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    Super Conference L.A. 2008 =D

    What can I say?

    I mean... the Super Conference offered way more than I thought, I mean, it was way better than I had anticipated, even having read all of what was posted on the site. I thought it was going to be a really fun and educational weekend... it turned out to be one of the funnest and coolest (educational as well) weekends I've ever had, it was really awesome.

    I really enjoyed the super conference and am confident I got the most out of the lectures and workshops. Every sinfle instructor that took the stage or got to be in charge of the workout room was very knowledgeable and they all took as much time as needed to answer all the questions they were being asked. I took as many notes as I could and tried to attend to as many relevant lectures and workshops as I could and I can honestly say this is NOT the last conference I'm attending.

    I am definitely pumped up and really motivated to improve all aspects of my game, the super conference was awesome, I met a lot of really cool guys and got to hang out with some of the best instructors in the world, what more can I ask for?


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    Ok guys, here's a review from the superconference.

    Savoy had a great talk on the new Lovesystems Model, pretty bad ass, i can see the pieces merging together in my life.

    Mr. M was a great guy, some day I'll aspire to be good, maybe better than him , but he's to show that even an asian guy can pick up any girl. He also did a great talk on Advance attraction, i really loved that.

    Went to Cajun question game, was so interesting it was revealed, a game that has been around but it's underused.

    Moxie had a great talk in getting in state, interesting information, fun exercise he did to the few people where they ridiculously role-play an animal to get in state.

    Fadar did a great talk about qualification, now there's alot of myth clouded in my mind on that topic but he really steam rolled it out.

    Soul had a great talk in deep rapport, why most guys have trouble in rapport, awesome talk.

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    Love Systems Super Conference - LA 2008

    The Super Conference in LA was AMAZING! I took a bootcamp at this Super Conference, so I had the SC seminars during the day and at night I went out with some instructors.

    I went to the last Super Conference in Vegas earlier this year so I had high expectations. This SC was better than the last one. This time you also had 2 sessions running at the same time, but now you could work a lot more with the instructors on a wide variety of topics such as opening and transitioning, handling amogs and tests, body language, and many more. That way I worked with a lot of different instructors. I picked up different stuff from every instructor and that to me is what's so great about the Love Systems Super Conferences: you get to work with who you want. They are all good, but have different styles and strengths/weaknesses. One instructor might be an expert on SNLs while the other is better at social circle game. Whatever you want, LS has instructors that are experts on different areas and you can just walk up to them and ask them whatever you need to know.

    I never had the idea that the instructors "were better" than the attendees. My impression of them was they were genuine in helping people and were just like "us". At the last SC, it was a bit more chaotic because the rooms were far apart. That way it was hard catching instructors, but this time the rooms were right next to each other. That was perfect for finding instructors you wanted to talk to. After every session you could always talk to the speaker(s) and ask very specific questions. Unless instructors were in a hurry, you could always grab their attention and get some personalized feedback.

    This also helped a lot of what I disliked at the last Super Conference. People would continually ask very specific/tailored questions on their own situation that was of little use to the room. This time, since all the instructors were easily accessible, those questions were avoided in the room and were done in private with the instructors, so time was saved for some better "general" questions everyone could use and more time for practice.

    Also what I picked up was that LS speakers were trying to make the presentations in the main room more interactive by involving the audience. I did not see it much if at all at the last SC.

    This time we all got a binder with a notepad so we could take notes. Much better than the last SC and definitely gave a more professional twist to this conference. BTW: The sales people were very nice too. They're not all over you trying to sell anything to you. If you we're interested in services, like 1on1 or seminars, they were gladly trying to help you out.

    Where I really got my money's worth was the bootcamp (infield portion). For someone who has been doing this for about 10 months and who went to the last SC, I had a lot of theory in my head already. But I never had professionals give me feedback on my game, and guide me to take my game to the next level.

    The first night I went out with Braddock and Biskit. I've met Braddock the first time in Vegas at the SC, and I believe he wasn't a lead instructor then, but his knowledge is unreal. You can pick his brain for hours and he'll cite different books for you to back up statements without any hesitation. Also, you can tell that he's really passionate about teaching game. Braddock gave me really good feedback, like super good feedback. He winged me in one set and saw me do several sets, but he said what I do well and pinpointed what my sticking points are. He also told me how I can fix them.

