OR: Cold approaching amazes normal people.
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    OR: Cold approaching amazes normal people.

    OR: Cold approaching amazes normal people.
    9-6-09. Sunday.

    Went to the beach with my friends this day, pretty nice day. An interesting thing happened though. While we were sitting there just talking and such, 2 really hot girls walked by at a distance and everybody just commented on how hot they were. One was an HB8brunette and another was an HB9.5blonde in a tight green bikini, she looked really damn good, tight awesome bod.

    I just decided that I'd go up and approach her in front of all my friends. I walked a pretty far distance just to catch up to them then they noticed me when I was near and turned around and looked at me. I just said "Excuse me..." they stopped and I came in under the radar this time.

    I said "I just had to come up and talk to you because you're really cute" went direct this time. Love direct. She just smiled and her face lit up, she said "Thank you!" then she asked me "Where are you from?" right after, I didn't even say anything to provoke that. Then we got to talking and I name exchanged and handshake with both of them. Talked for about 5 minutes then some of their friends showed up.

    Told them they should meet my friends they agreed. Hugged them both and headed back to my friends. They ended up never coming back to us though so my approach must have been off, but whatever. Learning experience.

    I went back to my friends and some new guys I just met that day at the beach were all saying stuff like "Dude, holy shit I can't believe you did that!" and all that jazz. This whole cold approaching thing amazes normal people. I didn't end up hearing the end of it until quite a while later either, those new guys kept bringing it up at parties being amazed by it. Heh.

  2. Yea...good man
    But don't get too high just cuz you're the man in front of your buddies

    I'd think about this:
    Why didn't the girls come back...

    Shit like this happends to me sometimes and I'm like...where did I f*k up?was there enough attraction created....

    I don't know whom to ask and my buddies don't do cold approach direct...

    anyway, good

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragmancum View Post
    I'd think about this:
    Why didn't the girls come back...

    Shit like this happends to me sometimes and I'm like...where did I f*k up?was there enough attraction created....
    Why think so negative? I would also feel like a million bucks if I opened a hot set on the beach with a direct line. Know what you did wrong so you can learn from it but you did right by opening.

    Keep it up!

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    I wasn't doing it to look cool in front of my friends in-case that was what it appeared to be written. For all I knew I was going to get blown out, why would I approach the hottest girl I saw all day at the beach and go direct? That is instant blowout theoretically.

    I was more thinking "I don't care what my friends think, even if I do get blown out in front of them and never hear the end of this." But it actually went well. (Cause I'm so sexyyyy :P)

    What I personally think went wrong was that I followed them a good distance to approach them, they didn't realize this though. But their friend who came up while we were talking must have seen me follow them that distance and told them about it. Other than that I think it went really well.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys.

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    Maybe what you should do next time is look over to her friends and say "Is that your friends? Lets go and say hello."

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    Bro, I dropped you a PM. I know you love direct but, what about a different approach? I take vacas a lot. I work in public relations in a health care at a hospital. Opening is easy. I do it all day to everyone. Attractive and not. My advise would have been to run a situational opener. You went direct. She knows your motive. She has nothing to consider. Also, there was no isolation from friends. She may have felt you but, her friends told her not to go. An opinion opener would have came off try hard as could a direct opener. Inner game involves being methodical & strategic. The best way to capitulize on this situation would have been this:

    Tell your boys to move either towards the group of girls but, situated by the volley ball nets if the girls were located there. If not, kick a soccer ball or throw a football within some sorta approximation within them. Much like the animal kingdom, not too close or you scare away the prey. Also, you don't want them getting hit. Come in to the group of girls with an indirect situational opener. Invite them to play with you guys. It also tends to help if you go with a group of girls not just all guys. Think about strategy, social proof, automatic DHV, and it gets the ball rolling. Also, make sure your boys aren't eye humping you during the entire event. It will make the girls uncomfortable. Try that next time. I find situational/direct openers work well in the beach, spring break/vaca game.

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