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    You're making a false conclusion based on an isolated case in an unusual and specialized environment (school).

    People in a social circle have an extremely difficult time accepting changes in people's personalities. I guarantee that he's acting completely different to new people he meets.

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    Farmer how do you look? Do u have any pic or something?

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    Ugly, Fat Instructors?

    A problem that I have with many of the courses I see advertised is that the instructors are usually slim and quite goo looking. From my point of view these guys should not have a difficulty attracting women. It would be far more impressive for a fat ugly guy to achieve success with a wide range of women and that would really provide proof of their material to me. Some providers of courses have latched onto this issue and claim that their instructors aree 'ordinary' guys who don't have good looks. However, whenever I check up on these things I find the guys to be slim and with looks that would that would attract women even if they didnt say or do anything. So, does anybody know of an instructor who doesnt have the advantage of good looks? Ideally a genuinely (no disrespect intended here) fat ugly guy.

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    You should focus less on appearance and more on content. So, what so-and-so got lucky in gene roulette. Looks are a side branch in the tree where the birds and the bees fraternize. Beauty is only skin deep, my friend. Read each LS instructor's bio and classic writings then decide which instructor is best for you.

    As for your question; Yes! There are visually repugnant instructors that teach and the same goes for students who get laid. /cough David X /cough. If you are a grotesque man of generous proportions then counteract that by working on your fashion sense, your aroma, and your grooming. Put yourself together!

    you'll have the ladies goin: 'whatta man whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man!'

  5. Can you be too good looking?

    *I'm NOT talking about ME*

    Is it possible for a guy to be so good looking that it hurts his game?

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  7. Nope

  8. Quote Originally Posted by hard luck View Post
    *i'm not talking about me*

    is it possible for a guy to be so good looking that it hurts his game?

  9. You know how HB9-10 automatically assume that you want to sleep with them when approached, same thing happens to very good looking guys. Girls automatically think about sex with guys like that (subconscious level of course), which in turn intimidates them and rather closes them up (if not drunk esp). I think that with regular guys, girls don't have this immediate response (remember mystery writes that it was much easier to approach b/c women were not intimidated by his looks/hight).

    Therefore, game should be played on a different level, I feel like it actually requires much less talking to the target, mores social proof (to live up to the standard of being attractive), stages A1-A3 are much shorter, or non existent (which i think hurts retention rates after one night stands by not having her qualify), comfort stages come in right away to show that "she is not out of the league", in general girls will use attractive guys to improve self image and once they conquered and got that fix, they will usually build a wall.

    The conclusion is that it doesn't hurt the game, however the game has to be calibrated.

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