i cum way to fast when i get head!
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    i cum way to fast when i get head!

    Everytime my gf goes down on me I can only last like 1 minute, even when I stop her a bunch of times. It just feels so damn good that I just orgasm so quick even when I try to concentrate on not. The only way I can last longer is if I jack off before hand or its after we had sex and I came once already. Any advice? I really want 2 know how guys can sit there and get head for like 10 minutes that would be nice

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    Why mess with greatness.

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    Honestly man I do not see this as a problem at all. Given that you don't have a time problem with intercourse then my guess is that she doesn't care. I get shot down for blowjobs because girls tell me it takes too long. It's not like there is something intrinsicly pleasing to them about sucking your dick. If they like doing it, most of the time it is because they enjoy pleasing you, not because they like having shit jammed down their troat.

  4. pinch her in the ear, and then pinch your cock.
    shit works like a charm

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    What has she said about it? Usually women don't like doing bjs for long. She might have to slow down a bit.

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    well one of my 1st posts is gonna be about cumming early... niiice

    2 tricks i use that work...

    1. Think to yourself how mundane and boring the blowjob is whilst looking away (i know its not mundane but try and get in that state of mind)

    and 2. Place the tip of your tounge in the roof of your mouth at the front so its almost touching your teeth and hold it there. saw it on a website tried it and it worked, have no idea why, might be the placebo effect but it works so im suggesting it.

    good luck

  7. Some proper advice

    Firstly, for those that cum too early whether it be during oral sex or sex or any other kind of sexual stimulation don't ever try use what polo_guy suggested about "Think to yourself how mundane and boring the blowjob is" - this is terrible! Why have sex at all if you gonna look and feel uninterested, rather...

    Learn to relax your body more! Using deeper breathing during oral sex. The next time she goes down on you, feel how tense your body is. What you looking to achieve is total relaxation. You can practice by doing deep breaths by yourself and training your body to associate deeper breaths with a more relaxed state. This is still allows you to enjoy what you feeling but for a longer time! which is what you wanting.

    You haven't specified how you receiving the blowjob. If not already, have her kneeling on a pillow while you standing up. you'll be more in control. you can use dirty talk and mix up the blowjob more in this position. this will give you more dominance and allow you to vary the way to which she takes your cock.

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    This is all some interesting advice. The tounge on the roof of ur mouth thing sounds interesting I can't see it working lol. Yea I usualy last a minute or 2. I'm tryin to get more relaxed with it cuz she likes doing it and I like getting it its just much better when I can enjoy it 4 a while before we have sex. Apreciate the input

  9. Why

    Well it may vary depending on person but I know why I cum quicker while getting head. Most women who give you head focus strictly on the head and about the first two inches of your shaft. Think about it, about a finger length is all they focus on because most don't have great gag reflexes. This is where you are most sensitive and have the most nerve endings. For me right below my head on the shaft is the most sensitive part and that seems to be where their lips always are because face it, most women don't deep throat you. When you're having intercourse farther down your shaft is getting more of the friction because you usually want to slap it to them deep, which is why you can go longer doing that.

  10. Do NOT complain about this. Most girls HATE giving head for more than a few minutes.

    When I first started fooling around with my LTR, she loved giving head cause it usually only took like 2 or 3 minutes, so it didn't take a ton of effort on her part to feel like she was really pleasing me (however this was the first girl I'd done anything with so I was really inexperienced).

    However, now that I'm used to the sensation, it takes me a solid 10+ minutes to cum from a blowjob, and she doesn't enjoy giving me head for that long because it's so much work for her (which I perfectly understand, she REALLY goes at it and works up a sweat doing so, so I can see not wanting to do it for that long). Meaning that I don't get head as anything more than just foreplay very often, which makes me sadface.

    Luckily she LOVES to fuck, and is on the pill, so it kind of balances out :P

    However I have trouble lasting very long since she's been on the pill (yet another thing to adjust to), and sometimes I wish the pleasure could last longer, and dome is really the best way I can see for that to happen.

    In short, consider yourself lucky.

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