    I didn't know much about Biskit, it was my first time meeting him. I didn't know anything about him, but let that not distract you. The first night I saw him doing demos and that guy knows what he is doing. Does he have game? Yes sir! It's nothing flashy that might awe new students. His sets are really solid and he break it down step-by-step for you. In the field he pushed me so I would always be in set and not just stand around talking to other students and instructors. Biskit is very positive and will give you the right feedback at the right time. My sessions with him were good, and he would always willing to help me out. Absolutely great guy to work with.

    The second night I went out with Cajun and Kisser. I've met both of them before, Cajun at the Vegas SC and Kisser outside of a club during an LA BC. When you meet Kisser, you can tell he's always positive. I'm almost 100% that his brain chemicals are different. This guy exudes positivity to the nth degree, and those are the kind of people you want to work with. He's the perfect example of nice guys who can get girls, if you just know the Love Systems techniques and tactics. If you see him infield, you'll see "nice guy game" in action!

    Cajun on the other hand is the bad boy of the team. He has this James Bond vibe around him. He might be short, but his aura screams "I'm sexy and trouble". If you need anything on body language, you can talk to him about that. He did several sets with me and I saw him do some sets himself. He's a lead instructor for a good reason: he can run solid game, break it down for you, and give you good feedback. Cajun told me similar stuff that Braddock gave me and gave another set of solutions.

    Now that I had several instructors tell me almost the exact same thing, I truely know what I should work on. Self-diagnosis is hard and not always accurate. By having several instructors tell me what my sticking points are and how to solve them, this is really what you pay for. I'd highly suggest for everyone to get a BC, it's worth the money. I'm college student and tight on money, but investment was totally worth it. It totally opened my reality on what I can do now and in the future. I've posted two field reports of my nights and this bootcamp crushed two sticking points. The BC definitely cut my learning curve by several months up to maybe a year, because it eliminated two sticking points and now I know what weaknesses I have in my game. With that I also have exercises and notes on how to improve my success with women. TAKE A BOOTCAMP!!!!
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    Here's my review of the LA Superconference, and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that's been reading these posts, that the amount of access attendees have to a variety of instructors, and the combination of knowledge they have, and their willingness to share it is something that simply must be seen to be believed.

    Like some other folks, I also went to the Vegas SC, and I spent most of my time there in the main room listening to presentations. This time around I spent about 50% of my time in the exercise breakout rooms, and benefitted from the direct interaction with the instructors as they coached us on various things, like storytelling, body language, kino escalation, and handling AMOGs. While it's great to hear someone talk about it, seeing the instructors do it, answer questions, and then watch and evaluate as the students did it was a great learning process.

    The presentations in the main room were also cool, and most were either similar topics to those at the previous SC, but with updated information, or new topics or guest speakers. Almost without exception each of the presenters showed both a real depth of knowledge and experience about the subject matter, and a genuine passion for sharing this with the attendees and seeing it benefit them.

    If you come to one of these or a bootcamp, be sure to be prepared to take a lot of notes, in a quick and organized fashion. Some folks use a notepad to write them, and others will type them into a computer. Either way, when the instructors are in their groove, the information is flowing. If knowledge is water, think of it as trying to drink from a firehose. Most folks won't be able to retain more than a fraction of it, without some sort of note taking process. Even though I've been studying and applying this stuff for about a year, there's still plenty of new insights to be gained from attending, as well as retouching on foundational stuff, and the occasional "lightbulb over head" moment, when the clouds part and you see something you didn't see before. How much is a "breakthrough" worth to you?

    Once again, I'm really glad that I decided to attend, and also to recognize and appreciate the effort and contributions of all of the folks who make the SC happen.

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    Good afternoon, Gentlemen.

    I am Monk. Anyone who was at SC and remembers the skinny chrome-domed Asian guy in the white hat, that was me. (Apparently I looked like Style, and was called that jokingly more than once and at one point, actually mistaken for him.)

    The following is my first Lounge forum journal entry. Miaddict read it and told me to repost it here as a review of the Superconference. Enjoy!

