Foreplay with a ticklish girl
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  1. Foreplay with a ticklish girl

    generally, most my foreplay consists of lots of stroking rubbing and touching...
    but i've found girls that are too ticklish for this, so any ideas?

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    Dude, I had a similar problem once with a chick and the way I got round it was to be more bold - I stopped stroking and rubbing with my hands and switched it to gentle kissing and licking. The effect this has drives the girls wild - obviously they still get the tickling sensation, but it is more localised and is a result of your tounge and lips. If you've been working your way down a girl's tummy with kisses on your way to going down to her and every time you place one of those soft, gentle kisses on her belly she flinches a bit then you've already done the same thing.
    Depending where you are kissing her and where you are leading with it I'd recommend keeping some contact with your hands on the girl but this can be a very powerful move - don't be afraid of using it in unconventional ways, e.g. kissing a girl all the way down one side of her arm or leg and then working your way back up the other side of the leg or arm. Doing it up and down the legs is also great when you're teasing a girl your eating out/about to eat out - they can't understand why the fuck you'd rather go for kissing their ankles rahter than eat the pussy! Complete tension/anticipation building mind fuck!

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    I'm a little ticklish myself, but strange enough much more so in the evening than in the morning. Must have something to do with being relaxed and having had enough rest/sleep. Of course it's not really cool to tell a girl "go to sleep, I'll fuck you in the morning", but you can experiment with morning and evening sessions and check out the difference.
    Or you could find ways to make the girl get very relax before sex, but this would almost certainly involve esoteric techniques like yoga or reiki that are unlikely to be applicable on one night stands...


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