I'm having a hard time from getting off in sex
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    I'm having a hard time from getting off in sex

    No pun intended

    I just took my girls virginity and she is asian and has a small little vagina and while I'm not Ron Jeremy I have a solid 6 inches and change which sometimes is a bit too big for her.

    I understand her puss will over time get used to my size but in the mean time Im having a hard time busting a nut from fucking her.

    I think the issue is part psychological (I just started having sex with her and took her virginity so we need to get comfortable with having sex) and part positional. So far I've only had sex with her from on top. I dont feel it as well from there. When I fucked her doggy she liked it a lot more but couldnt take it because again her puss was unable to handle all of me being shoved into her that fast. I liked that and felt like I could of busted from it.

    We've only had sex 5 or 6 times since I only took her virginity not very long ago at all.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me.

    I feel that I am
    1. too concerned about pleasuring her and not relaxed
    2. unable to feel it that good from ontop of her

  2. Perhaps try you on top of her with her stomach facing down... Sometimes your little one wont go in as far.

    Are you using enough lube also? Can also be hard if she's not 100% into it and wet for a bloke to get off!

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    We havent bought lube but I will I kinda just figured that I would make her wet enough. Which I do to a degree but still I'm hitting up the store for some KY this week when I see her.

    Also one huge problem that I think could also be the issue is jacking off. I think that I am going to stop jacking off the entire week before now.

  4. Believe me I always thought I was good enough to not need lube. Then I used it and WOAH. I was wrong, and missing out!

    And yeah, I would advise against having a tug on the same day you intend to plug away!

  5. i have the same problem. i think you become so sensitized to that feeling that sex takes a bit of getting used to. there are a few tips on various other threads if u have a search which help.
    i think generally u just have to try and forget about trying to cum and just try to enjoy the feeling.

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