    __________________________________________________ ____

    "Hey guys! Pirates or Vampires?" That was my opener this weekend going out with the Lovesystems approach coaches at this year's Los Angeles Superconference. "My friends, who I have to get back to in just a second, throw these theme costume parties, and for the next one, We can't decide between pirates . . ." transition, begin disqualifying . . .

    I chose this opener because it was congruent. My friends actually do throw theme costume parties. So I laughed Friday morning at the Beverly Garland hotel in Hollywood, when I turned the corner and got my 1st physical glimpse at "The Community". It looked like a theme costume party. "Asshole guy who always manages to bang the girl you like". It felt like the guys were in costume because there was something about their personalities that made the flashy outfits incongruent: They weren't assholes.

    But then, at least with the instructors and advanced students you realize as you talk to them, they are for real. They exhibited every alpha male trait except the asshole vibe. Then you think about it some more - not all the alpha's you've met in life were jerks, especially if you've earned their respect. This usually requires that you BE another alpha. But then you realize what these guys all share - None of them are born alphas. They all had a hard road to get there. And the only difference between them and us was the knowledge they had acquired and felt karmically indebted to pass on to us. They weren't treating us like betas - we were neophyte alphas. Suddenly, even us noobs didn't feel so incongruous with our outfits. We weren't nerds in "cool guy" costumes - we were actual cool guys that perhaps just needed to grow into those outfits a little.

    As I began talking to other attendees, I realized the lengths community members were willing to go to to attend this event. I met guys from all over CA, from the east coast, and instructors from London, Sweden, Paris, Thailand and other exotic locales.

    Savoy gave the opening speech. His nice-guy voice is offset by his imposing height and the knowledge that here in alpha-boot camp, he is the "Alpha-alpha". "How many guys here didn't get anywhere with girls in high school?" About 2/3rds of the room raises their hands. "Keep your hands up if you didn't get anywhere with girls in college." About half the hands go down. "Keep your hand up if your college newspaper actually published a story about how unsuccessful you were with women." The rest of the hands go down. Savoy's hand is still up. Alpha-alpha started at the literal bottom of his extended social circle. Before he was THE shit, he WAS shit. Shittier, apparently, then every romantically challenged guy in the room. Our confidence continued to build. These guys did it. Years ago, when there was no real forum, community or structure. We had three days of structured classes, exercises, and in-field time with these masters, drawing on their experience and knowledge. We couldn't lose.

    I was familiar with some of the instructors through the CD interview/lecture series, but I didn't have faces to go with the names until Friday. Meeting them was like that scene in "Goodfellas" where the camera panned around the room and introduced us to all of the gang's high luminary figures : "...And Johnny Two-times. We called him that because he liked say everything twice..." Savoy, Tenmagnet, The Don, Moxie, Brad P., and Braddock were all names I knew and now guys I've met. (conspicuously absent were Sinn, Future, and of course, Mystery.) Some of them looked exactly like you'd expect. Brad P was impressively flashy and imparted that he could, within reason, makes us that flashy and be congruent with it. He does, however, explain how some guys just can't and shouldn't do flashy. When you see The Don and Moxie, they are the last thing you'd expect one of these guys to look like but they still manage to pimp it in relatively conservative looks that works for them.

    Seeing everyone speak on stage was also amazing. The material continues to evolve - it's not dating science, it's dating TECHNOLOGY. It's not just knowledge these guys are acquiring, it's applications that they keep developing and experimenting with.

    All the speakers were compelling and enaging. Braddock and Mr. M's lectures on brain biology and the new "trigger word" routine system were amazing. Braddock came across as a PUA-pit bull, capable of applying subtlety and finesse when necessary, but gleefully eschewing it when not. Mr M had that zen samurai thing going. (He kind of sounds like George Takei)

    Brad P. looked like a throwback to the days when punk rock was really punk. There was an ease and comfort to his demeanor - he all but had "I don't give a fuck" tattooed to his forehead (Because that would be too try-hard) But then he imparted how much blood sweat and tears he had to go through to get himself to that place. He applied his knowledge of sports training to game training (he was on a champion NCAA basketball team in college) and hounded himself the way his psycho coach did back in school.

    Carlos Xuna gave a fascinating lecture on how Inner Game and success in life lead to and depend on each other.

    Savoy's talk on female psychology crystalized the foundation principles
    underlying all of the material.

