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    Hey I'm looking for a good casual sweatshirt to wear around campus this fall. Was checking out some links and found this:
    Black Lined Zip Thru Hoodie - Plain Hoodies & Zips - Mens Hoodies & Zips - Burton

    Unfortunately I live in the U.S. not Britain so that specific company isn't an option. Anyone seen anything similar to that sweatshirt in stores or online? -- I'm looking for minimal logos and no American Eagle/ Abercrombie/ Holister/ Aeropostale.


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    Personally, too generic for my tastes however this is about you, so rock on.

    Off top of my head, Banana Republic, Gap, American Apparel, and Zara come to mind. Check out their sites, let me know if that helps.

    Oh and I to hate any article of clothing promoting the company's name in a huge, obnoxious way. I want to wear something because it's something I can relate to (regarding a graphic on a tee) or that suits me right. Not because it has company "X's" logo going across the chest. They can give me a check first before I decide to promote em.

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    American Apparel.. but be forewarned: you'll see 100 other people wearing the same thing. But it's bright and comfy, and a great fit.

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