Guide To Role Play And Dirty Talking

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    Guide To Role Play And Dirty Talking

    Kelly_Monaco and I have been working on this guide for some time. This is going to be a bigger more expanded guide later on, but this is what we have so far.

    I know THIS IS LONG, but this is good shit! A lot of theory in the beginning but it's VERY important to understand.

    We highly recommend reading "On Dominance" post first, as prerequisite to this.

    It’s something we have enjoyed writing and talking about, and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

    With compliments:
    TrueStory and


    Guide to Roleplay, Dirty talking and Kinky shit!

    What we discuss here are the basics on how to get started with dirty talk.

    This post will cover:

    • Introduction to dirty talk
    • Correct frame and attitude for dirty talk
    • A note on safety
    • Setting the scene
    • Introduction to fantasy
    • ‘Mild’ dirty talk suggestions
    • Introduction to online dirty talk

    Keep in mind dirty talk has limitless possibilities. Inspiration can come from anywhere: talking to people, reading books, movies etc.

    I've seen many women complaining about lack of dominance their men have in bed. Usually those types of conversations with women turn into discussion of ‘dirty talking’ and lack of it. There are many guys inquiring how to get their girlfriend to talk dirty, so I figured I'll write a guide. I've pushed sex-play to pretty high limits. Everything described in this guide, I've done myself with various girls; some more than others.

    Because, some of the aspects of dirty talk can sound degrading to women, i wanted to point out that it is NOT degrading. And explain how it really works. Here you go:

    Separate TWO different realities

    On reality is behind the closed doors of your bedroom.
    This is play fantasy land you two can live in. What happens there does not carry out in real life. It is very important to show your woman that you accept her as a person and respect her outside of this reality. A lot of things, you’re going to be doing, will demonstrate playful disrespect, even disgrace, but it ends in PRETEND WORLD. In other words, this is fantasy, and nothing you two do together leaves the fantasy world. It’s also unspoken rule to keep it a secret between parties involved (sometimes there are more than two )

    Second reality is normal life. Shit that goes on day to day.
    This is how you treat her on daily basis. Things you can do in the bedroom might not be socially or legally acceptable in real life. Like playful slapping is fun during kinky sex, but completely unacceptable in real life. Also, you may slip in and out of “fantasy reality” during normal daily activities, but keep it discreet from others. You two will have a subtle communication, where she will understand all the “inside” references and talks without revealing it to outside world. If she winks at you “meet me in the bathroom”, this means she wants to suck you off. But nobody needs to know that but you two.

    Behind closed doors, you two are free to play as you wish. Everything you do when being intimate ***STAYS*** between you two. You don't tell your buddies about it. You don't tell friends about it. You don't write about it, and you probably should NOT blog about it either. Just a thought.

    Also keep in mind

    Rape is very serious criminal charge. So, play within comfortable limits; some sex play can be qualified as sexual and domestic abuse. Naturally, women will tell you when it’s too far. And you will be VERY surprised how far you can push things. In role-play and dirty talk the words "NO" and "please stop" have completely different meaning. I will explain how to keep role-play and dirty talking safe.

    Communication is probably the most important aspect of dirty talking. There should be no mis-understanding. Majority of your communication will happen on subtle level, through body language and eye contact.

    Pain is a very tricky thing. Often in the heat of the moment you may do things to her that would normally cause serious pain. Often, if you get carried away, you might do some minor to serious damage to her skin. (Scratching, slapping, biting, sucking, hickeys, etc) You MUST consider her reputation. If she has a professional job, giving her hickeys is not the right thing to do. Also, when slapping a girl in play, MAKE SURE you do not leave bruises. (Happened to me; had very rough sex, and the next day her friends were asking us if there was is abuse in our relationship)

    Use discretion: She is a bunny outside and tiger in bed. In front of her friends and at work nobody must know about the dirty things she does to please you

    ATTITUDE to adopt for dirty talk:

    Focus on your basics: You must make her feel safe, she must trust you, and you must be dominant. Pretty strict set of rules, I cannot emphasis the “she must trust you” part. This will break or make your sex life.

