LR: HB8 Cocktail waitress

This LR is the result of another Social Circle lay. As you will see, there wasn't much effort made by me in order to get this lay, but it was the underlaying foundations that I have established that led this to happen and are likely to make it happen several times as I learn to harness it. I'm fully aware that I must thread cautiously and follow Savoy's advice when he told me not to kill the Golden Goose. Because right now that's what I started doing lol.

When I'm at work (strip club), I flirt with every single girl I can, one, just to practice and sharpen my skills on body language, humor, story telling, etc, and two, to establish pre-selection. I believe the number one reason I've fclosed 3 girls from work is because of pre-selection. However, this has raised defenses among the more conservative girls, since I've now earned a whore reputation (even though no one knows who I've fucked, they see me spanking (and being spanked by), grinding, pinching, etc. practically every single waitress in the place and a good number of strippers. Since I do it in a playful way rather than a perverted one, girls enjoy it, and I'm careful not to overdo it so I don't smother anyone. I'm also snappy and sarcastic to them (again, playfully, sometimes I do come as an asshole but I usually make up for it by hugging them, giving them some quick compliment, or basically something that brings their mood back up if what I said was too "strong")

In any case, there is this one waitress that has been working there for a long time, but whom I hadn't flirted with because she seemed a bit distant, I hadn't even talked to her a whole lot either. Now there is this one stupid childish thing that I do to girls which is, when I walk behind them, I tap them in their left shoulder while I walk by their right shoulder. This causes them to look left at no one, which allows me to tease and mock them for falling for it. It's just ridiculous how childish shit like this works so well with women. So I decided to do this to her just for kicks, and she fell for it the first 3 times. This was my opener with her and how we started flirting and talking, now every time I would walk by her she would obstruct my way with her ass or do something of that nature. After a couple of days of back and forth flirting (just the same bullshit over and over) I #closed her and started exchanging texts, which began growing sexually one after the other. I invited her to my birthday party and she showed up to the after party. I fixed her favorite drink, which she loved, and slow danced a bit. I was drunk so it's a bit blurry: she did a lap dance for me and then heavy make out ensued. Shortly after, I took her up to my room and continued. Did not fclose because she had her period. For the following week I continued the same playful BS I always do and kept the momentum going with her keeping things the same way. Last night she called me after work and the same procedure from last week was repeated, except for a lot more foreplay and a successful lay.

What this has demonstrated to me for the third time, is that in your work environment / social circle, your sexual energy, playfulness and although based on what I wrote doesn't seem that way, discretion are super key. That's another reason I try to flirt with every single girl I can: that way no one is left out so that there isn't room for gossip "Those two sure flirt a lot" and instead the commonly heard thing is "Caffeine is such a flirt"

I know I type funny so let me know if you'd like a more elaborate breakdown lol