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  1. This year's SuperConference was definitely the best SC I've been to and it is such great bang for the buck, I cannot recommend it highly enough. To completely immerse yourself for 3 days and 2 nights (at least) with other people who are as passionate about self-improvement/improving with women as you are? Sign me up.

    A quick rundown of the talks that I saw:

    Braddock on Inner Game:
    What a way to start off SC. Braddock is such an amazing presenter because he speaks from the heart and has the reference experiences to back up what he is saying. Some of the topics Braddock covered in this talk included what a cool guy's inner game is like, an exercise to help with negative thoughts, flow channels, improving your state while out and what natural game really is/all about.

    In my personal opinion, inner game is THE NUMBER ONE most important thing that someone can really work on to improve their success with women AND their life in general. Braddock used so many personal examples of the pain and journey he has taken with inner game and I know that that really connected with me personally - it was so motivating and inspiring to hear. Like he said, "if one man can do it, so can another."

    For those of you who have yet to take his actual 8-hour+ Inner Game seminar, SIGN UP NOW! He goes so much more in-depth into every topic and introduces many more topics that he didn't have time to touch on during his talk topay (boundaries, more practical exercises, etc.) You will not regret it one bit

    Sterling/Venture on The First 5 Minutes:
    Great content and a topic that most guys could really use help with, I know I did.
    They vibed well with each other and had a ton of great examples, loved it.

    Fader on Qualification:
    Fader is basically someone who is smart as fux and knows what he is talking about, so I try and listen to every talk that he gives every year. I loved this one on Qualification because it is a topic that not many guys cover and cover well and he made it really simple with a ton of great examples.
    Also loved all the book recommendations

    Vercetti on Masculinity:
    What a talk. V really spoke from the heart and he is just such a charismatic speaker who you can tell just really cares.
    The talk covered the 6 pillars of masculinity and he had a quote and a brief description + example for each pillar. Really inspiring and practical stuff.
    I would say that masculinity is something that 99% of the guys who learn this can work on, but NOT in a weird gamey way, but in the ways that V talked about and preached.
    Loved this talk

    SC was amazing. Everyone who didn't go.. get your ass to Vegas next year, you won't regret it

  2. SuperConference 2013 was a blast from start to finish. It is so much more than lines and routines, but a reminder of all that you can accomplish in life. As Fader says, the students think they are coming to learn magic lines that will make panties drop, but they are really coming to work on their inner game. Just being around so many inspiring people, both students and instructors, really transformed my worldview. Game is a process of destroying mental barriers and creating strong frames for life, and SuperConference this year set me on the right path for another year of continued success and progress.

    I had been to SuperConference last year, which was also very fun and informative. This one was even better. The instructors made a real point of being available to students outside of the breakout rooms and lectures, and I really appreciated that. You could see that so much of the learning was taking place in the hallways as instructors chatted one-on-one with the students. This type of personal attention is what makes Love Systems seem like more than a life-skills training program, but a very special calling.

    I wanted to give some shoutouts to some of the instructors who made SuperConference so memorable for me:

    Boulder: I had the opportunity to go over some day game fundamentals with Boulder in the breakout room. His story of breaking down mental barriers and achieving success in life and in love was itself worth the price of admission. He also very patiently went over day game and other practical tips with us.

    Keychain: Keychain was everywhere at SuperConference. He is a very bright guy, and takes his job as an instructor very seriously. His advice and encouragement, always delivered in his understated English way, meant a lot to me.

    Intrigue: Intrigue was also everywhere at Love Systems. He loves women and going out so much that it can't help but rub off on the students. His breakout room session on Common Questions at the Club ("Where are you from?" etc.) was hilarious from start to finish.

    Sheriff: Sheriff wasn't technically participating in this year's SuperConference, but he came to say 'hi' and hang out with the other instructors. He is like a kid in a candy shop in the field, he enjoys himself so much, and he was easy to chat with and gave me some valuable insight and advice.

    Future: Future's game is so good, it's almost unfair. When you realize what he's overcome in life, it makes his success that much more powerful. Future's lecture on Frame Control was probably my favorite of the entire session.

