Fader Bootcamp - NYC, October 2009
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    Fader Bootcamp - NYC, October 2009

    So I would guess that most instructors ask you to review their bootcamps afterwords. In Fader's case, he doesn't need to ask, you just feel the need to tell others why they must go to a bootcamp. Not only for picking up women by the way.

    Is it worth the money? There is no question that it is. Having gone through the workshop, I know that if I paid twice as much as I did, I would still think it is worth it.

    What is my overall impression of the workshop? The atmosphere of the workshop was the kind that breeds success, not just in pickup, but in anything that you do. The attitude given off by Fader and the ideals and ideas that he imparts are so positive and yet so grounded in reality that you will be stunned everyday by the words he is speaking and then even more stunned when he proves what he is saying.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that the workshop I attended was the kind of experience that changes peoples lives.

    It is very clear from day one that Fader is the type of person that goes far beyond what is required of him at these workshops. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Fader is in this for far more than the money. He cares for his students, and does whatever it takes to get them to succeed.

    I won't go into details about the workshop itself, with two exceptions.

    First, the program is designed to create long term success for the student with women, and the impact it has on you is immediate and obvious. I know for a fact that if I follow what was painstakingly laid out for me at the bootcamp (and I fully intend to), then I will have the type of success with women that most men don't even see as a reality.

    Second, the bootcamp shows you much more than how to be successful with women. A large part of it is about inner game. This is what will bring success with women in the long run, and is much more than some lines that attract women. It is also what will bring you success in the long run with your career, family, whatever you choose to pursue.

    I have recommended Fader's workshop to multiple friends already, and I am sure I will recommend it to many more.

    I don't care how successful you are with women or in life. It is worth your time and money to go to one of these bootcamps. I recommend Fader.

    -Big Mecklin

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    Fader Bootcamp-New York City, October 2009

    Weíre all on some kind of journey. For me, I had just come out of a miserable, emotionally abusive seven-year, on-again, off-again relationship.

    It quite frankly took the piss out of me.

    Like many of you, I was a bit leery of not just the Bootcamps, but the underlying philosophy of pick-up/Love Systems. I had flirted with the idea of doing a Bootcamp several times, then chickened out at the last minute out of embarrassment or skepticism. Finally, I decided, enough is enough. I needed a substantial kick in the ass to get out there and meet new women.

    While Iíve always had decent success with women (lots of sexual partners, cute girlfriends), Iíve had this nagging feeling that I was allowing strong-willed women to choose me, rather than consciously pursue the women that I was interested in. Through the Bootcamp process, it also became clear that my fear of starting over kept me hopelessly stuck in this dead-end relationship.

    Sound familiar, guys?

    Thereís a reason I chose to reveal some of my own struggles hereó because Fader started off the Bootcamp doing just that. He courageously shared with us his challenges, painting a vivid picture of his own long and difficult path to success with women.

    I thought this took balls.

    It would have been so much easier to walk in, all piss and vinegar, bravado and confidenceóand announce to the world that heís the Greatest PUA ever (which, by the way, he very well may be). Much tougher to candidly admit weakness and vulnerability. It made him so much more accessible, and his message that much more resonant. Because we all have something weíre struggling with, right?

    Otherwise, weíd be robots. Or Stepford Husbands.

    Onto the actual Bootcamp. As someone who has to present to, and persuade C.E.O.ís for a living, I can tell you that Fader is one of the best Iíve ever seen. Heís passionate, insanely dedicated, and genuinely cares about connecting with his audience. Heís intuitive as well, quickly sensing if someone is struggling with a particular concept. He also has the patience to help you break through any areas you may be fuzzy about. Thereís no getting around it. Bootcamp is an intense, exhausting experience. Faderís passion, personal anecdotes and razor-sharp sense of humor made hours of dense material fly by. As tired as I was on the third day, I found myself enthusiastically looking forward to learning more. Fader does this to you.

    The content is intelligent, well thought out and battle-tested.

    But no amount of lectures or at-home studying can really prepare you for seeing a true Master PUA apply these concepts in the field. Itís one thing for someone to explain how they will walk on water at Six Oíclock on a Tuesday. Itís another thing, entirely to watch him do it. Over and over again, Fader put his theories to the test, and without getting into details, letís just say there were several occasions where I had to scoop my jaw off the floor at how effective he was.

    This guy is the real deal.

    Ultimately, this material is about taking action. So I wouldnít waste your time with just the classroom portion of the Bootcamp. Until you see it for yourself, and more importantly, you are forced to apply it for yourself, it just wonít click. But for those of you concerned about money and the considerable cost of the program (and who isnít right now?), I would offer this.

    This content goes way beyond how to meet women. Fader teaches elements of social gaming theory, body language, vocal projection, and inner game that will have profound implications on the rest of your life. So donít think of it as a way to get better at meeting women. Think of it as a way to become a better worker, friend, mentor, leader, Man.

