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    I'm unsure how to word a review on Labyrinth but I'm gonna try. This man has a level of confidence that is maybe the highest ever achieved by any man. I took a Dance Floor Game class from him at Super Conference 2015 and got to witness his work live at infiled. I can't give specifics due to Non Disclosure agreements but I think it's safe to tell you MIND BLOWN is an understatement. My personal level of confidence has risen to new heights and I have questioned everything I once believe about what is and what is not possible. Want to open doors to a new level of living? Take a class from Laby!


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    I had the opportunity to go to a few breakout sessions, and also was able to work infield, with Flash at Super Conference 2015. As of that point he was a workshop assistant but I believe he is well on his way to becoming a full fledged instructor. He was very motivational and has an excellent understanding of game and how to convey it to you. I would certainly take a class from him in the future when it becomes available.


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    I got to meet Intrigue at Super Conference 2015. This man's story is truly inspirational! His knowledge of game and abilities with women are astounding. He is the embodiment of what a PUA is supposed to be and that extends far beyond any bar or club. If you have the opportunity to learn game from Intrigue and you pass it up you will be doing yourself a great injustice!


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    I got to meet Venture at Super Conference 2015. I would love nothing more than to tell the story of what was going on when I first met him but they made us sign Non Disclosure Agreements so I can't. (If you weren't there, you missed out!) Instead I will tell you that he was part of an Inner Game conference that I attended and taught Fashion and Lifestyle / Text Game seminars. The information he shares is pure gold and unfiltered. I look forward to learning more from Venture in the very near future.


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    Calabrese's seminar on Qualification at Super Conference 2015 was a "lightbulb-moment" for me. He explained this topic in a different way than I had ever heard or thought about it. I immediately realized, this was my current roadblock and I hadn't even noticed. I'm currently still working on it but because of this seminar I am well on my way and have noticed a lot of difference in my game. This was the only seminar he did at Super Conference but it was obvious that he is full of knowledge. I will be searching him out to learn more from him in the near future.


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    Thanks Man. it was a pleasure working with you
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