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I know this may seem like a dumb question but how do you start out teasing women, I am at a loss and feel I am missing out on a big tool, any help would be appreciated


You can tease by over exagerrating things, mis-interpretating humour, disqualifying, teasing her on general things such as hair colour or where she’s from.

E.g. (Credit Braddock for these)

If she’s got big tits, I’d say ‘You’re cute but I’m not into girls with small tits’

If she’s got blonde hair ‘Sucks you aren’t brunette otherwise I’d be all over you’

Mis-interpret something she said, so you ask a question ‘Cats or dogs?’, she says ‘Cats’ and you mis-interpret her and say ‘Dogs? Oh that sucks, I was just starting to like you…’, half pretend to walk away then smile to make it obvious you were joking

If she’s from the mid-west, I’d say something like ‘So where you did you park your horse & cart? That 3 day trek must have been a killer!’

Remember with teasing, tease the general and qualify the specific early on in the interaction.



hey man, tried that Midwest tease again, worked well, not sure what happened the first time, I had one other question, I have some really good fireifghting stories, and usually It comes up especially in social circle so people ask about stuff that has happened, How do I bring up a firefighting story/ make it relevant if no one asks about it or brings it up? I know it will com up possibly I am a firefighter in cold approach but this is jsut in gneneral in any situation when no one asks about it.


Cool sometimes it’s just different girls respond differently to different things. Good to hear it worked 2nd time round! Remember, like anything with game, if you try something once and it gets a bad response, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, field test it 20 times and see. It could be the next 19 responses you get are good! But if something doesn’t hit often, it’s either not worth using, or you’re playing it off wrong. Just something to be aware of.

Be too long to post on here, but something brief is to drop ‘easter eggs’ (From the Social Circle Mastery Seminar by Mr M & Braddock) for people to comment on. So you might say something like ‘That reminds me of the feeling I got that time I rescued someone’ as a basic example. Then if someone comments on it, boom you go int your story, but if not, you leave it and move on otherwise it will look like you’re bragging.


Hey, i dont know if you could help me understand this, but im kind of seeing this nice girl. On thursday and saturday i was having fun with her, and we made out, and were just chillin out at her place with some friends after a party(saturday). I was there the whole night, with her sleeping in my arms. when i woke up the day after, i got home to my place, took a shower and went to a buddy of mine for some hours.

After a while(sunday) i did the stupidest thing.. i sent her a sms asking her if she wanted to watch a movie at my place or something. she said she couldnt cause some friends of her was at her place or something like that. I said it was totally ok, but i havent heart from her since sunday evening. I know its not a long time(tuesday now) but we had a good connection, and shes goin on vacation on wedensday, so i find it hard to accept. You know why its like that? I know girls analyse every little thing we men do, and i think i pull the alpha male part off pretty ok, so i cant see why i shouldnt be interesting for her now.. Thx for reply


Hey man,

Don't worry about it, you're thinking into it too much. You need to have abundance mentality with girls, i.e. have the mentality of someone who has 100 girls on the go, no 1 girls alone would bother someone who has an abundance with women.

If she's going on vacation there's not much you can do. Just send her an sms saying something like -

'Bon voyage punk Bring me back something nice'

If you made out with her then next time you see her just assume it's on and be cool.



what are your personal thoughts and ideas about game or pickup? theres almost too much stuff and methods out there and too little people actually going out and doing it.

also, do you have a certain style of game that you use?

The way I look at it is I listen to the guys that are getting the sorts of results I wanna get. For example Braddock, Mr. M & DaHunter are guys that are pulling the quality girls that I am looking to pull, and so I learn the majority from them. That doesn't mean don't learn from anyone else, but a saying from the Inner Game seminar with Braddock & Mr. M -

'Don't take advice from someone that isn't living the life you want to live'

In other words, if someone is teaching game, but they aren't pulling the girls you want to pull, then you don't want to be learning from them. There's so much learning material out there, so I recommend focusing on the guys that are getting the sort of results you want!

I'm living in Los Angeles at the moment and specialise in:

- Day & Night Game
- Same Night Lays
- Advanced Attraction
- Teasing & Push Pull
- Sexualising & more

If you're interested in a one on one with me you can go to and use the contact form on there!

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