Social circle issue
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    Social circle issue

    FR- I met this woman at the metro, and talked to her. we had the same goals, beliefs,etc. she invited me to this hangout she was having with friends. I go there. they cooked food and it turned out to be like 11 hbs and only like 3 guys. every single person in the circle seemed totally cool and high value.

    Issue- they all know each other, and have more stuff to relate to than I do, since im totally new to the circle. but they like me enough since they invited me to more get togethers.

    Question- How exactly do I behave when they all have much more to relate to than I do, and theres way more girls than guys, which also makes it kinda hard to maintain the frame. I could for a while but eventually their frames combined are more important. also what do you guys think about me requesting phone numbers. and how do I become a more solid part of a social circle, when i'm the new guy.

    Sticking point- When im in big groups of people who I have just met, usually the conversations break into many little side conversations. when that happens, I usually end up floating without a conversation partner.

    please tell me what my issue is, and ideas for fixing it.

  2. be the loudest and most energetic in the group!

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    This is a great question, and I really hope that one of the big dogs comes by to drop some knowledge, but I would say that you should pick out the person or people who seem to be the ringleaders and focus on building rapport with them. Maintain the frame that you are wanted and a part of the group without being a clingy newbie, or a hindrance to their group dynamic.

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