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    (for highscholers) FATE AND LOVESYSTEM'S TRIAD MODEL

    It's 6 o'clock. 6:16 to be precise, and in a couple of hours I'll be in the midst of getting some new material for a lay report.

    I am in high-school. I am a senior. I am home alone.
    My parents are gone for the weekend. Dad at his high-school reunion in Atlantic City and Mom at her mother's 80th birthday party in Florida. New York City is not known for spaciousness, so no house parties to throw. Just a couple friends and bitches to kick-back with.

    The vacuum flick fire lick and inhale of smoke - the cool sweat of perspiration on glass bottles.

    The Good Life: It's 6 o'clock ...

    So how often does that happen for you? Me? Once. Today.

    Fake ID's, Bars, Clubs, Another Fake ID (the first one gets confiscated), and Drinks all cost money. And while they represent the dream. The American dream of Sin: Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll. They also represent grounds on which to be grounded, arrested, or worse ... expelled from school (which in turn will lead to death, if you catch my meaning).

    But what do Fake ID's, Bars, and Clubs have in common with my parents going out town?
    Answer: Logistics!

    [Emotional | Physical | Logistical] + Simultaneous Progression = Pussy

    [Emotional | Physical] + Simultaneous Progression = One Horny Hottie that now has to go meet up with that dick whose parents don't give a fuck about his future or finger herself into a mediocre orgasm

    Her: i havent had sex in SO LONG
    Her: god damn it

    That's the AIM conversation I'm having now. And this isn't my bro complaining about how he's still a virgin. This is a girl I used to have a little one-itis for, until I had the most romantic and tantric night of my life.

    But the problem is, she has parents and I have parents. She lives a little while away, and my parents, even though they're away are still not letting me leave the house (sneaky bastards are calling every hour and I have to pick up). Emotional progression: CHECK! Physical progression: CHECK! Logistical Progression: DICK SHRIVELING FAILURE!


    When I got my first e-mailed news letter from one of the thousands of dating sites in the community, it invariably began talking about how before they got into the game, they always thought that getting lucky was the best chance they had of getting laid.

    And my point behind this whole post is to say that AT THE END OF THE DAY IT IS STILL JUST FATE.

    Logistics are a bitch when you live with your parents. Its like getting blue balls before you even enter the set. No matter how fucking wet she is, there ain't no way you're getting any tonight. AIN"T NO FUCKING WAY.

    Oh well

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    what the hell is a triad model and why doesnt she just drive to your house?

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    k i was a little high on life when i wrote this. Ill try and make sense of wtf i was talking about.

    So the triad model is one of the new concepts of love systems presented in their free chapter from the Routines Manual 2. Basically it very simply breaks down the steps needed to successfully fuck a girl. There are three parts (triad model, three parts, imagine that) first part being emotional progression, as in attraction, comfort, seduction. Second, is physical progression, your basic kino escalation starting with friendly handshake and ending with sex. Third being your logistical progression, as in bouncing, getting her away from her friends for the night, having a place to take her. So my story was pretty much saying how my parents are, although not REALLY strict, always around. And how even once you have a girl who wants to get with you, she can't because her parents don't want her to drive to you, and your parents dont want you to drive to her. therefore, it is really in the hands of your parents to determine if you actually get any ass. FATE is what everyone else does (aka fate is everything that's out of your control), and one such example of fate working against your is when parents prevent you and a girl from fucking. In this sense, no matter how much skill and precision you used in gaming the girl, having the chance to seal the deal is still a matter of getting lucky

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