Treat her like a slut? (Rougher sex)
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  1. Treat her like a slut? (Rougher sex)

    Hi, guys:

    So i'm going to put my ego on the line here.
    So, i've been fucking this girl for awhile. I obviously have no problem making her come through oral. When, penetrating it all depends.

    Basically, she's told me a couple time she wants me to fuck her rougher more often and fuck her like a slut, lol. So obviously I want to get rid of this passive bottom status i'm getting.

    Any advice? Any resources ofr this?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I suggest you to read Sex God Method, by Dan Rose.

  3. Spank her ass and talk dirty. Im not rlly that into talking dirty but when my chick wants it ruff i slap her ass HARD and she loves it.

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    The hand around the throat is good too. Not too hard obviously, just let her know who's boss

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    This is what I've been told - "skip the foreplay and just fuck me". Even if she gets guaranteed orgasms, sometimes she just wants you to get down to business, a little more dirty talk, maybe some fantasy role play so you can go a little further.

    Also, when you're on the phone just get into some of her fantasies... usually when girls start talking about wanting it rough, usually they're talking about anal sex, if you haven't by now. Some things you might not want to hear, or she might not want to tell you.. might be 2 guys and her, might be her and a chick and you not in it.. but you have to be open minded. It doesn't mean she wants to in real life, but you're just seeing what gets her off. Are there certain smells that set her off? Textures (leather, satin sheets, etc)? Something she visualizes you wearing, or not wearing?

    You also wind up doing a lot of spontaneous stuff, like pulling off on the side of the road, having her go down on you while you're driving, outdoors, in the back of a building, on a pile of crates, etc.

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    Try to use " fake " handcuffs ...just spank her hard can do a lot more ..depends on what she likes man ..if she like Anal ..then make sure you lubricate ..and like to do it ..because it's not all about her either..It might fuck you up a bit mentally so I personally think one should do what one's limits are..mainly she wants you to control the sex tell her what to do "ALL" times during sex ....and she will thank you later.

  7. Stop being passive

    Yes fuck her and well. I usually just think look if i don't fuck her hard and even to hard then she will find someone else. Hit her , bite her, Take control and fuck her ... tell her what to do don't ask . She will tell you when its to much until then keep pushing the envelope

  8. Trim the hedges dude. Hearing that porn "Fwap" everytime u stroke will be sure to turn her on. lol. That porn sound effect will put her other senses into it. Engaging multiple senses and areas help women have more fun during sex.

    The shallow/deep method works as well. Give her shallow strokes as fast as u can...then give her a deep hard stroke. Give her mostly shallow strokes and she will want a deep stroke so bad she anticipates it. Give her a few deep strokes and go back shallow. She will enjoy the deep strokes so much that when they come she will try to get off.

    ask her if she likes it. If she wants to get rough..ask her if she likes the deep strokes and make her beg for them. When you get the escalation going and then stay deep for a while...there will be a flood and she'll be so wet you wont feel anything.

    Doggystyle is an excellent position for hitting her spot. Dont ask. Start off in missionary then stop and flip her over. She will probably like that.

    Use your hands. Touch her and grab her in places she likes during sex. Dont be afraid of toys either. She might like them.

    I dont think shes strange at all. Most guys have a fantasy about an hb goin crazy cowgirl style on them. This is just her version of it.

    I was 19 and had a chick once literally say *Dont make love to me..FUCK ME!* I was dumbfounded but just did what she told me to do. Went two rounds and ended up never touching her again because the next day she wanted a long term relationship.

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