need help with text messaging

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  1. need help with text messaging

    hi im new to this site
    well im an amature
    but this is my frend for ages and i havnt talked to her in a wile so i texted her about stuff

    i wana re text her to get her interested in more sorta thing
    i wana make her my gf sorta fing

    wat shuld i text lyk wat type of stuff
    need help

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    Well your first problem is you need to learn to communicate effectively.

    If she's your friend for a long time and you think you're going to get her to be your "gf fing" through just text it's not hap'in.

  3. The most important thing is the use of proper grammer. Girls find it unattractive when you use shorthand and slang in tests. Read texting forums...

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    I know where you live...

    Check out:
    Phone/Text Game - The Attraction Forums - Free Pickup and Dating Advice

    More specifically:

    (Yeah - all the stickies).

    Also check out: Love Systems IVS: Vol 10 - Phone/Text Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Phone/Text Game
    Many sets are won or lost over the phone. Hours of work in the field can be totally wrecked in five minutes of incompetent phone game. This volume teaches you the skills to use the phone as a powerful extension of your game that turns those phone numbers you've been collecting into reliable, successful dates.
    Some of the topics discussed are:

    • New ways to neutralize flakes when you get a phone number and guarantee a second meetup
    • A reliable, replicatable model to follow when talking to women on the phone
    • Exactly how long to wait before making contact and a powerful strategy for how to reinitiate
    • The most strikingly effective text messages to keep emotional momentum going until you meet again
    I'm moving this to the phone/text game subforum.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

  5. thx for the help guys

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