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  1. Fuck online game

    I have never wasted so much time in my life. Ever been to plentyoffish.com? Jesus H. Christ what a serious waste of time. I can't get a single God damn response unless I heavily NEG. even then, these bitches are like Donald Trump on an interview. Are they looking for boy wonder? Jesus fucking Christ, SERIOUS WASTE OF TIME! Half the women on there I'd be talking to in real life.

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    Yeah, not many rewards are reaped from sites like PoF and OKC. The majority are flakes and most interactions fizz out after a short while. You just need to highly differentiate yourself from the rest of the guys on those sites, which you wouldn't think would be too difficult, but it can be. I need to work on segueing into the prospect of meeting in real life from just chatting online.

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    If you have a decent profile, and good pics, and are different from every other tool on the site, online dating is EASY and SUCCESSFUL...I'm overweight and definitely not the best looking guy, but I have had NO problem meeting women online. In fact, this month alone I got 18 numbers and been on 7 dates with more scheduled for next week...which has been more successful than my bar/club game this month...If you got the right game, it's like shooting fish in a barrel...Just write a witty yet charming profile(PLENTY of ideas on the forums for what to write), put up some GOOD pictures of yourself having fun, show some PASSION, and most importantly, BE DIFFERENT than every other guy, and you will find success...

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    Holy shit, count to fucking ten, man. All the way up to HB10. Hehe.

    Seriously, I've never seen anyone get to passionately pissed about online game. I sure hope you don't have a blow out like this when you have a bad night out. The stress isn't worth it, first of all, and like every other part of the game it's something that you can improve upon. Usually guys get depressed, not enraged. Sounds more like it's your problem and not the girls'. Online isn't for everyone, too. While I used it exclusively before I feel weird doing it now, although I've had great results before.

    Easy, soldier! Everybody's here to help!

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    Sometimes meeting someone on the street was way easier than trying to get together with someone through the date sites. You have to realize why some of them are like that - they get bombarded with date requests from all sorts of guys, and go on bad dates,and some of these guys they never would've given the time of day with in a bar or even noticed them in the first place.

    I mean - thousands of small photos and thousands of descriptions.

    I've never liked personal ads or online dating, but it opens the doors into trying new places out, visiting other cities and lining things up with people to hang with, so you're not a stranger in a strange land. Locally - some of these girls are working shiftwork and burning the candle at both ends.

    Without a doubt, you're going to run into "not seen as advertised" and flat out hot weird types. Or weird minus the hot. But you do the same thing meeting girls out and about and don't really know much about them.

    And sometimes you've seen the local girls online and remember a thing or two about them, and open them.

    You'll also get savvy at reading between the lines, a lot of this is "ideal husband" stuff, or stuff that happened in their past, and life's not quite like that.

    All I do is try to get to talk to them in depth a few times, and decide whether or not it's worth keeping in touch with.

    I don't think one thing should be done exclusively over the other, because if you're weak in one area and you know it, it should be worked on.

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    Because even the ugly girls get blasted with emails. So they think they are the shit. Why else? Most of them wouldn't even be hit on by half the guys in real life. Don't worry about it.

  7. Don't take online dating so personally. It's like job hunting, you can have a decent resume and a great work ethic but the employer who passes you by may not realize that because well...they didn't hire you.

    Sometimes someone does, and when they do and it's a good fit, prove that they were right in their decision and don't act like a douche.

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  9. I'm just saying I get a lot more interaction from a conversation at school with a chick then some stuck up 6 who thinks she's a 10 because I share the net with 50 other horny dudes hittin her up. In real life, guys dont have the balls to approach women, but online they are masterful studs, so all of a sudden I have to compete with those other guys.

    I guess Im complaining because my personality can't be transmuted through text.. OH well, carry on.

  10. Actually personality can be transmuted through TEXT. EMPHASIZING words can show sarcasm. You can emphasize words by using their exact word or phrase and put quotes around it or capitalize it. You show show wit by twisting their words around into something sexual.

    As far as a 6 thinking she's a 10 is absolutely true. If you ever look at the guys on the site too there are some really decent looking guys. Their flaw however is they can't spell and their profiles and emails are generic as the old farts. trust me I've done an experiment. But when the the girls no matter their rating get emails that are all the same they have nothing to go by but the guy's picture. Not just that as you said most guys won't even approach these girls in real life so these girls now have an unrealistic view of what kinds of guys they can attract and pick from.

    You can do a simple search on google for "POF Sucks" and check Dating site reviews, POF is rated dead last. The thing is you'll also read horror stories. Some of the girls on there basically window shop and play the field. Say she met and dated a guy she would rate a 7 and has a great profile and rapport with. She'll quickly discard him for an upgrade if a 9 who lives in his mom's basement messages her.

    Honestly look at the women's profile's on there though. They all sound dumb and generic. They say "I like sports, movies and music." I read that and say "well who cares so does everyone." Most of the girls on there are the 28-34 year old bubbleheads from the bar who get used up by men. They went to college got a degree got a good job and read books like "He's just not that into you." after every break up. Where they are taught they are a gift and that men should change for them. When in fact she is just an ordinary semi attractive to attractive woman who lacks interests, hobbies and INNER GAME.

    I get few responses on the site but when I do I just use it as practice and for fun. Most of the girls on there I feel sorry for. They think they're going to get a REAL relationship from a free dating site that resembles more of an online bar. The very thing those girls say they are sick of with the ever so popular quote..."I'm trying this because I'm sick of the bar scene and the jerks and games that come along with it."

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