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  1. I attended Super Conference last month. This was my first time attending something like this and had no idea what to expect. I was blown away with not only how much information was taught, but also how well it was taught. I got out of a long term relationship over the summer and wasn't good with women beforehand and afterward had no idea how to get back in it. I tried on my own for a month or two and I knew I needed help. Super Conference was just what I needed. I learned so much about how to interact with women. I signed up for the gold package and the nights out were amazing. The first night, one of the instructors Huzefa (who was fantastic), worked with me and critiqued my interactions. My sets didn't last long, which was fine, because approaching and transition were my sticking points. He gave so much feedback of stuff that I never would have thought of. One things was my smile and the next night he showed me a video that he made about body language and smile. Then we worked on my smile after the day was over until I got it down. The second day was the SNL class. I've never pulled the same night, but that changed after the second night. The lessons from that class were easy to implement and I am so thankful I attended that class. Looking back, I should I have signed up for the 2 extra nights out. Lessons learned during the day are great, but it's the implementation that made it worth while.

    I also attended the Trigger Words seminar afterwards with Braddock. I am not a good conversationalist, but after that class, I have improved so much. I am so glad that I took that class, as conversation is another sticking point of mine.

    I am so glad that I attended Super Conference. Thanks to everyone for putting Super Conference together. It was the best investment I have made in my life. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about attending.

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    wow ^^^Results. Those kind of results took me YEARS to get trying it on my own. Insane to see what guys can do in only a few days with us. This makes me very happy thanks for sharing. I am grateful to have had a big part in your success. Keep it up!
    E-mail me at if you are interested in working with me. Serious inquiries only!

  3. Its been a few months since super conference and long over due but I wanted to update everyone on my experience with Platinum Level (4 days) Superconference plus the added workshops - Trigger words with Braddock, and Strippers and Hired guns with Fader.

    I will say I was was extremely hesitant about paying all that money to attend but looking back it was a no brainer when I found myself back in my Vegas suite with 2 rhino strippers partying until 3 pm. Yeah, easily one of the best decisions of my life. Here is my perspective/field report of those 5 days/nights

    I had previously taken a boot camp in nyc with the don and big business back in 2008-2009 and the strippers and hired guns with fader in 2013. A few months after my first bootcamp in NY I found myself dating a model…not too shabby as the whole reason for doing this was to date the 9s and 10s. We eventually broke up and I went into a little rut but I kept at it. I even went out by myself and managed to befriend and date bartenders, strippers but without any consistency. I knew I needed and wanted to get better with my game and more consistent so i took the strippers and hired guns workshop in 2013. I can't say enough great things about fader but his game is ridiculously advanced and you really can't explain it or believe it until you see it in action. I love his workshop because he is right there with you the whole time giving you instant advice right in front of the girls and each set(strippers come and go all the time) you can see your game get better set after set after set. I almost pulled one back to my hotel but I said something really stupid about her breath which blew the set out of the water. Still an amazing first intro and i realized that it was indeed possible..

    Over the next year i found myself having more success with all types of girls but still not the consistency i wanted. I knew i had to take a drastic step and after talking with Bill i knew the Gold level at super conference was probably my last chance to get the results i wanted. It was a little more than i wanted to pay but this is something in my life i knew needed to change and the one area in my life i didn't have the success i wanted. Of course the more I thought of how i improved the most in any skill was through repetition and practice and decided last minute to upgrade to platinum level(two extra nights out with all the instructors and with only a handful of students). On my 3 hour drive to vegas the only thing i could think of was how much money i had spent if if it was all going to be worth it or not. Yes regret was starting to set in.

    I was a little late but as soon as i got there Sterling immediately came up to me introduced himself and asked me what 3 things i felt i needed to work on. I knew i was terrible at kino and physical escalation and then drew a blank. It didn't matter because in our brief 1 minute interaction Sterling was able to point out to me that my body language needed improvement, that i talked way too fast, and that i used my arms alot when i talked so i needed to relax and not be so animated. This was all within the first minute of me meeting him!