    Fader: Fader is the man who started me down this path to self-mastery, and he was in fine form as always this SuperConference. His lectures are packed with information, and he studies and practices game with the earnestness of a biblical prophet (a biblical prophet who loves Ketel One and strippers, that is.)

    Cajun: Cajun's improv-influenced, humorous style of game is a great source of inspiration to me. He was always down to talk to students, and was a lot of fun to go out with infield.

    Venture and Sterling: Their Breakout session on storytelling and self-identity, as well as their lecture on The First Five Minutes, were very powerful, and I appreciated that Venture made himself available afterwards to go over the material with me.

    Braddock, Vici, Gil Rio, Zach: Shout out to all these guys for helping me this weekend. Gil Rio's lecture demonstrating how he closes, as well as all his blowouts, was especially helpful.

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    SuperConference 2013 - Levels

    Hey Guys,
    Thanks to work grind this is taking forever, so breaking this SuperConference 2013 review into 2 parts - overall and instructor / session specific thoughts. I may or may not get to part two...
    Overall Review, Advanced Seminars breakdown, and Example of Platinum.
    What can I say except I feel really close to you all and I truly feel different after Super Conference. Since Iíve been back, people have noticed that I am happier. The yoga instructor singled me out for positive energy. My work team said Iím smiling again. As you guys state, improving interactions and bonding with other men in that knowledge makes a huge impact on your state as a person.

    Review emphasis: What I wanted to emphasize was the difference between the levels. What I noticed as a Platinum level student who added advanced workshops, through conversations with other students.
    Silver: Worth going to the conference and attending? Of course. Itís pretty much incredible stuff whether you stay at the main stage or attend the breakout sessions. The hardest part was deciding which to attend. I appreciate the time each instructor took to make the sessions so beneficial for us. It really is the latest and greatest stuff as advertised. If you go, take a laptop so you can take better notes, and make sure you have an extra battery.
    Gold: This is, in my opinion, where you should at least come in to SC. You are paying blood money to come to vegas for a couple of nights, you may as well beg, borrow, and scrounge to get some true experience with the instructors. What you get is beyond-boot-camp stuff. They are teaching the stuff in conference that is the latest and greatest. At Gold level you get to go in for two nights in Vegas at top clubs with table service and apply it. It really solidifies the learning. The instructors care for you in teams - slightly more students than instructors - and you get to experience different styles. Instructors switch teams the second night, so you receive emphasis from different leaders. I feel it is the group teaching and learning that solidifies and amplifies the material absorption - you get to see different styles, hear messages, and feel how each instructor can help you. They will each spend time with you, and you cannot help but start to internalize the things you hear on the main stage. I want to emphasize that they really care for you. At times even the most experienced students were like fawns lost in the woods. The instructors were always there with a slap on the back, anecdote, tip, or just relief as someone cool to chat with. As we were experiencing this, there was so much going on internally that I had to step back and go ďWow weíre in Vegas living the dream in an amazing situationĒ.
    Platinum: The difference I believe between Gold and Platinum is some self-actualization and transformation. You get a lot of personalized attention with Gold, but in Platinum you are actually outnumbered by instructors on Thurs and Sun nights. While this may be intimidating, the nature of the instructors is such that they make you feel so welcome - like a fellow in a journey - that you are immediately taken in and absorbed into the brotherhood. You are learning, but in such a warm environment that your learning increases exponentially. So you get four - four ridiculous nights of personalized attention at the top night clubs in the world with table service versus two nights. So four nights versus two would make you think double the exposure. The effect on me has been much more I believe - some type of see exponential effect. I think I realized that the instructors actually do not have to hang out with you on Thu and Sun, or something, though they were encouraged to. In that sense if you want some help from someone, you should approach that instructor and ask them. I actually wish I did more of that come to think of it, though I was really so in shock on Thurs and tired on Sun that I was happy to vibe. That said, several instructors helped me without asking and it was amazing. Iíve included a more detailed example of my experiences at the end of this review, so you can read that if you want. Is it Worth It? Specifically, I was going to take a seminar that helped with internal elements of dealing with a stressful career. I definitely don't need that $$ seminar anymore. So in my mind platinum level provided very concrete ROI.
    Seminar Part 2 - Strip Clubs from 3-6 AM: Donít miss out on this seemingly important piece. It seemed like folks were going to strip clubs after the in field portion, and this was pretty interesting. Itís an interesting dynamic where some folks from each group will head to a club, and that will become a new group for early morning dynamics. I was able to join this one night. And in that one night I felt I had a huge education - like a masters degree thrown on top of the training. You can see dynamics happen real time and the environment really highlights the training during conference. I got to ask questions of Fader, Boulder, meet Bullet, and get some serious hand holding in the hostile battlefield. If you can do this one night. Beware of course, some students hit it everynight and seemed like zombies. Doing this plus advanced workshops made us completely exhausted by Wed.

