met a girl (with bf) at a party.. facebook closed.. what next??
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  1. met a girl (with bf) at a party.. facebook closed.. what next??

    met a girl at a party.. HB10 i would say.

    She came with her boyfriend. We exchanged glances when I enter to the house but we didn't actually talk anything.

    However, as the party goes on, yet we exchanged more glances. I then went to the kitchen to get myself another drink and guess what, she followed me to the kitchen. She hang around my proximity. We still didn't talk anything yet. Then my friend pull out his camera and give a "singal" to take photo. She then immediately lean on my shoulder to pose. So being me, I put my arm around her. Then we took a picture.

    After that we did small talk (names etc). Then I got her facebook closed.

    The next day, she added me on Facebook before I even add her!

    Could some experienced players please analyze the situation and let me know how to go next???

    Many Thanks!!

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    Are you sure the guy with her was her boyfriend? Does it say "in a relationship" on her FB?

    She may have found you attractive for whatever reason and wanted to put you into her social network in case things go bad with the bf. Or she may have simply been nice and wanted to get to know everyone at the party. Did she add a lot of people as friends afterward?

    I wouldn't draw any conclusions about her intentions yet. You can make some small talk on facebook and feel her out. Maybe things with the bf are going south and she wants someone new, or she could make a good wing and hook you up with her hot friends.


  3. Yes, she has "In Relationship" with "that guy" on her FB.

    Also she didn't take photo with anyone except me at the party..

    I think you're right in saying that "put you into her social network in case things go bad with the bf"

    I think that might just be it for now. How do I interact with her so that she would not stop seeing me as a potential sexual partner?

    Thanks again!

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    its totally clear she is into you. But she is also in a relationship. I am not gonna be a moral judge here. However talk to her on FB for a bit, you know those platonic topics, yet hitting attraction spikes to keep the attraction level. And slowly transition your questions to how further down in the relationship they are.

    if she was doing what she was doing, My guess is they arent dating long enough. My best bet would be 3 months tops. In that case just step on the gas pedal and ask her out for an event, or for some fun activity.

    If she is in a medium/long term relationship say 1 year atleast, you have to be discrete about this whole situation, since it will hurt someone in the process at some point.

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