Have i got a story for you guys (intense cockblock)
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  1. Have i got a story for you guys (intense cockblock)

    Hey guys i've lurked here for quite a while but this is my first post. I just wanted to share with you something that happened to me last night...i am still in disbelief as i write this.

    Now let me first start off by saying i have dealt with fatty cockblocks before. They are an annoyance to say the least but last night i was cockblocked so hard i almost passed out.

    Ok 4-set. My wing can't attend this particular party so i'm working alone tonight, which can be a fun challenge if anything. I approach the 4set using a situational opener (this dude had stripped down and was running around the party only wearing a skinny black tie and his shoes...nothing else).

    The girls hook instantly and i neg the target (HB8) very early on, but still keep the other girls in the set included in the conversation. I start running the finger-length routine on the target and she starts giving me some IOI's (hair touching, complimenting my hat :P). Suddenly fattie number 1 RIPS THE GIRLS HAND OUT OF MINE and says "TRY MEE TRY MEE!!" (how about you try a fucking salad..)

    i run the routine really quickly and half-assed on fattie 1 and then continue conversation. Some fucking song comes on and the 3 fattie-cockblocks say "OMG HB8 LETS DANCE!!!" and try to pull her away. To my surprise she goes "i will catch up with you guys in a bit".

    Her friends leave looking fucking pissed.

    Ok, now here is where it got REALLY bad... i am still raging extraordinarily hard at this.

    i isolate the HB8 while her friends are dancing, use Mystery's kissing routine, and got a "maybe :P", i say "lets find out" and start macking her.

    after about 5 minutes into the hookup, i hear one of her friends say "OH...MY...FUCKING....GOD"


    i look up, and all three of her fattie friends are standing there with their arms crossed saying stuff like "i cannot believe this, you are coming with us NOW. You said you would NOT hookup tonight!"

    they literally PULL her away from me and i am left standing there, mouth wide open, about to feint from the amount of rage i had coursing through my veins.

    was there anything i could have done? or was this just one of those situations where i was just extremely unlucky and it rarely happens?

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    duh! you never got the friends approval. You were basically a dick to her friends. IN this scenario you always need to make sure the friends like you. You shouldn't be surprised they cockblocked you.

    You need to make sure before hand that her friends like you. Usually with bigger girls i say "OMG, i know the perfect guy for you! Hes good-looking and going to become a doctor! You guys would be a perfect match, you need to meet him."

    That way the hb friends have no reason to cock-block you and actually want to get on your goodside because you have the dream man for them, and they know that if their mean then they will never meet him.

    always be-friend the hb's friends.

  3. Exactly what was said above man. In my experience, the girlfriends of the target can either be the biggest cockblocks for you, or can aid you in the best way possible. You gotta get the friends man, they're the key. Once when I was at a party, I found a target, isolated her (both of us being drunk), and just talked to her in private. We're into each other, everythings great, and BOOM, out of nowhere comes the friend to rescue her. She gets carried off her feet, not giving me enough time to run any routines/build comfort. Classic beginner mistake...I never got in good with the friends. Her friends didn't know who I was, they didn't trust me to be alone with her, and that's what fucked me up.

    BTW, a hb8 and three fatty friends?

    Never seen that kind of set before. I must not get out enough.

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    Wouldn't it be nice if we could just throw all fat chicks into a giant blender and dump the waste in the Pacific Ocean?

    Pretty much as said before...you did not disarm the obstacles. You have to make them ALL like you. Even though it sucks, you have to befriend all of the girl's friends, even if they look like disgusting pigs.

    That being said, I would be pissed, too. Those fat chicks were just jealous of their friend because nobody pays the fat chicks any attention.

  5. you could have saved this.

    I lived in San Diego, when I was 31, and my 21 year old chick roommate told me how to win the set. She said, "if her friends are going to stop her from leaving with you, just buy them all a shot! Sure, it will cost you $20 but you'll only have to do it once." She said her friend was getting hit on by a guy who was a jerk and the girls didn't like him, but after he bought them all a shot, it was all good. Of course, YOU have to have a shot too, since you're all doing the shot together. This is a way to save the entire set when you're totally in. the SAME DAY she told me this, a girl and I were "grinding" at PB Bar and Grill and after a few HOURS, I was now engaging the group. This is when I had invented my own game and I was ok. Didn't know any PUA stuff at all. So, I tried some cocky funny I made up, and one of the girls got a bit pissed. I was a few seconds from blowing it all, and then I said, "Hey! Let's all do a shot!" I bought like 5 shots, and then 20 minutes later, I took the HB8 home and it was awesome. SNL

    Next time, when they try to pull her away, say WAIT! We all need to have a shot! Then as you have the shots, mention to her friends how cool they all are. Then they will approve of you and the friend.

    Also, surffreak had a really good thing to do as well. My routine is more to save it from completely screwing up.

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