    Advanced workshops: These are truly some of the mind-blowing and changing elements of SC. Worth it? Absolutely. Donít treat these as a ďoh yeah I may as well see what these are after I plan my trip around the base conferenceĒ. Give these some serious thought before you book your flights and make your hotel reservations. They are some of the absolute top / advanced things going on in game today, as well as in personal transformation in general. I signed up for Same Night Lays, Daygame, and Breakthrough Comfort. Unfortunately I had to miss Breakthrough Comfort due to work but heard it was phenomenal and Thompson particularly changed one of my friends for the better. Please keep teaching this! Same Night Lays and Daygame, of all of the stuff I experienced in Super Conference, I literally have been applying these details the most. In Same Night Lays, you actually get more than the chance to get SNLís, you get a blueprint on how to apply stuff you learned at SC / bootcamp in a very organic manner to keep you enthused, in the game, and dangerous. Some things they emphasize and others are not emphasized as much. Intrigue and company teach you the mindset to have, the types of girls to keep an eye out for, and what techniques to apply when. This has helped me because itís not just for SNL, but for most effective game in general. I have still been stumped by logistics since learning this stuff, but I am able to progress further with much more beautiful women than ever.
    Daygame is really the most beneficial add for me. Maybe itís also because it is taught after of all the great SC stuff that a lot of the basics while in set I could apply already. What I think is incredible is the specific way Nick and Darwin teach it makes huge differences. The littlest things matter in day game. If you get them wrong you mess it up but if you get it right you get huge bonus points. I have done daygame a lot based on interview series, notes, etc. Just by doing specifically what Nick and Darwin teach in the actual workshop you go 50 levels higher. That makes it easy to apply with great results. I could not attend the last day due to my flight but despite that I got 3 numbers during the sessions, and 3 numbers since Iíve been back home.

    Personal takeaways / success: Iíll spare you the details of my individual personal conquests at SC - they were very nice The biggest things I took away were an honest analysis of where Iím at and how to proceed from here, and also to trust the process and Not focus on outcome. I know we hammer that, but after a lifetime of ďsuccess is everythingĒ mentality, I really need that beaten out of me, even right now still. Iíve learned to enjoy the ride, accept risk, and apply overall processes in business much better over the last year, and SC not only will help me with women, but help continue acceleration in business as well. I really enjoyed meeting other students (like Sebastian!) and we are different ages - Iím more on the older side - but we had common goals and experiences.

