My GF can't live without me... confused.
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    My GF can't live without me... confused.


    I'm in a relationship with my GF for 7 months now...
    She's my dream girl and I entered the relationship with her because she was something special... I had a lot girl in my life and I decided to be a relationship guy, because I wanted to try something new instead of being a successful player. I really was successful with girls before I entered the relationship.

    Anyways, she's deeply in love with me, and she can't live with me or without me...

    Long story short, she broke up and came back on the same day... put her ego aside and told me she can't live with me, she was crying like crazy before we talked on the phone and while we talked on the phone she started to cry again... she begged. She said "I'm begging you, please..."
    I told her to stop and that I can't take this relationship no more... Just can't... I told her on the last weekend I'm really into my career right now and that this week is gonna be rough and I'm not gonna be the BF she use to know because I don't have time to handle the relationship and I'm gonna be very busy. She understood, and said that she'll wait as long as she has to...
    After two days she can't continue... she wants a break because she can't stand the feeling of "waiting" for me to call or send a message...
    (I'm sending and calling once\twice a day... that's the problem, it makes her think I'm gonna call more!)

    I told her it's gonna be that way... anyways, I told her it's not an option, and that she can wait or break up if she can't keep up.
    She broke up with me... and came back after a few hours, putted her ego aside and told me she can't do it, she can't live with me or without me, she love me more than anything and begged me... she said "I'm begging you... please" three times... that's how strong her love is...

    I can't handle the relationship, but I told her it's ok and that I'll stay with her and told her that she has to understand that it's for us.

    Let me tell you the truth... I'm confused and I don't know if I really want this relationship... she's my dream girl but I can't continue..
    I love her so much.. I don't want to hurt her... I told her we're staying because I don't want to hurt her and I don't want to make her suffer in the relationship at the same time... either way it's not healthy to her, she's way too in love with me and it's not good at all.

    I want to end it and I don't want to hurt her... help?

  2. It would seem to me, she has a lot of anxiety about you vanishing or something. Also, I would bet she wants your constant presence through calls and texts to be reminded you exist. It really doesn't help with the fear of it being over. In fact, it makes it worse. The worse thing she does to herself is dump you and then try to get you back. If you really want to see something, disappear for a couple days. This might be hard to grasp, she has very strong feelings for you probably because you are hitting all the right buttons, however those buttons were there long before you. You might want to check out HSP and see if it fits. The truth is, one day the relationship will end. Even if it is for life, life comes to an end. My advice is why not enjoy being with her. Obviously you are getting something out of being with her.

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    Why do you like this kind of drama?

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    Guys, this thread is from 2009. I'm sure the issue has been resolved by now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Korry View Post
    I want to end it and I don't want to hurt her... help?
    It's not possible to do that.

    Either get your act together and break-up with her or keep her around even longer and further the stress on her end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRogue View Post
    Guys, this thread is from 2009. I'm sure the issue has been resolved by now.

    Wow, I didn't even realize that. Why do such old threads keep popping back up? God damn.

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