Need help in night game

I figured out several problems in my night game that i hope you can help me with

Nr.1 The music was so loud even in the lounge you can approach maximum one person with repeting yourself 5 times.

e.g. i talked to a blond girl HB 8 to buy me a drink. My intention was to shock her and it worked well but i hardly couldn't understand any of the words she was saying after and even my own voice was hardly to understand.

Nr2. The dancefloor everytime i was trying to dance with a girl i had this uncomfort in my entire body . In fact i don't know how to dance with a girl in a way that me and her feel comfortable. Dancing for my own works just perfect specially when friends are around me.

Nr3. what to do if a girl approaches you. im still kicking myself for this one .
this one girl HB 7 with one friend HB 5 were on the dancefloor and i was dancing with my friends so i constanly hold eye contact with her and she looked back but i just realised it afterwards . As i was leaving HB7 she came from the side and said hi my first reaction was saying hi too i was shocked that i didn't took the opportunity on the dancefloor and didn't know how to continue on her approach at that moment.

Well this should be my major problems for that night.

Thank you for reading.