    So off we go, only a handful of students(barely 10?)and about 40 instructors!!!!!!!! It was great just being able to talk to so many top instructors and and ask questions and get some insight into game. We got to the table off i went with Gil Rio to do some practice sets so he could evaluate me and see what areas i needed help. I opened a 5 set and after a few minutes Gil came in and helped me to isolate 1 out of the group. I could hear him talk to the group and couldn't help but laugh because his game was strong and the 4 girls were just eating up everything he was saying. It was still early so we went back to the table where I met a few more of the top instructors (mr. M, vercetti, hoss, keychain, house, ten magnet). I wanted to work on physical escalation so i introduced myself to keychain and he immediately gave me some pointers and then introduced me to one of the instructors in training Jasper, a project rockstar grad. Off we went around the club and after a few sets jasper helped my out with my body language up to the point where it became almost second nature. My opening drastically improved where i no longer had any blowouts. I couldn't believe it! After about 30 minutes I was introduced to a new instructor- Labyrinth. Off we went on the dance floor and holy shit i could not believe this guy!!!! as we were walking around the dance floor this guys just starts dancing with girl after girl -3 that i witnessed and not only danced with each of them but also made out with all 3! I couldn't believe it and when i asked him what the hell he was doing he told me to watch him- I did and i still had no idea what he was doing other than it was pure magic. I decided i needed to get back to basics and so went with tenmagnet to open more sets getting instant feedback on every single set. I met Hootie a project rockstar grad who helped me get the balls to go for an instant kiss and gave me to confidence boost to go for it. I didn't think it would work but the next thing i see if this beautiful blonde and so using the body language techniques and physical escalation I found myself making out with this gorgeous girl within seconds of opening. I brought her back to the table but soon the set went south(a few instructors were able to point out that i was all over her the entire time and never backing off or giving any takeaways. The rest of the night Dan Wild Card (new instructor who really knows his stuff) stayed with me set after set until about 5 am just honing my body language, opening, and kino. I was pretty exhausted but so pumped about the huge improvements in opening(which i thought i was pretty good at before).

    Day 2 started with a great intro by nick and then an amazing presentation by vercetti on inner game. powerful stuff! I talked with a few of the instructors about what lectures/ workshops to attend and learned a ton on info and techniques to apply for my second night. Hootie, Jasper, Dan Wild Card were so nice and helpful answering all my questions and helping me with some of the lessons i learned from the previous night. Our group of instructors for the second night out was ridiculous-Future, vercetti, darwin, Dax, and Gil rio as well as some instructors in training/evaluation. Again i started with some warm up sets which hooked alot better than I was expecting the to. I had opening down and was opening set after set without any effort. I wanted to work on physical escalation more as well as push/pull and so spent most of the night doing just that. I got so hooked on the attraction i was getting that i never thought to slow things down, go to normal conversation to learn more about the girl and to connect on deeper levels, think about logistics, and lead them into comfort.

    I knew this was going to be a process and so i made sure to keep my goals simple and obtainable. With so much information in all areas of game it is easy to want to do every single thing we learn. The instructors all did an amazing job of focusing on just a couple things at a time and becoming natural in those areas (I never could have imagined how much body language alone helped every aspect). I also made sure to make a list every day on what i had lean red from the night before and also on what areas I needed to improve.