    TALK about sex. People don’t talk about it. You should make talking about sex a normal part of your life with your girlfriend or wife. I mean what else is there to talk about? :

    Some important concepts:

    You are doing this for her pleasure.

    She must be enjoying herself, for you to enjoy yourself. Good sex happens when two people are only concerned about each other’s pleasure. You should focus on her pleasure first, because, she can cum and she can cum many times. If you are role-playing it might help her have more intense orgasm or multiple orgasms.

    If she raises any concern about dominance/submission or about what you are doing don’t get into a huge discussion. Just listen to what she says, say you are glad she trusts you enough to tell you how she feels, and start slowly from the beginning.

    If she is inexperienced, do not show concern. Some girls haven’t been exposed to dirty talk before. It doesn’t mean that she does not want to do it, it just means that you will have to lead more, and it will take some time for her to catch on and participate more.

    Tell her all you want is her to be willing to try new things. Always compliment her, never criticize, and never let her feel any pressure to say/do anything. You are dominant in bed and lead her, if you want to fuck her doggy style, flip her that way, if you want to fuck her against a wall, push her against the wall and spread her legs.

    She needs to let go to orgasm so she must leave the thinking to you, and only focus on how she is feeling.

    Be open minded and she will follow your frame. Eliminate any limiting beliefs or judgmental attitude you may have towards sex. Such attitudes include negative connotation of words “slut”, “bitch”, “whore”, etc. Those are play words now. They only mean good thing. If you cannot wrap this around your head, try rethinking why you despise women so much.

    Encourage and embrace your woman’s sexuality. Keep in mind that women are not that different from men, they also love sex. Don’t be threatened or intimidated by female sexuality. If you can unlock her potential to be sexual and sensual with you, she will exhaust you.

    Assume that she is always wet for you, purring for you and ready to have your dick deep inside of her.

    Look around yourself, and think of places you can have sexual interaction with your girl: anything from making out, to blow job, to discrete fingering, or bathroom quickie. Think of world as your sex playground. Get creative.

    Sex is not routine habit. It's a spontaneous event. Don't make it a "Friday night thing" or "before falling asleep". Have sex whenever, wherever, and as often ad you want. Don't mundane it.

    Try to feel turned on all the time. When you feel turned on and sexual, you, as a man, will develop hormones which will produce subtle smell. Your girl will pick up on that smell. There is a hard science behind it. When you’re turned on, you do everything with “sexy touch”.


    This is very important. The reason why the majority of girls do not want to indulge in kinky and rough sex is because they don't feel "safe" with the guy. TRUST IS IMPORTANT.

    Try not to force things, and do not try to change your girl. If you want to do something with her, bring it up to her, but if she says “no” leave at that. Once you get her to open up and trust you, she will do that “forbidden” thing after all. I have had many girls who never would consider doing anal or ass-to-mouth. Within couple months of sex, it was one of their favourite thing to do.

    Have a safety word and gesture or motion. If her mouth is gagged she may not be able to say the word, so have a gesture she can use, or she can repeatedly hum something. If her mouth is shut, periodically open it and ask her "if she likes being fucked", give her chance to say safety word if she doesn't.

    Keep in mind most people err on the safe side so you will almost never have to use any of those. But it’s nice to agree on it.


    "How do we get her to do all this kinky stuff with me?"

    This is something you can casually bring up with her, but NOT in the same evening you want to do it. Maybe sometime when you two are talking about sex, you should say "we should try roleplaying sometime" AND LEAVE IT AT THAT!

    When you're having sex or about to you can lead in with: "baby i think it's hot when you talk to me in bed" and "i want you to be my naughty little girl" if she's receptive of idea, try switching to "you're my dirty little slut. My slut and nobody else's"
    This works best when you whisper it in her ear when you're being sexual.

    Try to touch her more often when you two are alone or nobody can see it. Slap her ass, or spontaneously reach around her from the back, lean into her ear and whisper "i am soooo turned on by you right now, i could just rip your clothes off and fuck you right here on the floor... can you feel how hard i am?!"

    Women LOVE when you compliment them. But they want to feel sexy about it. Randomly come up to her, when nobody is around, slap her ass and say "those jeans make your ass look soo hot, i want to spank it over and over again! you're so damn sexy!"