    Dr. Paul gave a deeply insightful presentation on the emasculation of society, and how nothing makes you more attractive than accepting, developing, and actualizing your true masculinity.

    But by far, the most affecting speaker was Soul. Soul is the Shaolin Master
    of game. He seems to have a near-monastic devotion to the art. Soul may indeed be God's Gift to Women. A destiny he humbly accepts and strives to fulfill with every fiber of his being. Soul doesn't have game, he IS game. Like the best martial artists, he has transcended technique, acting now by complete instinct alone, honed to such an edge as to invent necessary technique on the spot, with no conscious thought or effort involved. He is capable of doing what game tells you is completely wrong - walking right up to a woman and telling her she's the most amazing thing he's ever seen. Because with him it's not a line. He has a love, for himself, for humankind as a whole and for women specifically that is so deep and so profound, that women sense it know he's for real.

    So that's what the daylight hours gave us. The evening however, gave us an opportunity to apply what we had learned. And that was an adventure on an entirely new level.

    I went to Ritual on Vine with instructors Sherrif, Keychain, and Dahunter. Dr. Yen showed up without even knowing we'd be there so we got a bonus instructor. "We" being myself and only one other student, Dancemaster. With four instructors present, we felt invincible. Sheriff made a point of finding me early on in the day and introducing himself, so I'd already talked to him a little. His ability to build confidence was amazing. Keychain has a quiet, gentle calm that is infectious. It worked to keep me cool and I watched him work it on a little Asian hottie in a black dress later that night. Dahunter also seemed to have ice water in his veins. He had that nonreactive thing so down. And Dr Yen, first of all, looks cool as hell. He was an A+, class act, put together with care and flair from top to bottom. Then he told me that I looked cool. He reassured me by imparting that I have a lot of advantages right here at the starting gate. That I've obviously done my homework and have the good fortune of being fairly high value to begin with. With these guys there, I had no fear. Four instructors. Badasses all. Approaching sets with these guys here was like standing up to a bully when you have four of your toughest friends backing you up. I only remember one moment of doubt. I remember thinking "What if this feeling of invincibility goes away? What if I start thinking about this too much and psych myself out?" The thought past and I don't think I had another doubt all night.

    We ate first and discussed strategy over dinner. After the bill was paid, and the place starting filling in, Sheriff loaded me up like a round in his pearl handled Colt.45 - With a hand on my shoulder, his resonant alpha male voice becoming my own resonant inner voice, He aimed me at about 7-8 asian girls to my right and said, "Big set by the pillar, open with X, use the Y routine and lock in on that stool. Go!" - and fired me off. The Sheriff's bullet had been let loose. There was no way I was going to miss. I was invincible. I was James Bond, I was Steve McQueen, I was Bruce Fucking Lee! I fearlessly reached out to touch the nearest one and use my opener - and before I could . . . they opened me! One of the girls stuck a camera in my face and asked me to photograph them. After I snapped off a couple shots, I used the opener, transitioned well and then got sucked into normal conversation and couldn't even think about logistics. But I had fun, they had fun, it was a great first approach. And then the next four sets opened with no problems. By the time I actually met any resistance to opening I'd already opened five sets. I was 5 and 1. And that was the worst that could happen? WTF! GIMMIE MORE!

    I opened twelve sets in all that night. It was hard to keep focus beyond transitioning. I struggled to get any attraction material going. I think I managed one decent neg all night, but apparently that was all I needed. I came back to that set before the end of the night and number closed a petite model.

    This is EXHAUSTING! At 10:30, I was so hyper that it was an effort to control my energy level to keep from looking like I was nervous. (I wasn't nervous, I was excited and pumped!) By 1 AM, I was fading in and out of consciousness in set. I drove home and passed out.

    The second night did not start out so well. We went to Busby's about a dozen strong, pretty even split of instructor to student ratio. There were less sets and they were harder to open. I opened the same set twice by mistake. Every time I saw a good set one of our guys was already in it. We got some wing practice. Still, sets did open and I did make some progress despite not getting a number all night. With the help of Biskit, The Don, Big Business, Braddock, and others, I managed to interact and I was better at it by the end of the evening than I was at the beginning. At 1 AM we decided to try another club nearby. As we were exiting, there were some girls out front handing out passes to a strip club. Several of the other students and I, realizing we had about half a dozen or so instructors with us decided we wanted to see a demo of some stripper game. The instructors were very encouraging about the idea but most of them had to go back to hotel and sleep as many of them were giving lectures the next day. But there were one or two of them that said "Let's see how the night goes."

