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  1. LR(?) - Beware of the Craigs List

    I rarely make FRs anymore, but I had an epic last night.

    So just to switch things up, I thought about posting an ad on CL. I got like 4 replies from real girls within 12 hours (plus like 20 spam!) which was pretty impressive. Below is my profile, which I tailored towards the girls that I thought would be on CL.

    Are you interesting/funny/awesome?

    So this one girl facebooks me, and she turns out to be like a 5+ by my very picky standards (never given out a 10 in real life), so she's pretty decent. I've seen some posts on here that would label her a 7 but I digress...

    She calls around 1 and says she's coming over. I'm surprised because usually girls flake out around that time. She walks in and after about 10 minutes of pleasantries she throws me down on the couch and starts making out with me. I think "well damn this makes things easy"

    I'm like hey we could take this somewhere more comfortable than a futon, so we head into my room. She takes her dress off and is sporting these like... pleather/latex underwear things. That's when I think to myself that shit is gonna get deep.

    She grabs my arms and holds them above my head, I start to think wtf is going on. I then procede to ask her wtf is going on and she slaps me squa in the face, like laying into it. This is when I realize shit has indeed gotten deep and it starts freaking me out. She goes down for a BlowJ but turns out she likes to teaste/torture. I can't move because if I try she smacks me and I don't want to hurl this random ass internet girl across my room and hurt her (unlike her I'm actually nice).

    After struggling for a bit, I finally calm her down and shuffle her out the door. I tell her I don't have a car, which I do, but she's gonna have to walk.

    So, beware of the craigslist. I had never seen this girl, and before she came over I had sent her a grand total of 2 emails and 4 texts; 2 of which were directions.

    Hope you enjoyed that story, now it's time to try and get over my dominatrix shell shock and try to find a nice girl....

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    LOL, this made me laugh.

    Your ad was good too, man.

  3. haha funny shit..

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    Hmm. You gotta be careful with that Craigslist list thing dude. That coulda been a man. I mean, did you check the basement?

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    LOL, I could see it know on CNN,
    "An OHIO man was badly beaten last night after a psychotic man answered his craigslist ad and posed as a female , when he tried to resist the raping he was beaten into submission...yadayadayada.."

    the ad was good though, only thing I'd change was the overweight thing, I've seen alot of women that were not overweight but swore they were, thats all, great read tho..

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    haha Thank You made my day

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    maybe she didnt had sex for a long time lol or suffering from STD. either way its better to stay away.

  8. hm ad is removed. it'd be great to read it up on this website! =D

  9. post it again

    it got deleted, your post

  10. Can anyone repost the ad again? I've been trying online ads too and never got much out of it, would be cool if I can see a great example to learn from. Cheers!

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