FR: My First Number Close: Daygame Rocks
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    FR: My First Number Close: Daygame Rocks

    I'm excited to write this field report as this is my first real number close.
    Lately I've been focusing more on day game inspired by Soul and Sinn.

    This is my first real number close after knowing about game. Although I've been reading about it a lot but this was the first time. I was feeling lot more confident.

    I was a waiting for a class and talking to a friend of mine when this girl HB 6.5 comes and sits next to the chair next to me (my friend and I were facing each other). I was talking about some random stuff with my friend when she took out some hand held gaming device and started playing with it.

    Me: Is that a gaming device
    HB: Yeah it is a Nintendo whatever
    Me: Wow is it from 1980s or something. I mean these days uses ipod touches/iphones for hand held gaming right?
    HB: blah blah blah!!!
    We talked a bit about gaming (I wanted to transition away from the opening topic of gaming as soon as possible but I could not think about anything)

    I then started talking to my friend about how he should be going out on weekend to some art tour thing and not stay home etc.

    Then she suddenly talks about some play which she is part of (not as an actress)
    Me: are you acting in that play? You do look like an actress
    She: No but in my high school I used to act. I used to get male lead roles since I was the tallest and few female roles as well and so on.
    I think we talked a bit about some more random stuff and the play which she was part of. I then asked her name and told her mine (not sure if I should have done that but did it anyway since I'm starting to open sets)

    Then I was about to leave for the class and I casually told her to give me her number walking away and saying that I'm about to leave so I can text her about the play. I think I had built some comfort at this point so she gave me her number. I was pretty excited since this was totally random and I was not expecting this and this was first time for me.

    But it was fun all the way. I was smiling and making jokes and I guess I was quite confident. A part of this was also to show my friend that its actually possible and easy to talk to girls like that.

    I need to practice with more routines and material so that I can keep the conversation interesting and transition away from the opening topic.

    I think I'll text her tomorrow or day after may be and meanwhile learn a bit about the text game as well. At this point I'm not sure what and how to text her and I don't wanna talk about the play for sure. Any help her would be appreciated.

    Next time I'll try to recall more specific details.

    Any suggestions and comments are most welcomed.

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    I think during day game you can ask for their name. But I'm not positive on that one.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JIron View Post
    I think during day game you can ask for their name. But I'm not positive on that one.
    I think you can ask for their name whenever you feel like it

    If I go direct during day game I usually ask for their name within the first 10-15 seconds. If I go indirect I'll usually say 'I didn't catch your name?' somewhere around the time they are showing interest or I've got them hooked.

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    Thanks for the input guys
    That was helpful

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