    The second club was Portal and it was a slightly easier room. I managed to open a couple sets that didn't really lead anywhere and then they closed after about 20 minutes. By then the rest of the instructors were also unable to continue, but Dancemaster and another student, Sheikh and I still had momentum and wanted to game some more. So The Don and Braddock gave us the 30-second crash course in stripper game. The Don gave us the "pretend you're really inexperienced with women in a way she knows your kidding" routine that worked very well for one of the other students. Braddock told me to tell the dancers that I had dated a stripper and was "past all this", desensitized to their faked interest, but if she wanted to shed her stripper personality and talk to me like a normal person, I wouldn't mind. I connected with this approach because I was congruent with it - I did have an ex who worked as a dancer and I had spent enough time in these places that I could pull of that routine convincingly.

    The strip club sucked. At 2 AM on a saturday night there were maybe two other chodes in the place and perhaps 10 girls waiting for their shift to end. Most of the girls were in the 6-8 range, there were like two 9's and at least one 5. Early on, this 8 walked up and started trying to work me.

    I ran Braddock's line and she dropped (Most of) her stripper persona almost immediately. (I don't even remember what her dancer name is.) The only attraction switch I needed was "You're just being nice to me because you want my money." She qualified herself the entire time trying to convince me she was being genuine. But she kept pushing for the dance. I wasn't really sure where to go with this and I wanted to talk to one of the hotter girls, so I said WTF and bought a dance, just to get rid of her.

    She gave me a convincing enough performance of enjoying the dance and pushed for a second one. I told her if she came and ate with us afterward I'd get a second dance and she agreed.

    She spent the rest of her shift in my lap.

    Sheikh had one on his lap pretty much the whole night. He ran the Don's "I'm a virgin" routine and got a Facebook close off her.

    When the place closed, we went to the bounce location and my girl met us there with one of the other dancers who was her ride. They came to tell us they had decided to just go home and sleep, but that she really wanted to see me later. She pretty much begged me to call her and then she kiss closed me.

    Sunday, I don't remember how many times I told that story. The instructors were impressed and proud. Many did a cartoon take upon hearing the student on his second night of cold approach number-closed a stripper. The look on 5.0's face was priceless. Kevyn did a pretty good one two. I was exhausted Sunday. Before the last few lectures I really wanted to just go home and pass out. A second wind did take however, and I enjoyed the last few talks.

    At registration, we were each given fake money to tip instructors who we thought we got good instruction from. I feel bad, I was so overwhelmed and cramming my head with so much information and sleep-deprived, and high on cold approach adrenaline, I just figured that I'd tip everyone when it was over. What I didn't know is that they were going to count all the money before the end of the conference and let us know who won. So I didn't manage to tip anyone except for Prestige who did some great drills with me. Anyway, they announced the winner, and despite the dozens of amazing presentations and the staggering amount of raw, oozing charisma on display, it was still no surprise that everyone's favorite was Soul.

    As I was saying my goodbyes, one of the last things I took away was an exchange between 5.0 and Kevyn. I think Kevyn remembered something Braddock had said earlier - "We just made you kids better looking!" the three of us laughed hysterically. 5.0 got this wistful look in his face. "God, before this - It would have just been whatever I'd had to have settled for . . ." There was such a look of relief on his face. The condition of not being able to pick and choose women he slept with was for him - an old, painful memory. Yeah, I can't wait until I'm there.

    This is the thing about that last little interaction I had. Those were two of the best looking guys there. I mean if they just stood in one place and smiled, SOMEBODY would fuck them. Apparently, they needed this too. As much as geekiest looking dork there. But we were all in this together. The rest of my life had begun. And I knew that from now on, it would be profoundly different.

    I drove home and passed out. I woke up the next morning and literally shouted with excitement. That was the best weekend ever. I got four phone numbers! I have some basic skillz! And I made friends for whom I have a deep love and an incalculable debt (despite the rather sizeable coin we all shelled out).