    Example of Platinum Level: Beginning of Thursday Night: Call me stupid or just so busy going in to SC - I didnít actually know you go out on Thu night. I was ready to meet my buddy and have a beer before good nightís sleep into Fri. I got a call from LVS - go to Savoyís suite at 10:15 so you guys can go out. Um - ok. I was fortunate to see Thompson (Future), my Mmind instructor, before walking in to Savoyís suite. He grabbed me, had me walk with him to get his phone, and immediately helped my state. Anyone should be so lucky as to get a guide in and intro from Thompson. I was terrified entering the suite and it was pretty loud, and boisterous. I was nervous and some guys came up and started to intro themselves. I felt more comfortable - I saw Chris (Tenmagnet) my bootcamp instructor and a few others I recognized - I really didnít know what a lot of these guys looked like. So I was like, these guys who introed themselves seem cool and weíre hanging out and I may like hanging out with these guys. Then they were slapping high fives with other instructors. So I was like, do you guys have X-men names? They said yeah Iím Bravado. Iím Boulder. Iím Labi (Labrynth). Iím Darwin. Iím Gil Rio. Iím Intrigue. Iím Erik Royale. etc. etc. It then dawned on me that these guys are approachable, cool dudes - this was going to be an awesome weekend. I immediately likened them to a Band of Brothers who are joined by common goals. First mind blowing moment of many. At the club on Thu I was still nervous. The emphasis here is on the instructor to student ratio and their helpful natures. Boulder and Bravado chatted with me and pumped my state. Erik Royale kept me from having a nervous breakdown hanging out at the tables by keeping us cool with good thoughts and advice. Then Keychain asked me if I wanted to walk, and we walked to the waterfall. He pointed to a 3 set, asked if I wanted to open, I said nah. So he grabbed Labrynth who went in and opened, then Sterling who went in after, then he asked if I wanted to go in so I did - as the 3rd wing to Labi and Sterling. Wow. I came out of that fine. Keychain grabbed me and gave me immediate advice - he had been watching me the whole time. The stuff he said right then has been some of the most elemental change I have applied to my interactions. Then Sterling came back and said Lets keep going. He sent me into a two set and winged me. I ended up bringing them back to the tables, handing one of the gals to Savoy (his date for the night thereafter). Amongst other hijinx that night I ended up making out with the gal later near the waterfall. It was first night of SC 2013 and 6+ instructors had focused on helping me - resulting in success at one of the top Vegas night clubs. I thought I was going to grab a beer and chill. Thatís an example of the reality of Platinum level.

    More specifically, since back: on Thu before yet another work dinner I number closed a gal sitting alone using basically Nick Hossís daygame opener and then the male stripper occupation from various seminars. She asked me to take her number quick before her date arrived.
    Sat Brad and I did an experiment and got a table at a DC night club based on our Vegas experience with 4 nights of table game. It helped get some of our lady friends out, which helped lead to a number close on a young lady, and also number closing the half-Asian bartender hired gun, a clear 10. I also opened using the ďGood news? / JC has risen / let us pray / please let us have epic game so we can tap that AĒ opener from 3 to 5 minutes seminar. 5 minutes later they were laughing, qualifying, and at ease. If you told me that I would be getting girls holding hands in a circle praying for epic game, I would have said you were crazy. Being fun and loose works.
    Sunday, I number closed a beautiful 24 year old girl in the coffee shop using literally the exact sequence we learned in Nick Hossís / Darwinís Day Game seminar - the exact opener and close as well as the U-Why model. Weíve had 1 date and although she is very conservative and religious, she constantly texts me.
    I have found out since Iíve been back, that since we were gaming 9s and 10s in Vegas at the top night clubs, doing this back home is a lot easier. At least so far.

    If you guys are ever in Northern VA / DC, don't hesitate, look me up. - Pentagon on the lounge. This was copied from my review in the Lounge.

    (note I'm trying to figure out how to contact the admins to synch my usernames to the one I use on the Lounge. If you know how please message me? Thanks!)

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    SuperConference Review of Intrigue, Labyrinth, Boulder

    First thing I want to say is I spoke to about 75% of the Instructors and they are all f***ing amazing and super insightful and would recommend any and all of them, but due to me not having the time to write a review for every single instructor I am going to write reviews for the 3 instructors I spent the most one-on-one time with during the super conference.

    Intrigue: Super rock solid, is all about fun and is a super nice guy. What you will learn from Intrigue is amazing body language, especially sexual body language. He pulled a hot girl back to the hotel from the club after talking to her for maybe 15 minutes. One of the best things I learned from him was how to make blow outs fun and it made my learning spike through the rough. I was literally overwhelmed by how much I did, grew and changed just after the Friday Night Infield with him. I literally became an approach machine after working with Intrigue.

    Labyrinth: Dominant Dominant and Dominant, oh and did I mention Dominant. I saw things that had my chin on the ground. Labyrinth is probably one of the most dominant alpha guys I know, he had girls giving him the googly eyes, while they were with their boyfriend. I saw girls blow him out one second and then the next literally laughing with their eyes lit up like Brad Pit just walked in the room. I learned the essence of being dominance in a masculine way, not aggressive in an insecure way. This weekend I had one of the best make outs I have ever had when I implemented what Labyrinth showed me and after talking to this girl for maybe a minute I just dominantly pulled her in and made out with her and she loved it as did I.