    Initial reaction could be anything from "Ummm oookey.." to "oh my!"
    If she's not receptive of your advances and talks, she's a prude. It will take some time to break it in. You may be diving into it too fast and it caught her off guard.

    But if you express interest in dirty talking, she will do her own homework.

    First you need to start slow. Get her to try something stereotypically slutty. Then comment how hot and sexy she looks. Tell her she looks like a naughty student/school girl/french maid/etc. She will probably giggle. Then call her over: "come over here... have you been naughty today?"

    8 out of 10 girls will play along. "yes/no" ...."well then we have a problem here... what have you been naughty about?"

    If you're reading this and wondering..."ummm this is not gonna work...not with my girl.... " Then you are not dominant in the relationship and you haven't worked on your manhood and leadership. The rest of this guide may not be as useful for you until you address those issues on self confidence.

    So onto the rest of this...THE FIRST role-play experience is critical but must be easy going. If you open the pandora's box , and she gets into it, the sky is the limit.

    Let's continue,

    She will say something like "umm i don't know hahaha he he he" - don't buy into her 'he he's'

    "I think you need to get spanking" and push her next to you on the bed but make sure she falls over your knee. Slap her ass several time and repeat something along these lines: "Bad girls get spanked. Bad girls get in trouble. Are you a bad girl?"

    -“ no I am a good girl...”

    (Keep in mind, you want to ask questions that do not involve her making any decisions. "Do you want to be spanked?" may be a good rhetorical questions, to follow up with "Yes you do" without giving her chance to answer. But if you just ask that and wait for her to "allow" you to do it, you will break the mood. NEVER ask her permission to do anything to her, but do indeed tell her what you're about to do. "I am going to make you be a bad girl..get on your knees!" but never "can you please get on your knees" **ALWAYS TELL DO NOT ASK*** for her to do things. Women like demanding and commanding men in bed)

    "Have you been bad? Have you acted like a little slut lately??" - BELIEVE YOUR OWN FANTASY.
    "I don't believe you ..." then reach under her skirt up her leg "well good girls don't let men touch them like this"
    At this point she should be turned on

    "I don't believe you've gotten your punishment....maybe you should keep quiet" and gently put your free hand's middle finger on her lips ...she will naturally put it in her mouth and suck on it.

    Women are sooo receptive of play. You will be blown away how much she will get into this.

    " god you are such a naughty girl... you are probably going to get in trouble with your they know you do naughty things in school??"

    -ummm hmmm

    "we need to address this..." pull her panties off "this is very very inappropriate, missy"

    -ohh.. what are you doing.... ahh

    "I am seeing how naughty you are... .maybe.... i won't tell anyone...maybe if you could win me over" push her between your legs so she's on her knees and you're sitting on the edge of the bed

    Pull out the dick...."redeem your bad naughty girl"

    Mood is set.

    Important thing to keep in mind: do not interrupt the flow. If you’re talking dirty do not switch over to “normal” talk. This will break the mood. If you’re calling her naughty girl, or if you’re forcing her down, don’t pause and say “you ok?”. If she says “’re hurting me” you’re doing something wrong... lean over and say “shhh!!!” and French kiss her... “all better”....continue making out until she’s into it.. then resume “now where were we?”


    If you have NOT read Nancy Friday's "My Secret Garden"; immediately purchase that book. If anything will help you understand how girls work, that book will be the one.

    In essence:

    The majority of girls want to be dominated. They want a man (or men) to control them in bed. It's a subprimal instinct. Don't argue with this. So knowing what you're doing is VERY important.

    Society programmed girls to be good. She’s not slutty nor she’s a whore. So anything crazy you want to do, you have to initiate. Otherwise, if she was to initiate kinky sex, she’d come off as slut. Which is bad. But if you started it, then it’s “not her fault”. Most of the time they would quietly let you fuck them missionary while craving to be pounded doggy style in the ass. Why? Because, "She's not that kind of girl" but if she initiates the act she might come off as one...if of course, you're not ok with it. (fear of sexual rejection) But if you do it, "it's not her fault" and it also opens up her mind that you're OK with all those stuff.

