Jean Experts, I need your advice & expertise
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  1. Jean Experts, I need your advice & expertise

    Hey guys, I have a question that I would appreciate your help with. I was trying on some Hudson's Slim Fit men's jeans at Nordstrom's today, and this is my first time making the jump to more expensive brand jeans (I usually got $50-75 GAP, Levi's jeans before). I am size 30x30 and am a slender dude at 5'8" 145 lbs, and I have skinny legs and no ass.

    *The size 30 was a little more loose around the waist than I am used to (vanity sizing) and the fabric in the butt area bunched up a bit (the lack of ass on my part, haha). But besides those things, it was a comfy fit. But I want them to fit perfectly and form-fitting, so alterations in butt area will have to be made.

    *The size 29 was quite tight around the waist, but I could fit my thumb and finger in b/w waist and jean, so it's manageable. The rest of the size 29 was as close to a perfect fit though, through the thighs, down legs, and esp. back in the ass area (no fabric bunching up). It's a damn bit tight, but the closest to a perfect fit in jeans I've ever had.

    My question is this: With regular wear and a few washes (I know the rules, keep washing to a minimum and cold wash and hang dry), will the jeans naturally get a little bit baggier and expand a little in the waist? I've read/heard that some more expensive jeans do this, so to go a size down. If this is correct, then the 29 would be the answer for me. The 29 is tight enough that if I gain 3-5 lbs, they probably won't fit anymore, so I'm also wondering if it'd be a good idea to get 30 and wash it w/ hot water to shrink it a little bit? Many thanks if some guys can give me the 411 on this.

  2. My rule is if you can fit into the jeans on the first try then get them. the 29s sound like the right fit to me - you definately do not want something loose when you buy it new.

    Whenever i try on jeans I will start at a size or 2 bigger than i normally get, and then keep sizing down until i can no longer fit, then go one size up. It is better that you have to try a little bit to fit into the jeans because that means evetually they will stretch and fit to you body.

    Go with the 29s no doubt

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    The more expensive jeans (7's, Diesel, True Religion, Rock & Republic) all stretch. They stretch in the waist as well as in the thighs. They usually come longer in the leg so you most likely have to get them hemmed, unless you're like me and like when your pants hang low and rip at the bottom.

    Personally, I'd stick with the Levi's. They are more trendy as well as much cheaper than almost everything in Nordstrom's.

  4. Levis are awesome but if we are going to discuss brands there is a lot of great shit out there that is more expensive. Stay away from the stuff that everyone is wearing - the brands l2ul3en mentioned. The production on these is extremely high so the quality is not as high as some lesser known brands. Check out Nudie, Apc, Rag & Bone and the like. These brands all make some fantastic fitting raw denim that will fade nicely as you wear them.

  5. Thanks guys. I didn't get a chance to check your posts until now, but I went w/ the 29 and I know I made the right choice. So thanks for the advice. And Sax, I am definitely going to get APC or Nudie raw denim for my next pair of jeans. The more I read about the raw denim craze, the more I want to get in on it.

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    I love RRL slim fit for selvage denim.

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    All denim stretches to some extent.
    Stretch amount varies depending on the jeans and how they are treated etc...
    29 sounds like a better fit. The waist in the jean is the part that stretches the most so yea looks like it would be a great fit.

    Also if you are looking for brand suggestions look at diesel if you're not looking for raw denim. I know they get some bad rep since they are somewhat trendy or popular but they fit good, look decent and can be also be found for cheap if you search around.

  8. Since you have skinny legs and no ass to speak of, I would have thought your first go-to would have been a UNIQLO stretch, that or a LVC 514. Do your homework properly, because the difference between a $200 APC and a $300 Momotaro is night and day.

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    Limited time viewing experience.

  10. sweet blazer goomba or is that a sports jacket? i cant even tell the difference lol. you dont fold your jeans when youre outside right?

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