Number closing? Time bridge or IOIish close?

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    Number closing? Time bridge or IOIish close?

    So for my there's two types of number closers.

    First there's the time bridge one. Goes something like this:

    So I've got this show (house party, bonfire, whatever) next weekend, you should totally go.

    Pros: This one's really indirect. If I played my cards correctly I'd say this is pretty much an 85% number closer; including if she has a boyfriend.

    Cons: This is what gets me, I hooked a girl that I could really like. And that means she reads a shit load of books and talks funny, which also means she's not into major social events. So when I say there's a house party and you should come, and she's not really into that. I get declined.

    The next one is the IOI ish one, which kind of goes like this:

    So I think you're really cool, so I think you should give me your number.

    Pros and Cons together: It's directish. There's really nothing wrong with that unless she has a boyfriend. And if she has a boyfriend, it really shouldn't inhibit you two from hanging out, because if she doesn't notice you, you still would make major good friends. It's a learning experience. Also using this number close without building enough comfort; usually the girl would say, "But I barely know you."

    Which one is better?

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    I use a bit of both.

    "Listen, I enjoyed our conversation. I'd like to continue it sometime, how could we do that?"

    Pretty much everytime she'll say "Well, I could give you my number." If they have a boyfriend they'll add on the end "but I have a boyfriend so.." I interupt them and say "That's fine. I'm just out to meet new people."

    Before this all goes on you should have already seeded something you're doing that week anyway, and got her excited about it but not invited her. Then at the end I'll add

    "Maybe you can tag along to [seeded event] on thursday.. we'll see."

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