How to make women invest in you?

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    How to make women invest in you?

    I see my friends, and girls just chase them, not just attraction
    but actually want to be friends with them. when they meet there is excitement,energy, they were looking forward to see them even just as friends.
    But that never happens to me, i dont know the reason to this and it bothers me.
    at most they say hi and a kiss on the cheek. They never seem to call or text me
    there not invested in me.I cant even get into the friends zone let alone attraction. Does anyone knows what im talking about?
    i would really appreciate some help
    thx guys

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    yea honestly, I have the same problem. When it comes to girls man , I think its your appearance. Im not sure.
    also, inside jokes really get you close with people. Just be funny, and open. If your friend is the shit, try to beat him ?

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    Study what your friends are doing to attract that attention. It has a lot to do with charisma. Look at their energy levels, and how much kino they do. Study their posture and gesturing.

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    You dont have enough value in her eyes.Simple as that.

    She has to has a motive.

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