    Night 3 of platinum was the night I was ready to really put it all together. If i thought my first night of instructors was amazing night 2 was just as impressive:Keychain, ten magnet, Labyrinth, Intrigue, and a couple instructors in training/ evaluation. We did our usual warm up sets and I opened some very attractive sets before winging a fellow students set. I met a beautiful blonde who happened to be there for her 21st bday with her mom, 3 sisters, and one of her sisters lesbien gfs. What a logistical nightmare but fuck it, she was hot and turned out to be pretty cool. I was able to convince her to leave her family and join me at the table for a drink. I could tell she was a little hesitant but I knew to take 1 step back and after a few minutes i could tell she was loosening up. At one point keychain even came over and helped me out with some body language right in front of her and it instantly helped escalate the whole interaction. I led her to the dance floor where we made out and made plans to end the night together. Back to the table and then eventually we parted. With plans to meet later. It was still super early in the night so I asked Labyrinth to teach me his magic. On the way to the dance floor labyrinth taught me the basics and as soon as we hit the dance floor i could tell it was working. I started dancing with a beautiful brunette while L danced with her friend. We kept working the dance floor so i could get more practice in but I couldn't help just watch Labyrinth because it was unbelievable to see how good this guy was. amazing. We made our way back tot he table when i crossed the path of a gorgeous costa rican woman who also celebrating her bday. This was the whole reason I got into this so i had to act. opened right away-everything great, brought back to table, amazing, logistics moved to bar for a drink and then eventually back to the table. Her friend waited for us at the table(found out later she was fucked up on drugs( intrigue and labyrinth tried to help but she was far gone). The girl i was falling in love with got worried about her so i got her number and they took off. The first girl had happened to check in on me a could times when i was distracted but the instructors would always give me a heads up or tell me when to talk to her. She even told me how she couldn't understand why she was so into me but she couldn't help it. I was so tempted to leave with her right then and there but i was doing so well and the instructors were so great i just wanted to keep going. Plus right at that moment i started getting yelled out by her mom, lesbien etc that i just cut it loose with plans to meet when they were all asleep(didn't happen but its been a month and this girl still texts me).

    The 4th and last day(instructor night out). I had stayed up until at least 6 am every day of the trip so i was pretty exhausted but so excited for one last day / night with all the instructors. Braddock even taught a workshop on trigger words which was awesome(Gil Rio also taught one the first day which was super helpful before going out). I used to always run out of things to say but never again! Another awesome night with the top instructors was just what i needed. Vercetti was there and was able to give me some more pointers with body language. When i got back to the table i was surprised to see that our bottle service girl was a girl i had flirted with months before. She was happy to see me so i started gaming her with everything i had learned so far. Everything was going great for awhile, but as Fader was later able to point out, I put on the full court press way to hard and was all over her never giving her a chance to breath. Shit! I guess some habits are harder to break than others. I was pretty exhausted at this point but i wanted to keep going until i finally had to turn in. Plus i had decided last minute to take the Advance class on trigger words and the strippers and hired guns with fader.

    We all know Braddock is a legend so i jumped at the chance to learn from him especially since his style with lots of push pull and humor seemed the most similar to my own. I had already met him the day before at his trigger words workshop and again at the club for instructor night out. Another great guy who really cares about what he teaches and the people he teaches. Braddock is a phenomenal teacher and if anyone needs help with running out of things to say the Trigger Words Workshop is the ideal class to take. Braddock had tons of examples and exercises that made it easy to follow and understand. Like most of the techniques we learn this one also does need some practice to get really good at, but even after a few exercises it was easy to see a difference.

    Since i was having so much success during the Super conference I jumped at the chance to do another infield with Fader at the strip club. I had done a strippers and hired gun workshop a year and a half before and loved the experience. I do not know a better place to improve you game the most than talking to hot stripper after stripper for hours while fader gives you constant feedback(many times in front of the girl without her knowing). Faders game is ridiculously advanced, but he is an unbelievable teacher who really cares about his students. He is very blunt, which I love, because he knows your time is valuable. Since I had already done a workshop with him before Fader knew what things i needed to work on. After 4 straight nights of regular girls I was in the wrong zone and kept messing up set after set. Fader got me on track and i was instantly my sets improved. Fader stayed next to me the whole time and every time i had a question he was right there to fix it right in front of the girl including helping out if i had nothing to say. Even when I thought I was doing ok fader would ask me what happened with each set and then wait for me to tell him how I thought it went before correcting me and explaining to me what was actually happening- I kept thinking it was going ok but not great when in reality I was killing it and these girls kept wanting to stay. I realized again(shit!) that I needed to relate and elaborate more during my conversations so when a next cute red head sat down I knew exactly what I needed to do. After flirting for 45 min we planned on grabbing breakfast when she finished work but I had to leave for home earlier than I thought. I sent her a text and she responded with plans to meet next month.

