funny response, how are you?
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    funny response, how are you?

    hey guys what are some funny responses to

    female: hey jonathan how are you
    male: (response)

    what about

    "i'm fucking good"
    "how am I? what like in bed"
    "I turned gay today"
    "how is your mum"
    "don't talk to my bazookaa down there ask me instead"

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    better before i saw this person who was wearing *obviously look and say something she's wearing here*

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    "I'm feeling an 8, 8.5. You?"

    Use this in person whenever I get asked and you'll be surprised by the reactions you get. People get thrown off, smile, and if they appear to show interest they'll normally match your number or try to pick a higher one.

    Personally, think it's turning a simple question into a big issue when there is no need. G'luck nonetheless.

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