    So now it's Thursday. I haven't gone sarging again yet. I'm already feeling my momentum fade. I'm going Saturday night. Hell or high water. I do have a day 2 with that stripper Monday night. The model hasn't called back. I had so much attraction from her! I got some qualification! I didn't get any comfort in the club. Hey, gimmie a break, it was my first night!

    So, for anyone reading this in the Los Angeles area - I need wingmen! I have several awesome pivots, but scant guy friends that are both single and socially capable, all my cool guy friends are girlfriended or married, all my single friends are dorks. I'm going to try to get out 2-3 nights a week, plus I want to do some day game and some good day 2 locations on weekends. Get in contact with me and let me know.

    Everyone. Thank you. My life is different. Fears and doubts I've had since adolescence are gone, perhaps forever. My job was more fun this week. Getting up in the morning was easier. I still laugh spontaneously when I think too much about the weekend. I have work to do. I have a long way to go. But I'm going to have so much fun getting there.

    My fire is strong, but it needs discipline and control. This will be my mantra. Game will be my religion. My devotion to it will be all emcompassing. I humbly present myself to you as:


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    I'm pumped again...

    Hey Monk... great review bro, I know how it felt as well, after the Super Conference I've been so pumped and it helped me a lot as well, though I have had some advantages winging for and sarging with a couple of guys that are more advanced than me since going to the SC.

    However, reading your post pumped me even more since it reminded me again of everything I learned there and how it felt finally having so muchs stuff "click" while listening to guys like Fader, Braddock & Mr. M, Sheriff, Soul, Savoy, The Don, Brad P. and all of the other guys who talked.

    I hope that this experience has been as motivational to everyone that attended as it was to me, I am so happy I did not miss it.
    This is My Journey...
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    Superconference LA

    I would like to take a moment and thank all the instructors and staff that made this event possible. I really had quite a bit of fun, but more importantly conquered some sticking points. Some sticking points i knew of and others i discovered while i was there. It was also fantastic to put faces to all the names of the instructors and to get a true sense of all their different and unique personalities. A special thanks out to Soul who was able to show me how to add a stronger delivery to the stories of my life! I live quite an interesting life with many travels and adventures. I'm a romatic at heart and love to tell my life stories as opposed to using others material. I believe this is what makes us all unique. During a bootcamp I had with Fader, he stated that when he was gaming it was like being in the movie "the Matrix". I understood what he meant, but had not experienced that perception. With everything I was able to bring together from the superconference and some further self-study, it just happened! A kind of epiphany! It all just suddenly clicked. A week after I returned, it just started raining women. Not that I ever had a difficult time with women, I just knew that I could always do better! I am all about constant improvement! My day game has exploded! I much perfer day game over clubs. Thank you again Soul! This past week I was at a large wine party(500+) with a very confident, intelligent, beautiful woman that I had been push-pulling all week building the excitement. While I was moving around the venue I finally experienced that matrix like perception and I realized everywhere I turned it seemed as if all women were taking notice and I was engaging all their smiles! The best compliment came from the lady I was with. Towards the end of the evening she stated, "I've never seen anything like this!" Me; "Like what gorgeous?" Her; " Just about every woman we walked past has eye fucked you tonite!" "You could have any woman here at this party that you wanted." Me; I know, so appreciate the time you spend with me. I would just like to thank everyone again for all their efforts to make the superconference possible and if you have the chance to go, I highly recommend that you do!

  8. Lovesystems Superconference OCT -08

    What up people! It has been awhile since the superconference, but I'm still reaping the rewards from that weekend and I need to shout out the peoples that changed my life.

    I am going to keep this review short and simple:

    I arrived one day early to meet up at the start-up seminar with Fader. Knowing nothing about lovesystems, whether it was a scam or for real, I went to this seminar hoping it to be worth all the money i dished out. Good decision.
    Fader is the most altruistic, informative, and tells-it-like-it-is guy I met all weekend. This is exactly what I needed. He really wants to help you succeed and also breaks it down for the analytical person (myself including anybody holding a job in computers,science,medicine,finance, engineering etc.) ANYBODY looking for an instructor for a bootcamp, fader is your guy. He will give you the push you need and sometimes bitch slap, until you do what you're supposed to be doing.
    As for the start-up seminar, I would have been a little lost the rest of the weekend if i hadn't signed up for it.

