The best part about learning game, and the worst thing u can do while learning
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  1. The best part about learning game, and the worst thing u can do while learning

    Game is great because...
    -u have more control in ur life over the following things.
    How much ass you get.
    Quality of women in ur life.
    Quality of ur social circle.
    Ur own self limiting beliefs (inner game)

    My fav aspect of learning game however, is having the ability to form a deep connection with someone very quickly. Making a person so comfortable around u that u see the side of them that only their best friends see. IMO this is when people are most spectacular.

    Having said that, I cannot stress how important it is NOT to try and game ur social circle while u are learning. this isn't a particularly new insight, but I thought i'd give u examples from my life.

    while learning, I used a barrage of openers, negs, dhvs ect... on two of my best friends. The thing is none of my negs/take aways were calibrated... I had abs no idea when to sexualize, I couldn't recognize certain IOIs. Long story short I built my value so HI and obliterated theirs. So in the end all I accomplished by using the techniques i had read about was to put up more barriers between myself and these two friends of mine. EPIC FAIL, when I am around them now one HB avoids my eye contact like the plague, and the other is always trying to qualify herself to me, but in ways that are not congruent w/who she is. I can tell it's try hard, she can tell everyone can tell and it just buries her value further.

    Point is if ur trying to game girls in ur socical circle DONT. learn ur shit first.
    Game other girls and ur attraction will naturally increase.

    If anyone has experienced this and has ideas on how to pull these relationships from the wreckage lemme kno. I plan on giving it some serious time, and reinitializing at some point, and using my new found calibration to hopefully keep our respective value level. I think thats one of the most important things newbs miss. It's not about having higher value, it's about demonstrating high value until it's EQUAL. the point is to match value.

    hope this helps.

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