    Boulder: Funny, rock solid, and owns every interaction. Boulder is the guy who when he opens his mouth, girls are just laughing and in shock. Very exciting guy and wouldn't be surprised if I one day walk into a 1 person bathroom and see him in there with 2 other girls because the door wouldn't lock. His beliefs are and views on the world, girls and himself are unbelievable. When he shared some of his experiences and beliefs, i was literally in awww. The biggest game changer that I learned from Boulder was, have no limit as my limit and man did it change my game BIG TIME. It was part of what I implemented when I grabbed the girl and made out with her in the story above. Along with me feel a girl up on the dance floor that same night. Because of this I find my self trying things I never thought I would do, and doing things I didn't think could be done.

    I swear to god guys, if you have the chance to get one-on-one time with any of these guys you will have left with dramatic changes in your game and life and I am being F**KING SERIOUS. I am approaching not just 10-40 girls a night but HOT ones and I am having a shit load of fun doing it. My confidence and security in myself and who I am is just skyrocketing. Plus they are all really cool fun guys to chill with

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    Should you go to Super Conference? Yes you should. Age, profession, status, skill level, you name it, no matter who you are, you are guaranteed to learn something about yourself at Super Conference while having a great time with inspiring people sharing a common goal of making their life a masterpiece.

    Live training
    Super Conference is like a bootcamp gone supernova with presentations and seminars preparing you to go out and approach awesome women. But unlike a bootcamp you get to work with almost all instructors from Love Systems. Itís very inspiring to see that sick game is achievable by guys with such diverse backgrounds, personalities and looks.

    My infield portion didnít turn out as I had hoped and I actually ended up leaving the club early the first evening. This was in part because I wasnít proactive enough in telling my instructors about some of my sticking points. I spoke to the program manager Jeremy the next day about getting a refund. He convinced me to give him one last chance to fix it and a bit later [Mention=18]Savoy [/Mention] pulled me aside and ensured me that I would get compensated. That night I basically got 2on1 training with two master instructors watching my every move. Itís safe to say, that if your training doesn't live up to your expectations, Love Systems will go out of their way to solve it.

    Presentations and seminars

    Vercetti: Inner Game, Lifestyle and Masculinity
    This speech should have been a capstone presentation for everyone to hear. Lifestyle is so important in evolving game from being about picking up girls to becoming an integral part of your life that youíre proud about.

    Vercetti talked about how to find clarity, how to step away from mediocrity, about compassion and creativity, the importance of cave-time and about how we should remember that in the end, game is just about you connecting with a girl.

    The profoundness of this presentation cannot be underestimated and Vercetti gave a lot of himself on the stage. At times you could have heard a pin drop and the presentation touched a lot of the listeners deeply. This presentation should have been recorded and published as an IVS or a product of its own.

    Vercetti: Body Language
    This seminar fixed a life-long problem of mine, in just one hour. We had exercises in eye-contact and presence and I was teamed up with a young, very nervous guy. There was a lot of nervous laughter, but when Vercetti tells you to do something, you do it, and after just a few minutes the room was filled with an atmosphere of masculine mindfulness that astounded us. After these exercises the nervous, fidgety boy in front of me now stood tall like a confident man.

    I noticed the difference in myself that same evening, my eye-contact was insanely strong but not uncomfortable, I instinctively knew when to cut threads and when to proceed, just from being present in the moment, and I was able to build attraction with girls by just giving them my undivided attention. And in the following weeks it really dawned on me that eye-contact had evolved from being a problem to becoming a force of its own.

    Tenmagnet: Relationship Management
    An invaluable presentation about how to keep your integrity in a relationship while also treating the woman right, how to actually get a girlfriend and how to screen for toxic women.

    Rio and Darwin: Infield Video and breakdown
    Words can hardly describe the awesomeness. The daygame pickup by Darwin was so powerful and natural that you could not have told it was Love Systems at work. The nightgame pickup by Gil Rio left us all hoping to one day achieve just a fraction of this level of skill.