    INNER GAME! = Insane!
    For me, this was worth the price of the whole weekend. Mr M and Braddock have something that is worth millions. Fuck Chicken Soup for the Soul, Fuck all those other self-help books, fuck the psychiatrist taking your money, fuck
    prozac, fuck the countless number of hours you can spend memorizing routines and lines from these forums, inner game is mostly all you need.

    "In order to change the world around you, you have to change yourself" -quote started by Mr M as the 1st words of the seminar. Mr M and Braddock broke down human psychology and gave us the steps we needed to reprogram our brains to be the person we want to be. You can memorize all the lines and routines you want, but women sense energy. If you don't deliver ++energy with confidence, anything you say means nothing.
    Anybody who is looking for that "i am the man" rush, for better business and social interactions, for life altering information you didn't know about yourself, this seminar is the answer. As for the instructors, they were the 2 of the 3 best instructors at the conference. Thank you Mr M and Braddock.

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    keepin nyc / nj dancers in check

    I just wanted to thank everyone for everything. I will never forget that super conference.
    View Full Profile: Click Here 200 + Reviews (Most In Company History): (watch my journey from student to approach coach, to instructor, to master instructor, to stripper destroyer).

    Best quote from a workshop review ever "Overall this bootcamp was a short colombian 10, his teaching ability is a 10, and his game is a 10."

    My Bootcamp Schedule:

    Don't Be A Victim (click, read & change your life)

    : There comes a point in everyone's life where they either have their dreams or the reasons they dont. You're the hero of your own story..... write a good one.

    Try Walking In My Shoes
    You'll Stumble In My Footsteps

  10. LA Superconference - The Playboy Mansion

    Hey Guys, after some busy and exciting couple of months since the Superconference I finally have some time to write a review of the event.

    This is a long post….I will not go into graphic detail. It is just my first week in LA has been one of the best weeks of my life and in my opinion is what guys dream about!! It is all thanks to lovesystems and I want to show guys who are undecided about taking a bootcamp what it has done for me and possible for you!!

    My second post will be about the second night infield at a club called Les Deux and the third about the events in last few days in LA once the superconference had finished.


    I attended my first bootcamp in London, August 2008 which was run by Sheriff. I had such a positive experience (even though Sheriff recently joked to me I was his least favourite student due to my expressionless face. He said he could not tell if I was enjoying the bootcamp or not! Note to myself...take up poker as I have a great poker face!) That when I read about the upcoming superconference I went for it!

    I originally signed up for the Gold programme but a week before it was due to start I decided this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and to go for platinum! As far as I am aware and from the guys I met there, I was the only student to fly in from England.


    The conference

    First impressions I could see Savoy and the LoveSystems team had put a huge amount of time into the whole set up. Everything seemed simple, easy (i.e to register , know where to go, what time, etc.) and a huge variety of lectures and pratical exercises was available over the weekend.

    I will not go into details as this has pretty much been covered before. In my opinion every instructor who was on stage giving a talk delivered it with passion, real understanding and humour.

    I wrote SO much down and it was great to speak to instructors around the venue and from listening to other students they all agreed about what a great experience this was!


    First Night infield - The Playboy Mansion

    The lectures/breakout room exercises all started on the friday and I was expecting that the first night infield would be at a club, almost to prepare us for attending the mansion on the wrong was I!!

    I was given a small card that tells me tonight is playboy night and the time to meet in the hotel lobby....shit.....don`t get me wrong I`m happy to be going there but I was now going straight in at the deep end!

    I meet the other platinum guys who are all a nice bunch of guys. Some were there obviously to game the most beautiful girls in the world (I know I was) and others were looking for a more relaxed approach just to enjoy being at the venue and not to be chasing after hot girls all nigh,t so it was cool to have a variety of guys there. The instructors included Mr.M, Sphinx, big business and another guy whos name I have forgotten as never worked with him.

    Time for the games to begin...

    The Mansion is what you expect it to be, it is filled with hot girls and good looking guys. I walk in and it almost hit me like hammer in the head. For the first 20mins I have a sense of intimidation by the venue and the people in it!

    Another student and I are partnered with Big Business who is a really nice guy, warm, friendly, and gave me feedback that I felt was really hitting the nail on the head. We chill out get a drink and I start to adjust to the surroundings and adopt the frame that this is my party, my house.....huge frame to take on I know....I am faking it until I make it!