    For a guy who was really struggling with getting back in the game, Fader gave me the most valuable gift on the planet.


    And seriously. How do you put a price tag on that?

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    Fader Bootcamp - NYC, October 2009

    Although it's been over a month since the bootcamp ended, I still feel compelled to write in this space. Thus, I have the unique opportunity (albeit unintentional) to write about not only my Bootcamp experience, but also how I've fared in the weeks since.

    First off, if you expect to get laid the weekend of the Bootcamp, save your money (though I have no doubt that it's happened with others). This is meant for long-term improvement and you may get worse before you get better. But you WILL get better. Trust these guys. They know what they're doing and they teach you the stuff they use themselves, so you know it's good, e.g. Fader was showing us texts that he'd send the many women in his Rolodex and how they'd respond favorably. I digress.

    The reason I signed up for the Bootcamp was that though I was pretty decent at picking up women, I never really understood why I was successful with some and not others. I wanted that clarity so that I could consistently pick up beautiful women and know how I did it. Fader's Bootcamp definitely pointed me in the right direction.

    Before I continue, I'd just like to talk a little about Fader. As mentioned in the October NYC threads below and others from Bootcamps in other cities, he is a horse. He will work tirelessly to make sure that you are truly understanding, not just memorizing, why he's so good at what he does. He went above and beyond, giving us so much material that I could barely keep up with my laptop. I can't imagine how the guy who was taking handwritten notes the whole time was feeling! He's very sincere and genuine, and you can tell how excited he gets when he sees us succeed in-field.

    Back to my experience. I was shit the first night. I didn't know what I was doing and the things I said didn't feel natural, because they weren't at first. I was a little bummed. However, Fader stood a few feet behind me and gave me pointers about what I was doing wrong and how I could improve. Those tips were amazing. The next day, I number closed a cutie at Subway as we all went to get food. Not surprisingly, Fader was also number-closing a hottie simultaneously. The crazy part was that he approached her as she was on the phone!!

    That night, I approached an number-closed another really cute girl who came with a male friend to a birthday party. I gained acceptance from both the male friend and the rest of the group, which was a great sign. Nothing else really happened that night between the two of us because the logistics were bad for her. We maintained contact for the next few weeks but things died down eventually, which goes to show that I need to work on my text/phone game. Baby steps.

    After the Bootcamp, I returned to my regular routine (I work in the medical field). I started a new rotation on Monday, which meant meeting a bunch of new people. Out of the 18 of us, 15 were girls. Not bad. There were some pretty cute ones, but I wanted to see how successful I'd be using my new-found techniques on the hottest one. A few days passed and luckily we got off work at the same time. I asked her out to happy hour and she agreed. Afterward, I took her back to my place and we hung out till late. She slept over that night, but that was it; we were both really tired and had work the next morning. A few days later, however, she slept over again. This time, that wasn't it! Although I ran into some LMR, I honestly feel that I wouldn't have been that successful that quickly with a girl that attractive hadn't I used the techniques and concepts that I learned the weekend prior.

    As I mentioned earlier, the Bootcamp is NOT a quick-fix. You don't learn a few magic lines and then get a hot girl to sleep with you. Instead, it provides you the concepts to understand the psychology behind attracting beautiful women. It's a long-term solution that takes time to cultivate. Just like anything in life, in order to be excellent at something, you have to put in the reps. But if you have been doing something the wrong way the whole time, you'll never improve. The Bootcamp provides you with the tools to attract beautiful women the right way, but it's up to you to go out and get better.

    The reason I know that I'm equipped to approach women the right way is that I saw Fader pick up attractive women using the same techniques he taught us, e.g. Subway pick-up mentioned above, number-closed a really hot bartender that was married! In addition, he took us to a strip club the first night and as he was talking to a stripper, he'd tell us exactly what he was going to say to her next before he did. Her look was priceless!

    In the end, I'm glad I took the Bootcamp after weeks of hesitation. I know that I can confidently approach attractive women with a plan of what to say and what to say next. I'm secure with the fact that it'll take time to improve but I know I will. One of the most comforting moments during the Bootcamp was when Fader personally told me that he thought I was going to be great at pick-up after a few months in-field. Coming from someone as skilled and sincere as him, that statement went a long way. Thanks Fader.

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    This workshop was like the workshop that just wouldn't quit. We went from bar to bar to bar, to hustler (where we ran into 3 other lovesystem instructors) to pacha afterhours. I remember you guys asking me at 6:30 am if it was ok to go home lmaoooooo. I am still in touch with most of you and for the few I am not in touch with you are always welcome to holla at ur boy!

    On that note my next NYC workshop will not be till June.
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