Love Systems Seminar in Amsterdam with Keychain! - 27 November
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    Love Systems Seminar in Amsterdam with Keychain! - 27 November


    Hey guys,

    The London Love Systems team is putting together a very special event, on Friday the 27th of November, in Amsterdam. Keychain is touring Europe and has decided to open up a seminar to a limited number of students at a jaw-dropping price...

    Check it out here:

    Hours of pure content - cutting-edge dating and attraction advice from one of Love Systems hottest instructors - for only 38 euros. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and learn from one of the world's best PUA coaches at this amazing price!

    So, what will you get to see?

    Keychain on fast escalation and same night lays - this guy is a sexual escalation rockstar.

    "Money! If you get a chance, watch this guy in field. Anyone with a problem in escalation or who wants to get fast closes, Keychain is hands down the guy to talk to." - Mr. M

    This is the guy whose legendary daytime escalation enabled him to meet a girl and, a couple of hours later, have her give him a handjob in a photobooth! Meet Keychain and get your sexual escalation supercharged to Rockstar levels!

    A Norwegian reporter recently featured Keychain in this article: De forfører deg på minutter - DinSide Reise
    English translation here: Love System’s first visit to Oslo Eye Candy Solutions

    You can read Keychain’s highly recommended articles and reviews at: Adventures of Keychain

    Check out these recent reviews:

    "I’ve made more progress in a few hours with Keychain, than probably hundreds of hours unaided…and to think there was a point in my life when I thought I would die a virgin!"
    "I really had a lot of respect for Keychain. We talked a little on the second night about our journies with game and life in general. I could tell immediately that he was the type of guy who has put his feet to the fire, put in the hard work, and is now is successful with women and in other areas of his life."
    "I opened two girls sitting at a table and Keychain came in to wing. I'm talking with my girl but I'm really not doing a good job of kino. Then all of a sudden my attention sort of shifts to him and his girl. I was completely amazed at how quickly he turned the girl from being sort of interested to basically eating out of his palm in about 2 minutes. Lesson learned for me: I can escalate a lot quicker than I thought I could."

    And a word from Keychain:

    Here are some changes and highlights to the seminar structure that I think you'll love:
    - More personal instructor time. We've listened to your feedback from the previous seminars and the number one thing people asked for more of was 1-on-1 time with the instructor to talk over your personal sticking points. We're really going to town on this, so whether you've got a burning issue you need to get sorted or just want general advice on starting out game - we'll talk!
    - The talk proper begins at 19:00 but we've decided to throw in a 1-hour meet-and-greet at the beginning of the evening (18:00-19:00). This is a chance to meet everyone, chat informally with me and the other attendees, network and meet potential wings. Very valuable.
    - Extended q&a. This is something else you asked for from the last event so we've provided the opportunity for a more in-depth question and answer session during the evening. Experience suggests this is often where the real gold comes out...
    - More presentation time. We won't have to skim guys, we can get to the good stuff.

    It's very rare to have such a concentrated amount of face-time with instructors outside of a bootcamp or 1-on-1. For the money, it's a steal. We've listened to your feedback, tweaked the seminar structure accordingly and deliberately kept the places extremely limited to ensure everyone gets great value from it.

    Personally, I'm really excited - I think this is gonna be special!
    See ya there,

    De Roos, Centrum voor Creatieve & Spirituele Groei
    P.C. Hooftstraat 183
    1071 BW Amsterdam

    Friday November 27th, 18:00-22:00

    Voor meer informatie stuur een e-mail naar

    ** We have EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY so sign up here now! **

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    Wie van jullie gaan er?

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    ik heb met hem gesarged in duitsland, supertoffe pik, weet veel!

    ik ben niet in nederland op dat moment, jammer, jullie moeten zeker gaan!

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    Ik ga, First Choice gaat en Lucky Maria gaat.

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    Keychain is een toffe gast. Hij verbleef bij mij in LA een paar maanden geleden en liet mij zien hoe "fast escalation" werkt.

    Ik kan iedereen aanraden om te gaan! Je zult veel leren van deze kerel.
    Click Here to Checkout the Love Systems Blog for the Lastest Advice.

    Daytime Dating - Meeting women in the daytime and getting dates.
    Interracial dating - All beliefs and cultural differences dealing with dating outside your own race.
    Grooming, Fashion, and Style - First impressions count. I can teach you how to look your best and give you a fashion consultation.
    Exotic Dancers & Paid Models - Advice for attracting and dating women who are hired to be beautiful.

    Click Here to Checkout the Interview Series I did with the Don on Preselection.

    Click Here to Checkout the Interview Series I did with the Micha on Living an Attractive Lifestyle.

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    Ook nuttig als beginnend PUA? (paar avonden sargen en wat boeken als ervaring zijnde)

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    Ik ben er ook bij gaan er nog mensen uit na de seminar?

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    Erna nog stappen lijkt mij geen verkeerd plan,

    we zijn met n aardige club heb ik t idee, en t rembrandplein op n zaterdagavond kan nooit geen kwaad dacht ik zo

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    Ja het is op een vrijdagavond he
    Komt er een lijstje met mensen die gaan?

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    Ik ben echt net bekend met het hele consept van PUA enzo maar ben nu al heel geintereseerd en zal waarschijnlijk van de partij zijn

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