    My first approach is with two girls I am not really interested in but it is just a warm up. Turns out this girls name is Angel and she is responsible for dressing every girl backstage for the modelling show due to take place in an hour or so....!!



    The night goes on, I`ve approached several sets and winged other students. I`m doing well, having fun and never really got blown out. The modelling show begins so I take a timeout and watch the hottest girls on the planet walk do their thing!!

    Now the highlight of my night begins…..

    There is this hot girl who is working there attending to the vips in their area. Its like a small square room where the walls are white see through fabric and inside are sofas against each wall, except the entrance where it is totally open with no fabric. There is an identical `room` next to this.

    This girl is standing to one side outside like a bodyguard. I say to Big Business there is something about her that makes me want to know more so I go over.

    I don`t have a well rehearsed opener, and transition or anything….I just open.

    I say something like hey real quick do you think American girls like a British accent? (Obviously I`m from London so its appropriate to ask)

    Just as she is answering I playfully tap her on the arm and say `I bet you think I`m from Australia anyway and I start to make some steps to walk away while kind of facing her….she laughs and starts saying no, no, etc….. bang….I`m in!

    I follow the lovesystems model….I`m aware of the fact she is working and has to attend the vips at any moment….this manager guy comes to interrupt and I befriend him and he leaves.

    I arrange a Day 2 and number close but shit….I don`t have my phone, pen or paper… I head to the bar which is clearly in view 40 feet in front of us to grab a pen and paper

    While at the bar a stunning hired gun is near me who I know is there to get guys to join the poker tournament taking place later that evening as I have seen several of these girls throughout the night in their poker outfits.

    I open again using the previously successful American girls and british accent opener. Things go really well…..its playful, flirty, kino, so I number close and arrange a Day 2…all while the vip girl is still standing where she was before looking in my direction.

    When I number close this poker girl I am about to use the pen and paper I now finally have but she gives me a card. On the front is a large photo of her followed by smaller photos of a girl next to it. One photo of a backflip, another of someone on fire, and finally one of stretching. I flip the card over and in big bold letters is her name and under that is…

    …STUNT WOMAN…..obviously I tease her about it and I leave securing the day 2!

    I go back to vip girl with the biggest smile on the inside and get go about finally getting her number. As we speak the vips fall out of the area all smashed and my girl goes in and adjusts a few things…I lead her onto the back sofa…..I run more comfort and we have a lot in common and we build a strong connection.

    We take some photos and this thought hits me….I`m sitting on a sofa in the vip area of the Playboy Mansion….I look ahead and can see the bar, and the stage the models walked down earlier…..

    I look into the vip box next to me on my left and see (remember its see through white fabric seperating the boxes so I can clearly see whats going on) Mr. Hefner...the legend himself sitting on a sofa with his two gorgeous blonde gfs dancing in front of him. A camera man with a bright shining light attached to his camera is whizzing around the the entrance is 15+ people staring in at Hugh just to get a glimpse.....

    Holy shit! I`m in LA… the Playboy Mansion…I`ve just organised a Day 2 with a girl who works at the mansion and trying to get into modelling and now just arranged a Day 2 with a stunt woman!


    Day 2 – Playboy Girl

    I`ll keep this short…..I followed the ideas Sheriff had mentioned in my original bootcamp about seduction….

    I have paladin crashing with me in my hotel room while I`m out in LA….I say that tonight I`m going to need the place to myself as have a date. He`s cool and I accidentally on purpose forget my camera so when I meet this girl (who is driving to meet me) at the hotel lobby I can say hey I forgot my camera and need to go grab it. It worked and she comes with me meeting paladin and been in my hotel room so its hopefully not a big deal to come back!

    We have a fun date going into bars, head back to my hotel room and chill on my bed….we have deeper comfort while I`m sexually escalating and I seal the deal leaving the rest to your imagination!

    Highlight was her saying “I`m about to break her 3 date rule”… Oh well!!

    I feel like a God….I have not only partied at The Playboy Mansion….but met and seduced of the hot staff that work there….

    And during the night we first met…..her boss…..Hugh Hefner, was sitting on the sofa with a piece of fabric between us!

    Part 2 to come…..

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