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    whimsy77 Travel, Rock Climbing, Dreams, Science, Teach

    I know my main pic is a little weak. But I honestly don't think I currently have anything better. This will of course change.

    The whole thing seems a little short to me. I've stolen mercilessly, but it's all true and personalised.

  2. I like. Itís got humor, itís witty, and itís got a qualifying statement.

    Sometimes shorter is better than a long, drawn out profile.

    Good luck with it.

  3. OK, I've reworked it to flow better so it feels more 'real'. I don't think the wording is quite prefect, but it's OK. I've also added 3 photos.

    My only concern now is my main pic......

  4. #4

    Yeah I think your profile is pretty good but your main profile pic scares me. You kind of look like a janitor who is secretly a serial killer...

    ... not really sure why I got that impression but at first glance it's what I thought of.

    Not sure if I like the qualifier, but otherwise the profile is good.

    One thing though:

    We go cloud gazing and see shapes that remind us of our childhood - and that night's winning lotto numbers. We'll both win and get so caught up in the excitement that we hire a jumping castle, have an absolute blast, and you look at me with big doe eyes... but beat me up for looking at another woman

    I'd suggest the date idea look a bit more like that; it flows better. I'd also change the "looking at another woman" thing to something more playful and less you looking at other women when you're out with her. Women hate that. It's not bad though.

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