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  1. FACEBOOK: BIG thread of FB Questions/Answers

    Ok. So here is the story...

    Now I want you to know I am very new to the Game, working on it for a few months only...

    Now, there is a girl on Facebook... she added me to friends over a year ago, and from the start she was flirting to me, liking my images, telling me I'm her Facebook love etc... I guess, at that time, being full of pride, as she liked me, I guess I was DHV very good even if I wasn't aware of The Game, I was full of my self, so I guess I didn't look like AFC to her at all, I was actually very cool... but you know since I'm just now new to the game, I wasn't sure how could I finish this over Facebook before, so I wasn't taking any big action..
    And time was passing, but she was kind of slightly flirting with me all the time...
    On other side, she has 1000s of friends on Facebook, so I'm not sure if she is like that only with me or also with some other guys...

    Now 4 months ago we were finally to meat each other in personal, we had a deal to see each other on concert of one famous band... But unfortunately, concert was canceled !!

    So 10 days ago there was another happening/festival in our city, and few days before I was chatting with her on Facebook, and told her that we can see each other on that happening...

    On a day of happening, I sent here an Inbox message to call me when she get on that festival... and she said "OK "

    Anyway that same evening she didn't call me!
    Not sure why... it was 10 days ago and from that day I have not asked her why she didn't call or talked to her at all... I thought it would be good if I don't ask her that, and rather look kind of not worried about it at all..

    So, the question..


    I'm really stuck.. Do I ask her to see her again... or is there something better I can do in this situation?
    And, also should I ask her why she didn't call me on festival, all should I stay silently cool about it for a while, like I'm the guy who has 1000s of women and I don't really care...

    Any thoughts?


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    What's the problem with just meeting her at a local starbucks and have a sit down? Really its friendly and shows that your not trying to buy her attraction or impress her

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    Fb game

    Hi Guys,

    I´m planning to open a facebook account.

    Should I add directly the HB as a friend or should I send a text message?
    Do you have any kind of a template to share for the first message?


  4. Has Direct facebook game worked for u?

    How many have tried Direct facebook pickup here?

    and has it gotten u to day 2 ever?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DarthWayne View Post
    How many have tried Direct facebook pickup here?

    and has it gotten u to day 2 ever?

    Worked once, girl was ok, in very good shape, probably an hb 7 from far and hb 6.5 from close. We met up the first night, I drilled alot of routines and game. She was then texting me the whole week. And then I set up a day 2 and we went out, but we didnt really connect.

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    I know where you live...


    Wouldn't kill you to do a search DW...
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

  7. actually Millo...thats what inspired me to try direct on facebook.

    but wanted to know how its been workin for others.

    it does get responses from gals.....but following up doesnt work quite good.

    soul had a long conversation on facebook.

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    I dunno man if direct is best for online. Have you ever tried to set up a false female profile? I got 200 messages within a day and a half, half of those were "AFC direct style" hehe... you know what I mean?

    Anyway, you got me to remember an old thread, how's that for direct....

    *edit* Maybe I'll try that in the next week/few days.

  9. Facebook Relationship Status

    Single, or not having the status on your profile at all.

    I know it's pretty small, but I find profiles with no status more interesting since it makes me wonder.

    Do you guys have yours as single, or not there at all.
    Benefits of both?

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    I don't have a status on mine. I think appearing as single can sometimes be DLV or make you seem like a player or whatever.

    Just don't put it and make her wonder.

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