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  1. Girl just said to me "you have a point"
    Me: obviously. I always have a point num nuts
    Her: "since when?"
    Me: Since Adam and Eve.
    She laughs
    Me: Adam was like, yo Bravo, my nigger, you will always have a point!
    She burst out laughing

  2. #212

    Girl and me walking into a Newsagent shop (England)

    Girl - Oh no, he's just a friend.
    Me smiling - Yes, she ain't my type. I'm just too hot to handle
    Girl - What? I got a boyfriend already
    Me - (puts arm around her) Now you're making shit up as you go along. (release arm and walks off)

    Get my drink from counter, pays and walks out of shop. She follows.

    Girl - What you mean I'm not your type?

  3. This one has always worked for me beautifully:

    -(During a calmed and normal conversation) Randomly say: ''ok, but don't yell at me'' or ''you don't have to yell''

    Reactions are mad fun.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Fader View Post
    Said in child's voice "you like me, I'm telllllllllllinngggg"
    been using that one alot lately.
    Haha this one is good. Gonna try this out (even if it's from 9 years ago).

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