Future's Bootcamp - San Francisco, October 2009
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    Future's Bootcamp - San Francisco, October 2009

    I just finished the San Francisco bootcamp with Future (Future (LS_Future) on Twitter), Big Business (BigBusiness (LS_BigBusiness) on Twitter), Vercetti (he should get on Twitter), and Prime (Optimus Prime (iamoptimus) on Twitter) and it was one of the most fun, rewarding and challenging weekends of my life. I just got out of an 8-year relationship (I’m 30 years old) so I never really did the whole talk to strange women in bars thing. Let me just say right off the top that Love Systems and these bootcamps are the real deal. This stuff works, and if you listen to what these guys tell you and push yourself a little outside your comfort zone, you will see results immediately. You’ll be standing there thinking, “Wow, this really cute girl is actually attracted to me right now, and all I did is ask her if she likes moustaches and then make fun of her a little.” Who knew?

    The first day of the bootcamp we all meet up at a hotel and you get blasted right in the face with a deluge of information. We learned about the triad model and how we should always be pushing the interaction with the woman forward on an emotional, physical and logistical level. Then we focused on different ways to start a conversation with a group and then transitioning into some routines that will get the one you are interested in attracted to you.

    Most of the material was taught by Future and right away it was easy to see why this guy was voted the top instructor at the Super Conference. He knows his shit and is a fantastic speaker as well as being generally hilarious. He’s the coolest nerd you’ll ever meet and has no problem dropping obscure Ubuntu Linux or World of Warcraft references right into the curriculum. Plus it’s really hard not to like a guy who says to you within the first 5 minutes of meeting him “My goal is to improve your sex life.”

    Vercetti then spent an hour teaching us how to be more aware and in control of our body language and voice tones when talking with women. He is a trained stage actor with a larger than life presence and he clearly knows a great deal about non-verbal communication. He also brings a real intense sexual energy into his interactions with women, which was really good to see in action.

    Big Business then loaded us all up with a bunch of opening lines to prepare us for heading out to the bar and we spent about 30 minutes practicing delivering our lines before we broke up to get ready to go out.

    My only complaint is that the first day should probably start a few hours earlier, there just isn’t enough time to learn all the info and still have enough time to do some practice exercises before heading out into the field. That being said, I still felt like I was well prepared as our group of 8 students and 4 instructors descended on the club for our first night out. Right away the instructors were pushing us (literally if necessary) into groups of girls. “Hey go open that 3 set”, “Go talk to those cute Asian girls”, etc. They don’t give you any time to talk yourself out of it. You just do it. The whole thing was actually kind of a blur, but every time I came out of a group of girls there was an instructor right there to give me some good feedback and push me into another group. I ended up getting 3 different phone numbers the first night, which I was pretty happy about since I had never gotten a women’s phone number in a bar before.

    The next day we all met back at the hotel. We started off by doing a full two hour debrief of the previous night’s exploits. Each of us talked about our high points and low points while the instructors chimed in about what they saw and what we should focus on for the second night out. It seemed like everyone had a really great night. Lots of girls, lots of phone numbers, and one student even ended up pulling a girl out of the club back to her place.

    Then we jumped right back into the material and focused on teasing, disqualifying ourselves, and qualifying her. I really enjoyed some of the humorous disqualifying routines that Big Business gave us. He’s the king of coming up with the most ridiculous yet hilarious statements that have the girls busting up laughing and it keeps the interaction really fun. This blog post will give you an idea of what I am talking about: “On the fly” – Episode 2

    For the second night out, you could tell right off the bat that the confidence level of the group of students was much higher. No one had any problems opening and every time I looked around I saw students talking to girls. I would also like to nominate Future for “Wingman of the Year” for valiantly occupying a very large (but jolly) girl for 20 minutes while I talked to her much slimmer, cuter friend.

    Third day, back in the classroom, we debriefed the previous night’s activities. Then learned about moving into the comfort phase, or as Future says “Making the girl fall in love with you.” We wrapped up the class with tips on phone/text message game, making your place more conducive to bringing girls back to, and finally picking up girls during the day.

    Overall, the whole experience exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were pretty high having attended the Super Conference in Las Vegas (which was also awesome) a few weeks prior. It may be possible to get good game by just reading the written material that is out there and going out a lot, but there is nothing like actually seeing it in action from a master and trying it yourself under their watchful eye. I’d say that this bootcamp was probably the equivalent of going out for like 3 months straight by myself. It really accelerated the learning process.

    I’m not a “Pick Up Ninja” after 3 days by any means, but what the bootcamp gave me was a ton of confidence and more importantly the proper knowledge, tools and a roadmap to get really good over the next few months if I am willing to put in the work.

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    I have to add a little more to this review. More so on the instructors because you said it all about the boot camp.

    I have to say overall you could tell that each instructor really cared about your progress and each one aware of how far along you were progressing.

    Future really made learning this extremely fun. Watching him on the field as well as winging with him was mind blowing. His high energy personality just draws in women and makes them want to stay. Future will know right off the bat where you need to improve and will push you to do so. Incredible hands down!

    Vercetti gave me a tips that just changed my entire mind set. Listening to his advice instantly made me feel cool and smoother right on the spot. Vercetti is like a giant symbol of confidence. To put it simply Vercetti is a modern day Casanova with an added freshness. Casanova Fresh.

    Big Business is an extremely witty guy and really fun to hang out with. Watching him interact with women is amazing. He does not get phased by any shit women give him. Big Business is also incredibly encouraging he made sure that everyone he worked with was in set. Funny, creative and knowledgeable through and through.

    Prime and his winging was a huge highlight to me. On field you could tell that this man is comfortable in his skin and really cares about making progress. Prime really motivated me and kept encouraging me to open open open. He was an AWSOME wing for me!

    Each instructor was different in their ways of teaching which i really liked. Observing the different styles really helped my learning. I recommend any of these instructors and guarantee that you will progress learning with them.

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