    The first month after super conference i was only able to go out 4 times. Those nights started uneventful- a couple numbers, a few make outs. I was pretty stoked when I made my way onto the dance floor of one of the clubs and using Labyrinths techniques able to start dancing with a girl and make out with her after only a few minutes.
    About a month after SC I met my cousins in vegas for a few days. My cousins were more interested in gambling so i called the rhino dancer. We met at my hotel and after talking for a few minutes we went upstairs and spent the next 4 hours really getting to know each other better before I had to leave again. 2 weeks later i found myself back in Vegas. First night we were at a club and I had a couple make outs, but we ended up back at the rhino. I started talking to alot of the dancers and ran into my red head. I told her that we needed to bring someone back with us tonight(we had briefly talking about this previously) and she of course was very into it. We finally selected a big breasted asian girl. She was a lesbian and very into my girl so after a little conversation and push pull we finally left and made our way back to the hotel. The rest of that morning/ afternoon were pretty fucking awesome. I slept the rest of the day but since it was my buddies bday we were going out again. I did my usual walk through found some very attractive ladies made out with one and tried to bring them back to the table but the rope guy said in could only bring 2 so the group of 6 left. no worries as i was able to bring more to the table. Flirted with our bottle service girl for most of the night (turns out she's friends with my best friends gf and thank god i'll be back in vegas in 2 more weeks!) got a few numbers before settling in on a cute brunette from Kansas with perfect booty. We wet back to her hotel and happened to run into her friends who immediately tried to cock block me with pretty good success. I was pretty tired so went home. When i woke up i had a text from her with a great bikini shot. I convinced her to leave the pool and come to my hotel for a few hours before i had to leave.

    All I can say is that all that time and effort have been rewarded and then some! While I still have a long ways to go, I have a much better understanding of where I am and what things I need to practice in order to reach my goals. Even when I don’t go out for a week or so and I start off terribly I now know how to correct my bad habits. I have seen a drastic improvement in not only my game but also my motivation towards success in my career and with my family. Platinum level at Superconference was WELL worth the price and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I do not know of any other place in the world where you can meet and learn from the expert in their type of game-physical escalation(keychain), same night lays (intrigue), Strippers (fader), Triggerwords/push/pull (Braddock), dance floor game(labyrinth), etc. pick their brains and get instant feedback while they watch you open set after set. When you know that these guys used to be like you, it gives you alot of inspiration to want to achieve the things in your life that you are unsatisfied with. I want to again thank all the instructors for all their help and hard work because it really helped me gain perspective of my life and gave me a whole new confidence with women. I would tell anyone and everyone if you want to get better at this then definitely go to super conference because as long as your motivated there is no way you will regret it.

  4. Faderisawesome - Orlando Feb 2015

    This course was just what I needed. I really appreciate the time Fader spent helping me. He is a true master of the art of pickup/seduction. Watching him banter with the waitress during dinner was just what you would expect from a professional seducer. I aspire to be like that. You know, it's funny, here I paid all this money, but Fader was so awesome, that I feel guilty for stealing his time. The information he provided me was like a treasure. Fader is a true professional and I will never forget that he paid attention to me and provided me with constructive feedback. Fader sacrificed fun for himself to watch me learn how to grow as a man. Fader will always be welcome in my house. Thank you, Fader.


    Four words: Go to the Superconference.

    Why? Because there's simply no other place that you'll find this many guys with this much talent. Not just talent with women, but on teaching OTHER guys to succeed with women.

    You could go to a bootcamp (and I totally encourage that as well), but at a bootcamp you'll learn from two to four instructors. At the superconference, you'll learn from over two dozen. You'll meet and learn from instructors who live in Europe, Australia, and all across the U.S. Combined they've got over 100 years of experience approaching tens of thousands of women in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities. To say you're getting expert coaching is a massive understatement.

    "It's too expensive."

    Trust me, I've been there. It took me a lot of courage to sign up for my 1st bootcamp, but it was one of the best decisions of my life. I've grown more than I thought possible, and I continue to push myself constantly.

    How much is having a quality woman or quality women in your life worth to you? If you have approach anxiety, confidence issues, or you're just striking out and don't know what you're doing wrong, how are you going to fix it? Maybe you never will.

