What Do You Think of This Jacket?

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  1. What Do You Think of This Jacket?

    Hi guys i've been on the lookout for a leather jacket for a while now and thought i'd check out Ebay see if I could spot a vintage one.There was no joy with that but I spotted this and wondered what you thought.

    09 NEW DESIGN DSQUARED²D2 MEN'S PU Leather JACKET M-XXL on eBay (end time 02-Nov-09 11:59:51 GMT)

    I like the look but i'm not sure about the inbuilt sweater, could make it a pain to wash.

    Let me know

  2. I don't know anything about the brand, but seller is in China, so it could be fake

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    Is there something wrong with shopping at a store, where you could do some day game ("hey, what do you think of this jacket on me?"), AND pick up a great jacket?

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    honestly? nothing special to me. it's a faux leather jacket w/ a hoodie on it. You can get those at so many more places, better quality, lesser cost if you went out and looked at stores like Forever 21 and Zara.

  5. Thats a really high end brand. Another leather jacket by them is 2800 so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say thats fake. Regardless its a good looking jacket. I kinda want one now.


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    Be careful buying clothing from China off ebay. I once got a pair of Mark Ecko shorts and besides being fake, the sizing was of about two inches.

  7. If you want a leather jacket that will look great for a long time, will actually protect you from the elements, and won't fall apart over time or get damaged easily, spend premium money on a leather jacket. Start at the $400-600 range and you can find something great. It seems like a lot of money, but it's a great value for the amount of time it will last and the other jackets you would have bought in that time.

  8. Cheers for the advice, i'd suspected it was fake but wanted to see what you thought of the style.Can anyone recommend any good places in the UK that'd sell similar jackets? I don't mind paying more for better quality.

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    I think it looks cheap and bad.

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    Dude that is a bad ass Jacket and no I don't think it looks cheap. Your mind is just playing with you because your thinking it could be fake and it's a hell of a lot cheaper then buying it strait from Nordy, bloomindales or Saks. I'd say go for it!!! Bitches do the same shit looking for Faux coach purses. Do it and if it's fake which it probably is then who cares as long as the rest of you is in tip top shape like nice watch, hat or any other accessory then nobody will question you. If a girl asks if its fake say I don't know someone bought it for me. If it don't fit then sell it and see if you can make some $$$
    thats my 2 cents

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