    Good analogy of women wanting rough good sex. It's like asking your parents for a large sum of money. You really don't want to do it, you try to avoid it, and you try to figure out your own way before you have to come down to that. If you do, you will never hear the end of “how immature and not independent you are”. However, if your dad calls you and says "Son, I am giving you $10,000 just because", especially, when you need it would you feel excited?!

    In the everyday world, women face a lot of challenges and frustrations. However, when they get back to their boyfriends, in the evening, they want to let that frustration out. And nothing lets frustration out like a good fucking. They don't want to do any work, they just want to live in a orgasmic fantasy land for several minutes (or hours).

    Women have VERY vivid imagination. Unlike men, they want to feel stimulated on many aspects: emotionally, physically, intellectually, and physiologically.

    Emotionally: she wants to feel connected and close to you. Not the sappy "baby we are one" connection, but a connection where her mind feels a rush of feelings she cannot describe, usually towards you. I think Braddock wrote a good post explaining “love” and chemicals. This is it.

    Physically: no brainer, but she wants to feel body touching, her nipples played with, her clit massaged, her stomach kissed, her neck bitten, her hair pulled, her ass slapped and fingered, her pussy deeply penetrated, her arms held (up and behind her head), your body on hers, etc. The more stimulation at once the more excited she will be. That’s why some women LOVE nipple clamps and other “toys”

    Intellectually: she wants to imagine things when she's getting fucked. She wants to engage her creativity and pretend you two are fucking on the Eiffel Tower, or in the woods, or on the roof of the building, she might even pretend Johnny Depp is fucking her, or she might want to fantasize that she's a hooker and getting banged in the alley. I am being serious. Read Nancy Friday’s book. Some girl may have fantasies about getting fucked by entire Miami Dolphins football team in the locker room. It’s just a fantasy, so chill.

    I had a girl that pretended she was my mistress and I was cheating on my wife with her (I am not married). Some of the "fantasies" are out there, but it's ONLY PRETEND, ok!?

    Physiologically: she wants to smell you. She wants to hear you whisper in her ear. She wants you to talk to her. She wants to feel her hormones drive her crazy. She wants to feel her orgasm.

    All of those feelings are her biology.

    Men have those feelings too. But, we, mostly, focus on physical and sometimes intellectual ones. Because we fantasize about shit and we like when that shit touches us. Rarely we think of emotional connection nor do we smell her or like her talking to us. At least we haven't discovered that those stimulations exist.

    Let's play out some common fantasies most women find arousing.

    - School girl and teacher - cliche, but fun to play. Good for beginners.

    - French maid / cleaning girl - another cliche but again fun to play out. You can even tell your girlfriend "baby, I want you to clean around the house topless with no panties on in a skirt... and you might need to clean something else too afterwards " be playful but sound serious.
    Some good lines to use during or after or before:
    "you look so hot when you bend over"
    "why don't you come over here....i want you to pick this up" drop something
    "good girl...that's right...bend down ... right here..between my knees..i think you deserve a break from cleaning...and a little reward"

    While she's cleaning, come from behind her, and violate her by finger her pussy and ass (if you're on that level).

    - Stranger in the house - this is good for couples that have been experimenting with roleplay and want something new. Tell her to get naked and blind fold herself and leave the door open (right before you arrive). Walk into the door and head straight to the bedroom. If she starts talking "shhh" her not say a word. "Anonymity" is the kick of this fantasy. Slowly caress her as you undress yourself. (Just unzip your pants and pull them down). ...get her wet and bothered. Keep shushing her so she doesn't talk. Girls like control. Remember, it's play only. Start fucking her... (this can escalate into something else). Make her cum. Cum all over her and leave the room. Go to the other room or something.

    - Strip tease / lap dance - Self explanatory. But you may need to tell her what you want. Sometimes it works best after you bought her something nice, like flowers. Say “now baby, i want you to do something for me.... I want you to striptease dance” plan an evening for it, bring wine/champagne and put down good music.
    Stock lines:
    "you look so hot when you swing your hips like this"
    "why don't you come over her and show me this juicy pussy of yours"
    "bend over....and shake it for me... i love it..."
    "do i get a private lap dance?"

