Where To Meet Single Milf and Cougars
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  1. Where To Meet Single Milf and Cougars

    I have been out day gaming when I came to the realization that most MILF and cougars are married. I don't like bars. Where is the best places to find single MILF and cougars? What types of activities are they interested in?

    Thanks for the replies.

  2. LOL u sneaky little tiger
    no clue man, but good luck milfhunta

  3. Most of my kills had been from the supermarket or Walmart.

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    Online dating. There are a ton of MILFs on dating websites.

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    Yahoo personals, Plentyoffish.com
    stay away from truth.com and adultfriendfinder or eharmony.
    If you have time you can surf around Myspace and Facebook and randomly chat up hot ladies and get varied results. The trick is that women doing the "online dating" thing are often somewhat introverted (don't go out much) and they are sitting at home waiting for something interesting to happen. The term "fish in a barrel" has occured to me more than once. But that starts to cross into the rarely covers "Internet Game" realm which is a topic for another time.

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    Plenty of Fish is a MILF playland. The amount and quality of tail on there is amazing. Put up a halfway decent picture, have decent phone game and clear your calendar. Just allow yourself some time, 'cause you're gonna be BUSY.


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    Carnival cuises is hosting a "cougar" cruise... no joke

    International Cougar Cruise

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    I don't know where your from, but around here ANY tourist bar is a must

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    I have just spent the last 2 or 3 hours on plentyoffish. That appears to be an excellent tip Muggzy! Thanks! I already got a response from one Thai girl.

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    Ya dude, the beauty of those Internet dating sites is that if you have a lick of brains and can communicate via emails and use a spell checker, you can DEPEND on the rest of the idiot men out there on the Intertubes to make you look 4X better than you may actually be at verbal game.
    I have heard so many stories of how women get flooded by literally 100+ contacts within days of signing up and so many are greasy ignorant scumbags wanting to send pics of their junk that any guy that can carry on a convo stands out big time. GL and have fun, the internet can make a PUA/Playa of anyone ;-).

    Just watch out for any chicks that never smile in their pics (bad teeth), or all the pics are from above while they look up ("myspace angle" to hide a wide body).

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