Dreaming, possibly NLP
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    Dreaming, possibly NLP

    I had a sex dream about one of my exes the other day and when I woke up and remembered the dream it made me want her. By the next day the feeling wasn't as strong but there was still a little there. I thought about it and it seems like every time I've dreamed about a girl, whether it's someone I'm currently talking to, an ex, or even a girl I barely know, I wake up wanting her a lot. You might say I only had the dream in the first place because I already wanted her but that's not the case, I've had a few dreams about girls I was totally indifferent to or wasn't attracted to at all and hadn't even thought about in a long time.

    So I have no idea why certain people appear in dreams but I'm thinking if you could get a girl to have a dream about you and then inflate the attraction the next day, it'd be gold. Better even if you make her dream about you repeatedly. I'm sure there has to be some technique for manufacturing these dreams in people, mind tricks and shit. Is anyone following, lol?

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    What does this have to do with NLP?

    Read up on NLP there are dream patterns you can deliever, how ever you are inexperienced, and i would'nt recommand doing them as you'll seem like a tool..

    Stick the basics get out there and meet lots of ladies...

    So if you are looking for that perticular ladie you'll know what to do and say when you meet her....

    Happy hunting.

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