    This fantasy is good for fun, that will naturally lead into sex... but you can put a spin in it with "you're not supposed to be doing this with your customers...don't you?"
    and "what happens in the champagne room? " take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

    - Prostitute / Hooker - not something for new guys. But she wants to walk down the street, and you pick her up, take her to a motel and fuck her on the bed. You really have to use your imagination on this one. And something you should discuss with her. Don't tell her to be your hooker. Say "I think it would be soo fucking hot if we pretended that you're a high class prostitute and I was your client" Some girls might not like this fantasy, some would love it. If she's into this, play the part, do the role:
    What such a good looking girl doing walking all by herself tonight?
    Do you randomly get into strangers cars like this? (finger her pussy)
    I know just the place.
    (this fantasy is amplified 100folds if it's in cheap motel)
    (she can also give you blow job in the parking lot)

    - Virgin - some girls like to pretend they are virgins. You can teach her how to please you. You REALLY have to know what you're doing, because she will pretend she doesn't. You can ask her sometime during normal conversation: "I like how we play ..I like pretending with you...when we do things to each other. I want to teach you how to please me...and you will be my virgin student. you will be innocent and wear what I will tell you...and I will show you how I like you on me"
    -You are such a good student
    -You're doing so well... take that cock in...stretch that virgin pussy/asshole/mouth
    -Your pussy is dripping like you never had cock before...i cannot wait to break you in
    -You look so innocent with your legs spread for me
    let me help you with that.... you're a good girl aren't you? never had a dick in your mouth??
    - Do your friends/parents know you're having sex with strange boys?
    - You can't take that dick inside of you're too tight...your pussy needs to be stretched
    - your moaning is soo hot, you are soo innocent and yet you're so sexy..i love stretching your tight hole.. you squeeze my cock good

    - Slave (sex slave) - this is for more hardcore guys. You can tie her up and put a leash on her. She will act like your sex slave. She's there for your pleasure. She will do anything you want her to. THIS IS for certain types of girls and certain types of relationships. DO NOT try to go from vanilla sex to this shit. You will "freak her out".
    -"You will be my little toy girl cunt tonight"
    -I will fuck you as i please when i please, you are here to serve me, do you understand?
    - spread your legs like a good slut, let me look at your pussy
    - good girl, now come here and suck this cock
    - Chock on it and slobber all over it like it's the last cock you suck
    - You like getting fucked in your mouth don't you, you little broad?
    - Bend your ass over this couch...that's spread your ass cheeks and take this dick like a slut you are. good sex slave...please me with your tight ass/pussy
    - you're here for my pleasure, only for my pleasure, i don't give a shit if you cum. i am using you to get off
    - you want your mouth covered in my hot cum? like a good cum slut?
    - swallow this ..everything until you choke...don't let a single drop out. understand?

    - Rape and Struggle fantasy - be careful with this one, and it's best to discuss with the girl sometimes before you do it. Then don't try to do it for a week. But make sure there are no bad memories. I would be VERY careful with this one. MAKE sure she has nothing bad happened to her in childhood or in life that may trigger deja vue. Again some dirty lines to use:
    "shut up you little cunt, you're getting fuck whether you want it or not"
    - you are too tight, but i don't care, i will force myself like that huh?
    - you take it all, good girl good shut your slutty mouth and take it...get fucked...good girl... you deserve this dick inside of you
    - oh what is that, hurts? this will hurt even more"

    You can be pretty rough in this fantasy, of course, if she likes it. It would be even hotter if she could try to escape, struggle or run away. Some girls enjoy being gagged with duct tape or something wrapped around their mouth. maybe tie her to a bed post or tie her hands together....
    Ripping her clothes off or apart magnifies this fantasy 100folds. But make sure it's nothing nice. Also getting her partially naked is better than undressing her. Pulling her pants down and keeping shirt on really plays on the fantasy. Also "raping" her on the stairs or in unusual places is more exciting.
    BUT REMEMBER: rape is a crime. If she wants you to stop (SAFE WORD) stop.

    - ANYTHING with blind fold and cuffs - again, this falls into the more serious category of play, but do not go for this right away. Introduce sex play one thing at a time.

    blind fold is actually fun. In threesomes, or in group sex. But it can be used in regular sex. Often you can combine blind fold with other toys, like dildo, nipple clamp, vibrator, butt plug. etc.