    To top it off, a ďblowout montageĒ demonstrated how you can have an evening of fun and go home with a girl, even if you get blown out several times along the way. Itís a damn shame that this material will never be published.

    Super Conference comes with my highest recommendation and you should not hesitate to reserve your spot, you need to try it at least once. I traveled from Europe to attend and I didnít regret it, I had a blast, got challenged, learned things about myself, met a lot of awesome women and even picked up one of them. What more can you ask.

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    Superconference 2014

    I just got back from one of the wildest, most rewarding weekends of all time.

    Super conference this year taught me so many things.

    I wanted to give a special thanks to Intrigue for his SNL presentation, Darwin for his take on a holistic approach to game and his constant support, Gil Rio for his infield, Venture for all the information he provided, Labyrinth for his incredibly detailed breakdown of dance floor game, and Savoy for making it all happen.

    This was an amazing weekend for all of us! This was my second super conference and it was better the second time around!

  7. Will there be a dvd set with this?

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    Yo, this experience was the best way I could have spent a weekend. I learned alot of good information to build onto my game and made some new friends. I really can't qauntify how much this experience meant to me. I just got to s/o all the instrutors for sharing their vast knowledge and Nick Savoy and his staff for making it all happen. I realize now I must go and man the fuck up and make things happen to get what I want in life. Thanks Nick Savoy!!!!!!!!

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    Vybe - Super Conference 2014

    This is a review on Vybe as an instructor at Superconference '14. I did the conference at the platinum level, so I got a couple extra nights with him around. Vybe really passionate about teaching. Every set he's in, you're his priority. He'd often watch me do a few sets, and give me feedback afterwards.

    One particular night out I spent a significant amount of time one-on-one with him. Walking around, I opened a hot 2-set. (I'm an intermediate guy, so it's not like he needed to help me with AA or open for me. But if that's what you need, I'm sure he'd do it.) He immediately talked to her friend, mesmerizing her, and allowing me to do what I could with her friend. Within minutes, we took them both to our booth. He expertly made sure his girl wasn't sitting anywhere near mine. I took my girl to the dance floor to do my thing, while he kept his girl separated as long as possible. Ultimately they joined us on the dance floor, and it was a special moment that I really can't describe on the internet hahaha. We almost pulled them, but they were virgins and had bad logistics for the night.

    All the while gaming his girl, he watched me as much as humanly possible. He gave me specific feedback on what I'm doing well, and what I need to work on (namely how my neck tended to slouch, then taught me an exercise how to fix this). That's exactly what I needed to hear.

    Thanks Vybe!


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    Intrigue - Super Conference '14




    These words defined my experience with Intrigue. He too came from a place of pain one day, though this is very hard to imagine now. In regard to closing game amongst all the PUAs I've ever met or heard of, he stands alone. Another renown master PUA told me he goes to Intrigue for his questions on SNLs.

    He backs it up with unbelievable pulls. (Apologies for using the number system, but...) They're not 9s or 10s, but 12s and 13s. The amazing thing is that he does it in like 10-30 minutes. I saw this with my own eyes. Yet for all he's achieved in the field, he's a super nice and genuine guy. And all the while attracting and bedding the hottest of the hot, he was still able to watch and give me feedback on myself. Perhaps he has eyes at the back of his head?!

    I'll never forget his one hour talk on SNLs. I felt a real temperature change in the room. Though we were all exhausted, as it was near the end of the day, and I'm sure few of us had gotten good sleep the night before, everyone paid attention to his every word. "It's a powerful feeling seeing a beautiful woman, and then shortly afterwards having sex with her." That quote will resonate in my head for some time. Intrigue's talk was full of myth busters and literal game-changers. We were all blown away.

    I used the tips from his talk and pulled 3 girls into my room that weekend, resulting in 2 SNLs. Without his tips, I definitely would've screwed up the logistics on the way. So if you're at the intermediate level and interested in SNLs or at least improving your sexualization, his SNL course will make your jaw drop. Intrigue rocketed to the top of my list for instructors i want to work with in the future. I've come away with a whole new perspective on game, and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Thanks Intrigue!

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