    But you're lucky, because most guys in these situations are simply fucked. They don't know about pickup, or pickup simply didn't exist for them (it's only been around for a couple decades).

    You have the option, the opportunity, to get a professional coach who will answer any question, help you with any issue so you can grow and get the success you want with women. And they know how because ... guess what? They were where you are now.

    They're where you want to be, and their sole purpose is to help you get there. And the superconference is the best place because of the exposure you get to so many instructors of different races, backgrounds, and styles.

    Pickup/game is all about becoming the best YOU. Look at the topics, read about the instructors, and get as much face time with them as possible. I hope to see you there, cause I'll be there again. Best of luck on your journey.

  6. Super Conference

    I just left Super conference , and had the time of my life. I did the platinum package and it was the best thing I could have spent my money on. I learned so much.From Calabrese's on qualification to Laby's dance floor game, which helped me that night!! I totally enjoyed Hooties body language seminar , because if your mouth and body aren't saying the same thing then your going home solo. Intrigues same night Lays really have me something to think about and a foundation to work off of which I really liked.

    Most importantly though, I truly valued the infield experience. Spending four nights with some of the best dating coaches in the world really put into perspective where I'm at and where what I need to work on. And with the notes and the concepts that I've learned I'm definitely going to be working on it. It was also definitely great to finally meet Savoy in person, we've spoke and texted many times and he's definitely as genuine and sincere in person as he in on the phone. He as well as all the other coaches in his team really do care about the students results. I also really enjoyed learning from Future some more since he was the one that taught my boot camp it was really nice to see where he thought I was at in my progress and to here from some of the other up incoming coaches about how there journeys went to get where they are today.


    Mike W

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    Superconference 2015

    Super Conference has been one of the best week I had in my lifetime. It totally flipped my mindset in terms of meeting and attracting women. Instructors worked in teams to help me form a good habit of sub-communication and body language. In the breakout room, I received one-on-one feedbacks from the instructors on how I talk to women and realized my strengths and weakness. Following their instructions, I experienced tremendous improvements during the infield portion.

    At night, although they could perceive my improvement, they would always push me into more challenging tasks to make sure I was miles away from my comfort zone. The helps I received from the instructors were absolutely invaluable.

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    Superconference 2015

    It's been about 3 weeks since Superconference 2015 now. I did the "All-access" package. It felt crazy to be paying that much money but I knew that if I was going to do it I wanted to go all the way and get the most out of my experience. To say that it was life-changing would be an understatement. If you are reading this and thinking about going in 2016 my advice would be: Beg, borrow, or sell everything you have if you have to in order to go "All-access" and you will hunt me down to thank me for it later.

    I had done a bootcamp with Fader in June and seen tremendous results from it and after following it up with Superconference I am a different man. Most of my friends don't have a clue what I was doing while I was gone to either of these events but they all notice the difference and ask what happened to me. I've never been a social moron but the skills I have gained from this have taken me to a whole new level in EVERY social interaction I am in, whether it's talking to a woman at a bar or in business meetings.

    All of the instructors are amazing. The level of expertise these men have is beyond belief and I can say, having worked with almost every one of them at some point during the week, that they all TRULY care about their students and will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed and get what you came for. I can not thank you guys enough!


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    I was able to take a couple of classes with Jasper in Las Vegas at Superconference 2015 and also got to spend some time with him "Infield." He knows exactly what he is doing and gives phenomenal advice and insight. He also truly cares about his students and making sure he does what he can to help them succeed. I highly recommend taking any opportunity you may have to learn from him!


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    I was at Super Conference in Vegas, August 2015 and had the pleasure of taking a few classes from Sterling. His class on Inner Game changed the way I looked at several things which directly allowed me to bring a girl back to my room from the club that night, as well as a few other nights. That shift in my point of view still helps me greatly, it was truly eye-opening. Sterling has a unique approach to game and much to teach. I highly recommend signing up for any class he is involved in and hope to personally be spending a great deal of time with him in the summer of 2016...


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