    There are a couple rules for guys.

    Create a story. Once I dated a freaky girl and at some point in the relationships most of our sex was in form of some theatrical role-play. . Almost every time I had sex with my girlfriends we had some kind of sexy story behind it. So if you want her to get fucked bent over the couch, create a story how she's a naughty maid and she didn't clean the dishes after dinner and now she needs to be punished.

    TALK ABOUT THOSE THINGS not when you're about to have sex. Do it during normal conversations about "us" (you two).

    ALWAYS use "It would be soo hot if…" - remember all this shit is pretend. You play with her. You do not bring this into real life. But you talk about it during real life, when something triggers discussion, and you FRAME IT as play and only play.

    BALANCE HOW YOU TREAT HER - do not just have disgraceful sex with her all the time. It's addictive, I know. But sometimes "make love to her" her that it's ONLY play and you really appreciate her as a woman and as a person. Reassurance that you can return to ‘normal’ state after kinky sex will make her feel comfortable to engage in more kinky play. If she’s staying at your place, wake her up the next morning with you gently massaging her lower back, legs etc, in a sensual, but non-sexual way. Keep in mind you HAVE to appreciate her feminine side. Buy her flowers occasionally, show her how much you adore her, cook for her, or make her feel cared for. She will open up even faster to you.

    FEEDBACK IS EVERYTHING - I ALWAYS talk to her several hours after we both cum (if we have energy) I always say "oh my god baby you were sooo hot when you did ____ and I almost came when you did ____" ALWAYS give positive feedback. NEVER criticize. She will tell you things she likes. This will guide you what kind of girl she is.

    If she doesn't feel comfortable with what you're doing, step back. Move in slowly. If she feels awkward pretending to be a "naughty french maid” then she's probably self conscious. Take her out dancing, for few drinks, after, she will have an easier time letting go and talking naughty.

    Literotica - 100% free sex stories, erotic audio, adult fiction with wifeslut, bdsm, etc! is a good resource for ideas: they have a bunch of free stories. READ them. I know, I know, boring shit, but most are (ones written by women) a good indication of what women find hot. You would be surprised.It's often NOT what guys typically find arousing or think would be arousing to a woman.

    NEVER tell her or your friends about this shit


    Dirty Talk


    I did most of the introduction already, but here is how to get started.

    ALWAYS start small.

    You always have to go first and start by talking to her during sex.

    If you don't know what to say, start by commenting on what you're going to do to her.
    "I am going to kiss you slow...start with your neck...go down your chest, to your tits... to your nipples...lick them a little bit" (do as you say)

    "I am going to suck on your nipple, then lick it and bite it. You look sooo hot laying down here like this"

    Or if you're during the act, make comments on what you are enjoying:

    "I love fucking you like look soo hot when your tits bounce up and down"

    (NOTE: do not use "boobies" or "kitty" or "butt" or anything cute in bed. Repeat these words after me: she has a pussy, not a vagina, and she has tits, her nipples are hard when she sees your big dick. Her asshole is tight for your long cock. Her mouth is there to suck your shaft and your head. Her tongue will lick your balls.
    No penises. No vaginas. No anus. Those words are NOT sexy or dominant

    Also do not be afraid to use the words: slut, whore, broad, cunt but *IN THE RIGHT CONTEXT*. I WILL EXPLAIN

    Also tell her "your lips are so sexy, they will look so hot around my hard dick."

    Some other words to use:
    "You look so naughty and sexy on your knees. Your mouth works soo good up and down my dick"
    "When you get fucked liked this, you are soo make me wanna cum"

    ASK HER questions.

    "Do you like to get fucked by me?"

    She will be forced to talk.

    "When I fuck your tight pussy how does it feel...?"

    she might be apprehensive to talk at first, but keep fucking her, she will talk.

    "when you're on top of me like this...I want you to tell me how much you want my dick deep inside of your tight little pussy?”


    Lean in and whisper in her ear: "when i am soo close to you and I am soo deep inside of you, i want to fill your pussy up with my hot cum...would you like that?" (even though you don't or won't and SHOULD NOT, it's OK to pretend)

    "your pussy wraps my cock so tight, your legs feel so good around my body, my breathing down your neck gives you chills, my wet tongue licking your ear..." gently lick her ear and blow at it (not in it) "you look soo hot under me.."

