks I said how can we KIT we should hang out.She offered her number. I put it in my phone and called her phone which she said she didn't have on her-and told her when I called she'd better say Hi and my name and not who is this . She laughed and later mentioned she had a BF to which I said I don't even know if I like u like that and she acted all surprised, then she said he could go out with us! I said OOHH Kayyy like I said, what makes you think I like you like that blah blah She loved it so we hugged and I left.
    I AM SOOO IN Right?

    All and All, thank you all the guys that have put out this information. Its amazing...


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    One more question

    I was still buzzed when I wrote the above FR. Do you guys think I should bother calling her if she has a BF? I figure if nothing else it doesn't hurt to have a cute female friend.

  3. If you dont mind having another female friend, sure, but dont expect anything. You did all the right things, and she was just practice, so dont worry about it. You do that to a single girl and you got her in the bag.

    I would avoid grabbing body parts unless you are already making out. That doesnt let her wonder if you like her, it pretty much lets her know you do and you lose lil leverage. I could be wrong though, I hope someone else chimes in.

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    Forget about the boyfriend, call her. Make her and all her pretty little friends part of your social circle.

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    Hb1? Lol!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jankren View Post
    Hb1? Lol!!!
    It could mean she's a "HB" but just cut the grade. We also have to remember that a number for someone may be higher than that of others. It's just based on personal opinion.

  7. Yo man you in corona? I'm near Riverside! What up! Invite me to some of these parties. haha

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    Sounds like you came on strong without qualifying, hence the BF line as a defence line. OR she actually does have a BF.

    If your qualifying it tight then you wont get this unless she actually does have a BF.

    Call her and feel the lie of the land. Worst case you just expanded your social circle. She is bound to have single friends, or friends of friends.

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    Thanks, i was referring to her as HB1 as girl #1 she was an 8 so was her friend. Now I understand how the abreviations work. Thanks again fellas

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    No matter what I read her palm which blew her mind, no one had ever done that she said. And I gave her a quick cold read about how she's the type of girl who has dated a lot o guys but loses attraction quick blah blah. She couldn't believe it. It was cool. Definitely great practice if nothing else. I'm gonna call her tomorrow and go from there. She kinda lives far anyways. Maybe go to another party.....

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