LTR Ex GF of 3 years.. I want her back.
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  1. LTR Ex GF of 3 years.. I want her back.

    For the sake of this story I will call my ex Tiffany.

    Tiffany and I were bf and gf for 3 years and were even talking about marriage for a while. In the last year of the relationship I got her pregnant and we agreed that an abortion would be the best course of action (we were 23). Not long after the abortion experience, our relationship got really rocky and we broke up. It has been about 8-12 months now since I have spoke to her or anything and I am started to think about her more and more. I miss her.

    I e-mailed her a few days ago and ask her how she was doing and if she was happy. She texted me saying "I can't forgive myself for what we did".

    For the past few days we have been texting each other and talking about the whole abortion experience. It seems like she is blaming me for it. We were supposed to hang out the other day but at the last minute she said she had to have dinner with her parents.

    What should I do if I want to get her back?

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    Has she seen a therapist about this? Abortion can be an extremely traumatic experience for a woman...most are never the same after that. If she hasn't talked to someone about it, she should.

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  3. I just talked to her and she says she is seeing a therapist already. She also said that she wants to see me on monday. What should I say to her?

  4. Just be understanding with her that still has regrets. Sympathize with her that you also felt bad but you both mutually decided it would be for the best. If she's placing the blame entirely on you that is unfair, but she might do this in order to rationalize the decision as her not having a choice. Just remember to recognize her emotions over logic, and stay strong for her.

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    Damn thats a tough time right there. Why is she blaming you for it? I have a friend whos kinda going through the same situation right now. Just be there for her and be a good friend for now and hopefully it'l lead it better things. Show her how much you care. Keep us updated im interested to see how this works out.

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