    When you're fucking her doggy style grab her hair close to the roots and gently pull her head towards you and lean in towards her ear and whisper "When you're getting pounded doggy style i keep looking at how sexy you look, it makes me want to go deeper and deeper into your tight pussy...feel up on your tits (grab her tits) and push myself even further into you"

    Those few innocent talks should get you warmed up.

    Here are some hardcore lines to use. Keep in mind if you are doing rough sex, keep the sex talk rough. If you're doing play sex, keep sex talk play. Mix-matching both will create confusion. If you're fucking her like a dirty sex slave, calling her "honey bunny" or "baby sweets" or "little angel" isn't really appropriate.

    But if you're doing virgin girl role play, or "innocent student willing to do anything for a good grade" fantasy, calling her "cum slut" and "useless fuckhole slut" wouldn't be appropriate here, but "you're good innocent girl" and "you only doing this for good grades" and "you're bad, nice girl like you shouldn't be taking this hard cock inside of her" may be more appropriate.

    Some other lines:
    'is my whores cunt wet for my hard cock? '
    'do you like how your clit feels rubbing the base of my cock as I fuck you hard ?'
    'what will you do to please your master?'
    ' is my little fuck-toy ready to be played with? '

    Kelly or I can cover more hardcore roleplay stuff if you're interested, i will post in this thread.

    This may be not for everyone, but it should get the ball rolling.

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    This is a good post Truestory and Kelly_Monaco. I enjoyed it when I read it the first time...and seeing it again is like a refresher. Way to go.

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    good post

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    Without a doubt, the best guide I've read (perhaps only) on Dirty Talk.

    Bang up job, you two.

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    Great post!

    Here's another fantasy you can add to the list:

    Getting picked up at a club fantasy:
    Show up at the same club as your gf, approach her, and pick her up like she's a stranger. Proceed to get her a drink, dance with her, make out with her, and take her home for some wild raging sex. What makes this sexy is that other people see you approach, and as far as they're concerned, you're the stud who just picked up a chick at the club, and she feels extra attraction towards you. In addition, she's doing something naughty (going home with a guy she "just met"), which plays a little bit on the slut fantasy.

    Dirty talk that goes with it:
    "What's a sexy girl like you doing in the club all by herself?"
    "Come here and grind against my cock...good girl."
    "Look at that guy eying you..I bet he's jealous that I have you rubbing against my cock right now."
    "Look what you did you bad girl, you got my cock all hard in the middle of the club...what are you gonna do about it?"
    "I'm gonna take you home, strip off that little dress of yours, and fuck your little pussy till you're screaming my name for the world to hear."

    Proceed to take her home and have some of the best sex of your life



  6. #6

    Good post, Daniel Rose's book "Sex God Method" explains these things pretty well also.

  7. #7

    "make that cock cum baby"

    a magical line i got from someone on this site

  8. #8

    wooo wooo, good post.

  9. Let me add one thing that helps me to get a girl comfortable with talking dirty. I live in an multi-lingual area and when my girl doesn't feel comfortable talking dirty to me I ask her to do it in an language I don't understand (it is often the case that she knows at least one language I don't).
    I let her talk dirty without wanting to know what she actually said. The next time we have Sex, after she is comfortable talking dirty to me I can start to ask what such and such means and step by step get her transition in a language we both know.

  10. Classic post, and thanks HugeGrant for bringing it to the top.

    I'll add one thing, some girls when you are making them feel submissive like to call their man "Master" or "Daddy" as part of the dirty talk, especially if you are generally dominant in real life. She might say "Can I call you Daddy?" and then you know what you are dealing with.

    It's also good if all your dirty talk makes your girl 'vocalise' in dirty talk herself when she is close to orgasm, for example instead of "uh uh uh uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uuuuhhh" she is going "Fuck fuck fuck" or "Your cock ... my pussy ... fuck" etc, this can help her to have a really strong orgasm. Presumably all your filthy talk and quality pounding are swirling around in her head to make an extremely sexy cocktail.

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