How do you walk w/ a girl after the first date?
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  1. How do you walk w/ a girl after the first date?

    This I haven't figured out. After I take a girl out for a drink on the first date, on the walk back to the car or subway or whatever, how do you touch her? I usually do arm over shoulder, but this always feels kinda awkward and not comfortable (maybe cause I'm a lot taller than her??). But, holding hands is like too romantic and I don't think that's the way either. What do you guys do? What works?

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    Really depends on the level of kino that's been achieved for the first date. For me, I really don't like putting my arms across the shoulders, I feel that its demeaning for the chick sorta treating her like an object to rest your arm on.

    Personally I hold her round the waist. It builds the sexual tension, is intimate and you can control her pace and direction using your arm.

  3. Small of the back and base of the neck are erogenous zones. Touch, take away, touch, take away.

    A little back guiding when going through doors, take away. A little neck caress while leaning up against bar watching the band, take away. Hand hold/spin, take away.

    Condition over time in little bits the subject to your touch. Sooner or later, she's gonna cuddle up and you're in.

    Mystery spelled it out nicely in his book and vids online.

    It's how I D1 kiss closed twice, in the restaurant and at her car, on a chick I snagged off e-Harmony a few months back. Continued it D2 with heavy making out by the river. FC'd D3. All was preceded by e-mail comfort building.

    Believe me, I was nervous, but I pushed through it and it came off as if I was in control, which is what she wanted.

    But it was always touch, take away, touch, take away...even once we were doing it regularly.

    We live in a society that is very conscious of personal space and touching. We don't do it naturally like they do in Europe, etc.

    Small steps, brick by brick, builds the big ass house.

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  5. If it feels awkward to put your arm around her then that's probably your social intuition kicking in saying that not enough attraction/comfort was built to do this; follow your instinct and don't do it--it's probably right.

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